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  1. I believe I paid $139 back in 1996. So, $150 in 2009 is pretty unbelievable.
  2. Buffalo wins snow? Sorry, but that "fan" sounded retarded.
  3. Summary: No plans by the Bills for Vick. Great buzz, reaction, and atmosphere for TO at camp, who has enlivened the fan base. TO raising the level of play of those around him. Feeling at camp is it may be 3-5 days for Maybin, quicker for Wood. Maybin needs to get in as he is a raw, unfinished product. Potential to be inserted as pass rushing OLB. Schobel says he's feeling as good as he did 2 years ago, before injury. Good chance DL will be better, but concern with Ellison at OLB. Marshawn needs to prove he's turned a new leaf. The type of guy you root for. Future of Bills in WNY with Buff, Roch, and Syr population in decline. JW says we haven't seen the effects of that with regards to season ticket sales, although prices are amongst lowest in league. Canadian season ticket base made a big leap this season. Offbeat question about getting too much information from sports personalities these days.
  4. Red is gonna need a link before he believes any of this
  5. Dude, step away from the keyboard for awhile. You're making even less sense than usual.
  6. Don't worry about it JW. Red just seems to be a newbie who either doesn't know any better or is just tryin' to create his tough guy persona. As you said, he's in the minority of one - the rest of us appreciate the heads up
  7. Please point to the post in this thread where anyone calls you gay. Be specific. Thicken up that skin Nancy.
  8. You hijack the thread and make it about Dean, and then come back with this?! Precious.
  9. Maybe you should bring back your scary avatar so people might be less inclined to mess with you. Oh, and write some sweet lyrics to some inane song while you're at it.
  10. $20 off for 6 months is a good deal. I have never had to pay for SuperFan since they introduced that sham, but up until this year they usually just gave you the SuperFan package for free if you called, or $99. So $120 is still historically good, just this year probably because of the economy they are making even higher concessions than usual.
  11. I'd say get it while the gettins good! This advice of calling in for the discount and $150 total cost is on all kinds of message boards all over the place, so D* may eventually pull it. I can't believe I actually pay less for the NFL Sunday Ticket with SuperFan than I do for their Center Ice package
  12. Unless he changes representation, I wouldn't wait by the phone if I were him.
  13. If Walker is just a stop gap at LT, and I don't think a very good one, then why not bring in Jones once he's healthy as our stop gap? Then we put Walker where he belongs on the right side, and Butler can play Guard while the 2 rookies battle it out for the other starting guard spot. Jones-Wood-Hangartner-Butler-Walker is a better line for this season if you ask me. Then maybe Bell or a 1st round LT for next year. Disclaimer: This assumes Jones gets healthy and passes a physical.
  14. Apologies to Dean for the inaccurate reference. Not sure about presuming over no evidence though, as the police themselves were releasing facts as they learned them. Seemed fairly clear what the outcome was going to be, understanding of course until it was formal it might change based on test results or information gleaned from interviews. Here's the path police led us down, before any formal classification was made. If you have a problem with speculation as an exercise before its final, that's one thing. But the police gave us enough information to arrive at our own logical conclusions. McNair took two shots to the chest, two to the head. She had one in the head. All shots from the same gun, which was found underneath her body, which was lying close to his. The door was locked, as his roommate had to use his key to get in. They were not pursuing any suspects. It all suggests muder/suicide, which as it turns out is exactly what happened.
  15. Reference to posts where you wouldn't believe it's murder/suicide, or at least weren't willing to follow the path police lead us on which obviously pointed to murder/suicide.
  16. I wonder if Jauron will be coaching here after this season. If they have to overhaul the defense from their current cover 2 personnel it could really set things back.
  17. Really, Dean? You left the part out where even he said he thinks it looks like murder/suicide. Maybe I overestimated you. You can't follow the path the cops have been leading us down? McNair took two shots to the body, two to the head. She had one in the head. All shots from the same gun, which was found underneath her body, which was lying close to his. The door was locked, as his roommate had to use his key to get in. They are not pursuing any suspects. Not sure it's speculation, as it doesn't leave much to the imagination. I suspect the reason the cops are releasing facts before formally pronouncing the classification of her death is because they are very confident with the direction the investigation is taking them. They already know it was murder/suicide. They just need to dot all I's and cross all T's before they formally make that pronouncement. This is all of course just idle speculation.
  18. The police are the ones releasing the facts as they learn them, before knowing the final classification.
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