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  1. Keep whining. These animals are still out of a job And deservedly so. Bye bye pension. Crack!
  2. So the fact that he was only "sprinkled" in with the 1st team D in his first OTA, which btw are non-contact Florio, plus getting into a brief skirmish, are the reasons he's been labeled as brutal? Sounds like someone has an agenda.
  3. Yep, these 5 are animals, and thanks to actually being caught on video they are now out of a job. I'm sure if there wasn't video of the incident they would've been called out by their peers anyway. And I'm sure they've never reacted to a stressful situation in this manner before either. Time to crack open a Blue and celebrate!
  4. The name that came to mind was Isaiah Robertson. I thought he was the one chronicled in the NFL Films highlight?
  5. I believe it was in 1980 - who was that? And is there a link that documents who it was?
  6. The key being they were caught. How much of this kind of behavior never sees the light of day? Thank goodness for video capturing more of these animals in their natural habitat and breaking that blue wall of silence. 5 more went down, it's a good day.
  7. Sounds like the Bryant Johnson situation all over again. If the above is true, then it's totally in Pisa's hands at this point and if he chooses to roll the dice and take a one year deal, then you can't really blame the FO on this one. For Pisa, he would be well served to look into how that strategy paid off for Johnson.
  8. Trent Dilfer that is. Anyone hear him and Schlereth bashing the TO move on NFL Live today? Dilfer's reasoning was that the Bills finish seasons poorly, and needed a #1 WR that finishes strongly and can carry his team with him. Went on to make the case that TO has statistically been starting out strong and then fading in the second half of the season, therefore this was not a good fit in his eyes. Threw in the weather just for laughs, and the move was generally panned as a disaster. Not only was TO the de facto #1 WR, he didn't even bother to mention Evans. Geesh, you'd think if these guys know they're doing a story later that day on a given team, that they'd do a little prep?
  9. Moreso the square footage and the price, but also interesting that Kelly is selling his house, plus where players choose to live (or not live) in Buffalo.
  10. I actually found it interesting - so thanks to the OP for sharing.
  11. In fairness, it was also pointed out in Tim's article he played at 220.
  12. Out of curiosity, how does Pisa rank compared to Crowell, Keiaho, and June?
  13. Please bring him in. A verteran LT (not a RT moving over to the left side) is all this offense really needs. He could be the missing piece to a top 10 O.
  14. Just for kicks and grins, Palmer was ranked as the #4 OLB by Sporting News War Room scouts, one spot ahead of Clay Matthews.
  15. RIP. Thoughts and prayers to Ralph and his family.
  16. Gosselin had him #12 in his top 100, Orakpo #14.
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