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  1. Yeah, what thread is it in so we can catch up? Too bad, I really enjoyed jw.
  2. After watching that Detroit game, Stupar should consider himself lucky to be on the PS.
  3. I'll have to agree with NoDog. Just watched that Detroit game, and he did not play that well. A couple of drops on some easy catches, against scrubs no less. Not sure what all the fuss was about him. And yes, I have also seen all the other preseason games. Practice squad project seems about right for him.
  4. But John Dellapelle was angry the cuts weren't announced in a timely enough fashion for his liking, so maybe we can overlook his manners.
  5. Corto and Wendling could've been dropped for Bowen and Stupar. I wouldn't have been disappointed seeing Rhodes over McIntyre either. Chambers/McKinney - what's the diffrence. Copeland over Denney.
  6. More than likely one of them will go when Hardy is activated.
  7. Shocking, no? I'm too lazy, but I wonder if there is any other team in the NFL that carries that number on their 53?
  8. Eh...no biggie. Pretty boring. Was hoping for something better.
  9. There's another "insider" report that says Ralph wants Kelsay gone but Jauron is fighting to keep him. Reports Fewell and Jauron got into shouting match, as Perry doesn't seem to have much of a desire to keep Kelsay either. Ralph usually gets what Ralph wants. Maybe Kelsay could end up being the guy that gets Jauron fired? Ironic.
  10. Good communication by the team on this one. Glad to see this "benefit" was clear to everyone and no one was confused by this non-communicated change. Sounds like another cluster. And seriously, they can't give season ticket holders a mere 10% on jerseys? C'mon man!
  11. I guess this was made before Turk was shown the door, so we'll leave it at it had some meaning, at least for him. And the other OC's fired this preseason.
  12. Wow - will have to respectfully disagree that Lankster is better than Youboty. As would about 31 other NFL teams.
  13. Nope, I could care less. But your leap of logic parallels your comedic abilities.
  14. Just local and not on Center Ice. No out of market Center Ice subscribers can see Sabres home games in HD on MSG+, regardless of the provider. "No cable or satellite provider that carries NHL Center Ice has the MSG HD feeds available for use in NHL Center Ice at this time. If you live in the local market for the Rangers, Devils, Islanders or Sabres - you will watch their games on the local regional sports network (MSG, MSG+ etc.) - not in NHL Center Ice. These local broadcasts are produced and controlled directly by MSG." Thanks, NHL TV
  15. Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, and this wasn't even funny.
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