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  1. I know, I guess I don't consider Buffalo or OP rural. Thought he might be taking a little dig.
  2. You are correct sir. Too much free agent fenzy had me a little flustered for a moment!
  3. You don't say? Any more details or linked sources?
  4. We know. Why are you shouting?
  5. The Chicago fans are still laughing at us re: Dick. I can only imagine the reaction if we brought Grosman here.
  6. Ehhh....not really much to choose from. I guess it's better than Grosman.
  7. I believe it's also Bledsoe's birthday today as well
  8. He should, but probably won't. Another incompetent cop costing lives and his city millions of dollars. What a disgrace.
  9. The one nice thing about the RJ/Flutie days are that the Flakes all left with him when little Dougie departed.
  10. Never thought I'd say this, but I envy Browns fans right now.
  11. Never understood the love for Duff's. I try to like them, but just can't. Last time I was there they were swimming in a pool of not so great sauce.
  12. I'll gladly take Savage as a consolation prize if he is forced out.
  13. You forgot he has no sack and goes into the fetile position when confronted with adversity.
  14. Unlike the HOF QB watching on the sidelines tonight, TE needs to grow a sack and get over it. Throw a pick or two, then come back and show 'em what you've got. He instead went into the fetile position.
  15. TE was already well on his way to redeeming himself with 2 last minute drives to take the lead. He had regained at least some confidence so why stop with all that time left and 1st down?! Play action would've probably netted an easy 1st down, if not a TD.
  16. That flushing sound you hear is your credibility going down the toilet.
  17. Let's not forget what might happen to other teams during this stretch. Games we may have division rivals penciled in as winning they may actually lose one or two of them. Let's get to 8-4 and then survey the AFC landscape. I think there's a good chance it'll look a lot better for us than we may think. But even then, we must roll through our divisional rematches.
  18. Either way, I get the feeling the Chiefs will be no pushover when we come calling.
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