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  1. Turn on any of the HD channels - they're all in the MPEG-4 format. If you see it, you're fine. It would be helpful if you give your receiver model, then we'd know for sure. If you got an HD receiver just one year ago, I'd think it's OK, but the model number would help. Disclaimer: If you don't subscribe to HD access, then disregard the above test.
  2. Quoted for brevity. The first point is why someone should be fired. The offseason plan for the OL was flawed and incompetent. And yes, someone deserves to be fired over it. Flipping Walker to LT was an obviously flawed plan, and most observers knew he was ill suited for it. Only the rose colored wearing fans didn't foresee his abysmal performance on the left side. Then they release him for it. They already had 2 viable starters on the interior in Hangartner and Butler. But they were so smart they decided to move Butler out to RT. So instead of keeping Butler and Walker where they were and were best suited, they have a failure waiting to happen at LT, an experiment at RT, and now 2 holes to fill on the interior. That's 4 question marks (5 if you include Hangartner), wheras you would've only had 2 (or 3). Dumb. Meanwhile, they could've just drafted a better tackle and one interior guy. Smacks of someone covering their tracks for botching the Peters deal.
  3. Absolutely right. What's to get offended about? It's the truth. You don't like it, then do something about it. No balls obviously couldn't for 4 quarters, no reason to think it wouldn't have continued.
  4. Because people know this team is on a short term lease with the city and will be gone soon enough. Slowly but surely divorcing ourselves from this mess of a franchise. Oh, and Jauron.
  5. Let's not bunch all OL into one group. They drafted 0 OT's in the first 2 rounds, but rather 2 interior guys, when they already had at least two viable interior starters. Their offseason strategy of swapping Walker and moving Butler outside was flawed from the get go, and we're seeing the effects of that. Someone needs to be fired over that.
  6. There are always gonna be people like you. All I know is that if 2 KIDS came up to me and apologized for a stupid prank they pulled and offered to make it right, all would be forgiven and you move on. You don't need the law looking over your shoulders for every minor infraction. IMHO they learn more from that type of experience.
  7. Actually they don't. Short Cuts are 30 minute replays of the entire game, and is part of the Sunday Ticket package. They only include the Sunday afternoon games aired as part of Sunday Ticket. Now, NFL network, which DirecTv carries, does show NFL Replay of some the the past weeks top games, and they did re-air the Bills/Patriots game. Hope that helps.
  8. I'm the opposite. I think Denney is good against the run, but Buggs is undersized (not to mention inexperienced) in the middle. Fewell needs to gameplan to take away the run by any means, and force them to beat us through the air, which I don't think they can. Otherwise, combined with a no huddle if they're not converting, the run game will quickly wear us down with a huge time of possession advantage. JMO.
  9. From the snooze: "The messages scrawled on the lawn outside McKelvin’s brick home in the Briercliff Estates subdivision off Amsdell Road included the statement “learn 2 take a knee,” as well as the score—25-24—and a graphic depiction of the male anatomy."
  10. For all those who might be losing any respect for Leodis, don't fret. If form holds, he'll be making his way out of town anyways after his rookie contract expires and cashing a much larger paycheck elsewhere. The good news is we'll have plenty of DB's lined up to take his place when that happens.
  11. I'll be at a party at the field where the alumni are gathering. Being the 50th anniversary team and all, should be a great showing.
  12. 5 rookies (plus Bell) did see significant playing time on Monday....just sayin'
  13. Yes, I'm glad in this time of constrained budgets that the police department and DA's office are using precious investigative resources to build a rock solid case here that will ultimately result in $50 fines
  14. An insurance claim for what exactly? To pay someone to cut his grass? I think his deductible would preclude that course of action
  15. Cadillac and Ward will be tough to contain. Stroud may end up playing 90% of the snaps.
  16. Article seems to be well thought out, and spot on. Of course, the writer will be dismissed as a hack by the experts here.
  17. No, it's about perspective. At the end of the day, these guys will probably end up with a small fine, I'm guessing on the order of $50. That's on the level of a parking ticket. Yet there are those who have jumped onto their moral high horse and doling out punishment on an order of magnitude reserved for the worst of the worst in society. Someone was able to link in neo Nazi's with spray paint on a lawn, so why not?
  18. I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Oh wait, what's that, like a $50 fine?
  19. You can eat your wings and blue cheese in Buffalo or East Aurora, you're still gonna be fat. Same difference.
  20. Same difference. Wonder why they're not called the OP Bills?
  21. Uh, yes it is. Everyone else can be the judge of that.
  22. Do I really need to go through the effort of going back and quoting you on how the vicious spray painters of lawns need to be jailed?! I know in your bubble that sounds like a wonderful idea, but in the real world there are implications to implementting your policy, so yes you were advocating that.
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