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  1. Actually, 2006 still doesn't look too bad. 2006 1 - Donte Whitner DB Ohio State Not buying into the piling on going on around here. This guys a good starter. 1 - John McCargo DT North Carolina State I fully expect the new DL coach to get the best out of him. Still hasn't done it though. 3 - Ashton Youboty DB Ohio State Solid - when healthy. 4 - Ko Simpson DB South Carolina Not so good after injury. 5 - Kyle Williams DT Louisiana State Good rotational guy. 5 - Brad Butler T Virginia Starting OL. 6 - Keith Ellison LB Oregon State Not a good starter, but good guy to have coming off the bench. 7 - Terrance Pennington T New Mexico Whiff. 7 - Aaron Merz G California Whiff. 6 out of 9 from that class still making contributions. Sure, maybe they reached a little on Donte, and McCargo wasn't worthy of a 1st rounder. Still, I wouldn't call it disastrous. And I do think 2008 and 2009 draft classes look much more promising.
  2. When do we get to dispel that myth? It's too early to tell for sure, but post Marv, last year's draft and this years draft class look pretty damn promising to me.
  3. Oh, I don't know. He could've said yes, I'm actively pursuing adding more games to the Toronto series, in hopes of moving the team there ASAP.
  4. I've been to places that only serve their "Buffalo" wings with ranch dressing. Another major don't!
  5. Some people like teriyaki wings, and some like them breaded, and some like to dip it in ranch sauce. All a matter of personal preference, but I still reserve the right to say heretic
  6. Not by old school Buffalonian's it's not There are some time honored truisms on the proper buffalo wing. Might as well bread your wings as well
  7. You realize that's not how wings are ideally served? Another deduction for Duffs.
  8. Maybe it's the location of Duffs. I've tried them in OP and my experience every time is they are small and drowning in sauce. Not very good.
  9. You have made TSW collectively dumber for having posted that link. Brutal.
  10. Ellison must be feeling all warm and fuzzy by now Have you ever seen this many attempts made in one offseason to find your replacement?
  11. Unfortunately, cleared or not, some people will still remember him as the guy who masturbates on old lady's lawns.
  12. Got my tickets locked up for the opener and the next game vs. NO Pumped! Hell yeah!
  13. Or maybe he can stay on point and stop hijacking threads. He has the option of starting his own thread on any topic he chooses, which I can then freely ignore. Not as easy to ignore when he's interjecting in the middle of a completely unrelated discussion.
  14. Please stop hijacking threads. I'd like read this thread and get some actual information re: Pisa. Start your own thread on these topics so I can ignore you.
  15. Since by your own admission you are easily confused, 1) these cops are still out of a job, 2) the impossible human standard you hid behind maybe isn't so impossible, 3) someone is sensitive to mocking said fired cops, and 4) so after all points are shot down we start making things up. Keep swinging.
  16. Whoa! It's a miracle! The impossible has been achieved! You mean there was one cop who was able to inexplicably control his emotions?! But I have read right here on the internet from such folks that eat crayons that we are holding these men to impossible human standards. I mean such a short time passed between their buddy almost being run over, and then encountering a limp, lifeless, motionless body that they subsequently savagely beat. It was understandable, even from well trained professionals (except this one guy), because it is only human to react that way when a buddy is "left for dead." Hell, with what little money they make it was almost expected of them to react that way. If proven otherwise, and this professional did indeed act responsibly, maintain his natural human compsure, and used his common sense training to recognize and correctly deal with an unconscious perp, all while under the short timeframe of such a stressful situation, how then did the others act? Like mean, angry, raged, dumb unprofessional humans thirsty for blood and unable to rationalize? Like animals? Certainly not naturally human since that theory has been blown out of the water with this startling revelation. And if they lost their jobs over this inhuman or animal behavior, they might be further hurt by namecalling? On a Bills message board. Outrageous! We must come up with a polically correct name so as to not shame them any further. Brutality abled or some sort. Could be this one cop is the aberration. Maybe he just didn't like the guy who was almost hit. He should expect to become the target of the enablers when these 5 fine men and their army of lawyers try to get their jobs back. That should make some happy.
  17. I feel better now, as the conversation drifted a bit, I forgot that in fact these animals are out of a job and lost their pensions. I am good with that. If they need to explain to their families why they're stuggling to get their next meal, then they need to man up and explain daddy beat up an unconscious man. But given their cowardly actions that got them into this mess to begin with, I wouldn't count on that happening. They have too many enablers such as yourself ready to make excuses for them and give them a pass. Luckily the chief and mayor saw through that rouse and threw them out on their ass. If the faulty reasoning being tossed around here were true, you can rest assured 5 experienced officers wouldn't be fired. But they were, and with good reason. Anything else is just hot air.
  18. I'm afraid this is where we're gonna have to agree to disagree. It's proven that comedy and reality shows win over the hearts of the mindless more efficiently. If it's too serious people will tune out, or worse, be reminded that personal responsibility is too heavy a burden to carry. It's much easier to play the blame game. That's why we need to get some good lawyers involved asap to get at least some of the gentlemen their job back. Personally, I hope it's that first cop to stumble his way to the beatdown of the unconscious guy, but I digress. You see, if a serious approach is taken, however out of context a beatdown of an unconscious guy can be, it may lead to serious repurcussions. If sworn officers of the law are held accountable, then we are on a slippery slope. Next thing it could lead to holding elected officials and other leaders to take personal responibility for their actions, and gasp, eventually to all of us. I don't think you want a society like that, because it's just too hard. In the blame game, you just pass off responsibility and you are quickly absolved from any responsibility from your own actions, just like that. But you already know that. The perp has already been assigned the blame for these experienced officers losing their careers, not their own actions. Most folks like yourself agree that is much easier. And besides, if you burn your mouth on a hot cup of coffee for example, how are you gonna get rich by suing if society doesn't tolerate stupidity? We need to rectify this situation quickly, hopefully through some skilled lawyers, and back to a simpler way of living. Setting expectations too high for those in authority always leads to disappointment, so it's better to start with the lowest common denominator.
  19. Revisiting this idea, I think the popularity of reality shows can really help out here. However, I think the producers might want to lighten it up a little, you know, to win over public sentiment so the cops can continue to receive free passes from their impossible situations. They could do this possibly with a follies segment, you know, where well trained professionals who are supposed to execute their assignment have a miscue, and hilarity ensues. Follies: A lighter side to police brutality. They could use the first cop to arrive on the scene from this incident. Focus on him in the video. In his rage fueled haste to be the first one to administer the beatdown to the unconscious guy, he stumbles and trips over himself before falling down, all the while making a desperate attempt to club the unconscious guy. Good thing that perp didn't move - looked like you were having some trouble there officer! Glad your friends were there to subdue him! They could just loop that scene of the stumbling officer, with Benny Hill music playing in the background. Ratings Gold!
  20. I hope that first one who trips over himself rushing to beat the dead guy gets it. He's funny.
  21. I think I heard in the police academy in Birmingham on the last day of class and before you can graduate, you get this training where the unconscious, motionless perp ambushes the brothers in arms. You don't have to worry about procedures though, because you learn that even if you get caught on video a good lawyer can get you out of it. The chief and mayor are going by the textbook on this one.
  22. Yes, down the drain because of the other guy, not their own actions. We clearly would not want well trained, experienced, sworn officers of the law to take personal responsibility. Clearly these guys were model officers for a combined 50 years. So close to pension for some of them I'll bet. I'm sure this was the first time they have behaved in this manner in all those years of stressful situations. Pesky video. You call it service, I'll call it brutality.
  23. If we were really progressing they would've also charged them. They should consider themselves fortunate they're only losing their jobs. Being mocked shouldn't really concern them because, well, they deserve it. Plus, they don't have jobs, so they need to prioritize.
  24. Way to put words in others mouths. Glad we agree, along with the chief of police and the mayor, that these 5 deserved what they got though. We must be on to something
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