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  1. This thread was obviously not intended for you then, but thanks for visiting.
  2. I expect to have it in my hands by the 21st. Game would cost $66 with tax at the store here, I'll grab it for $26. That's worth 1 week for me
  3. It doesn't say, only that they will renew you in time for uninterrupted service. So I would cancel at least 4 weeks before the 28 weeks are up. You can also cancel at any time, keep Madden, and get a full refund for all the unmailed issues - minus $26 for the gifts. So theoretically you could get an issue or two of SI, receive Madden, then cancel and keep the game for about $26. I could see some getting the NFL 2009 preview edition then cancelling.
  4. For you Madden players out there, SI has a subscription offer for 28 issues, free Madden 10 for your console of choice, and a Hall of Fame DVD for $49. That's less than the game itself, plus you get SI. Just beware of the fine print, which includes automatic renewal charged to your card if you don't call to cancel first. It's supposed to ship within 1-2 weeks of release date, which is 8/14. www.sitvoffer.com
  5. He looked pretty good last preseason to my eyes, so I'm expecting him to take it up a notch this year. He definitely did not go into a shell.
  6. When I read the thread title I thought this was about Flutie
  7. Someone was asleep at the switch at WECK. Brad: What do yo think of TO? Coach: A pure unadulterated !@#$! Came through loud and clear!
  8. This sucks, but look at the bright side. This just may have the effect of having ML with "fresh" legs as the season winds down and the weather turns.
  9. The positive reports have far outnumbered the negative.
  10. He's been allowed 541 posts to establish his online persona...how much longer?!
  11. Well, it was obvious back when they told him he was moving over to LT that he was not happy about it. Now it's been 3 months, OTA's, training camp, etc later and his attitude hasn't changed. Not a good sign. I'll be watching Bell again very closely this preseason.
  12. Good question. Not sure about the technique aspect, but it's been mentioned from an attitude perspective they liked Wood/Butler for a nasty right side.
  13. Make sure you bring a fully loaded wallet
  14. Was just about to post this! That leaves Maybin, which we all expected. Let's hope he gets done by weeks end.
  15. I think it was the Buffalo Chop House.
  16. I believe I paid $139 back in 1996. So, $150 in 2009 is pretty unbelievable.
  17. Buffalo wins snow? Sorry, but that "fan" sounded retarded.
  18. Summary: No plans by the Bills for Vick. Great buzz, reaction, and atmosphere for TO at camp, who has enlivened the fan base. TO raising the level of play of those around him. Feeling at camp is it may be 3-5 days for Maybin, quicker for Wood. Maybin needs to get in as he is a raw, unfinished product. Potential to be inserted as pass rushing OLB. Schobel says he's feeling as good as he did 2 years ago, before injury. Good chance DL will be better, but concern with Ellison at OLB. Marshawn needs to prove he's turned a new leaf. The type of guy you root for. Future of Bills in WNY with Buff, Roch, and Syr population in decline. JW says we haven't seen the effects of that with regards to season ticket sales, although prices are amongst lowest in league. Canadian season ticket base made a big leap this season. Offbeat question about getting too much information from sports personalities these days.
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