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  1. Please. And it's not anywhere near half. Good god - did you see the Pats whining about missing their MVP QB or resorting to their 4th string running back or DB's? Give me a friggin' break. Who was so damn valuable for us that was out today? Schobel? Whitner? Butler? Reed? Again, please.
  2. Ralph just extended him, so get used to it. Ralph doesn't pay his coaches not to at least show up to work, meaning he ain't going anywhere for at least 3 more years.
  3. Yeah, they're only down 7. Does anyone REALLY feel like they have a chance in this game though? With they way they're coaching and playing?
  4. BS. Running backs know where the play is designed to go and how the line is going to block it. If he doesn't have the natural instincts and field vision by now it ain't gonna come.
  5. Any one of our interior linemen who repeatedly stamps on Wilfork's toe will become my personal hero
  6. According to CB this could put him on the shelf for the year. Time to start getting McKelvin or Corner or whoever ready to play slot. It's a shame really, because this kid looked like he finally turned the corner (no pun intended).
  7. I am! Unlike KGB, this guy can help us NOW! We are too thin at LB, so this makes too much sense.
  8. How many "looks" has he been getting on the open market so far?
  9. You sure that's the article you want to use to support your conjecture? Don't think I saw the word concussion in there once, much less that he has come back too soon from it. I did, however, see many other valid points brought up as to why his performance may be suffering.
  10. Just fyi....there is hope that he stays. The last issue of Bills Digest has an article titled "Greer not looking to test free agent waters." It goes on to quote him on how he loves the area and wants to stay. We might be able to keep him at a home town discount if the FO is so inclined. It even says they are in negotiations right now.
  11. Uhhh, you watch it again. He would've had a chance if it wasn't so underthrown since Hardy was behind the defender, but Trent threw it so far underneath and right into the waiting hands of Revis.
  12. As she said, his base salary was $6.15 million this year. GB owes it all to him at this point whether he's with them or not. The fact that they chose to pay him for not being on the roster says it all.
  13. How was it a salary cap move? GB is on the hook for his entire salary this year, so for him to be released now is because his production was nil. Read the articles and Packer forums response.
  14. There's been a Jonathan Smith sighting at OBD?!
  15. I don't want him confused with my awesome avatar
  16. Yeah, pay your backup QB top 5 $$ while your starting QB of the future is still on his rookie contract
  17. I've been to both, though not recently thanks to Sunday Ticket. And Baumer is right, the place was rockin' back in the day, more so for Sabres playoff games though The Station has better wings (actually I don't think Delilah's has wings) but is more mellow. Delilah's is definitely more rowdy. Both are Bills only bars. They're within walking disance of each other, so you can try both
  18. It would've been nice to have Crowell coming back around now.
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