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  1. Getting warmer. A "hit" would be pretty out there, and though they haven't ruled anything out yet, the fact they are not actively pursuing any suspects says something. The wife has already all but been ruled out. We'll have to see what the ex-boyfriend's alibi is. What we do know for sure is McNair's death has been classified as homicide. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  2. Two to the body, two to the head. She had one in the head. All shots from the same gun, which was found underneath her body, which was lying close to his.
  3. You said your money was on the sig other. When pointed out evidence suggests otherwise, you say read my posts after that. None of them indicate a change of theory on your part. No big deal, you just need to learn how to interpret the facts better.
  4. Who's being torn apart, and what is taken out of context? He simply "put his money down" that a sig other did the killings, to which I responded that the evidence suggests otherwise. He then asked if I read any of his following posts, none of which supported a change in his original theory. It's pretty obvious what happened here, just trying to point him in the right direction.
  5. Yep. I believe you wrote "the sick need to kill." That changes your original supposition that it was a sig other how?
  6. Just in case you can't get enough of it here, he also cuts and pastes and starts the exact same threads over at BB.com. Good stuff.
  7. Hmmm...still not sure about the age, but you're definitely gay.
  8. Yes you do. I've seen it. So quit yer whining and crying like a little schoolgirl:thumbdown:
  9. Aren't you doing the same thing? Dean is a long time respected poster. You - not so much. If anyone should take their BS elsewhere, I vote for you.
  10. I'm not sure why some are so anxious to throw out players so quickly. I guess he made a dumb comment, so we're through with him. He's on his rookie contract, and is now a year removed from a very serious injury. Give the guy a chance in TC. His rookie year he played relatively well. His 2nd year was wiped out by serious injury. His 3rd year he admittedly regressed, perhaps related to the injury. At the least, he provides depth. Depending on what happens with Whitner, he very well could beat out a rookie and be our starter.
  11. Pleaze stop. I haven't seen someone make a fool of himself like this since Sue, or that retatta guy.
  12. Interesting...I think Bell may be true, but they move Walker over to right, and Butler back inside. Wood kicks over to LG, and Levitre/McKinney are backup guards. Or that could be the 2010 plan. I really think we got lucky again wih Bell. Watch him closely this preseason. I watched every snap he was in last preseason, and he did not look out of place at all. In fact, he looked good. Granted this was against 2nd/3rd stringers, but he also was not NFL strong, and now he is after becoming a workout warrior over the last year.
  13. Actually, 2006 still doesn't look too bad. 2006 1 - Donte Whitner DB Ohio State Not buying into the piling on going on around here. This guys a good starter. 1 - John McCargo DT North Carolina State I fully expect the new DL coach to get the best out of him. Still hasn't done it though. 3 - Ashton Youboty DB Ohio State Solid - when healthy. 4 - Ko Simpson DB South Carolina Not so good after injury. 5 - Kyle Williams DT Louisiana State Good rotational guy. 5 - Brad Butler T Virginia Starting OL. 6 - Keith Ellison LB Oregon State Not a good starter, but good guy to have coming off the bench. 7 - Terrance Pennington T New Mexico Whiff. 7 - Aaron Merz G California Whiff. 6 out of 9 from that class still making contributions. Sure, maybe they reached a little on Donte, and McCargo wasn't worthy of a 1st rounder. Still, I wouldn't call it disastrous. And I do think 2008 and 2009 draft classes look much more promising.
  14. When do we get to dispel that myth? It's too early to tell for sure, but post Marv, last year's draft and this years draft class look pretty damn promising to me.
  15. Oh, I don't know. He could've said yes, I'm actively pursuing adding more games to the Toronto series, in hopes of moving the team there ASAP.
  16. I've been to places that only serve their "Buffalo" wings with ranch dressing. Another major don't!
  17. Some people like teriyaki wings, and some like them breaded, and some like to dip it in ranch sauce. All a matter of personal preference, but I still reserve the right to say heretic
  18. Not by old school Buffalonian's it's not There are some time honored truisms on the proper buffalo wing. Might as well bread your wings as well
  19. You realize that's not how wings are ideally served? Another deduction for Duffs.
  20. Maybe it's the location of Duffs. I've tried them in OP and my experience every time is they are small and drowning in sauce. Not very good.
  21. You have made TSW collectively dumber for having posted that link. Brutal.
  22. Ellison must be feeling all warm and fuzzy by now Have you ever seen this many attempts made in one offseason to find your replacement?
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