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  1. Shades of the Denver opener of a few years ago.
  2. Someone thought they were "exciting as hell" but I suspect their expectations have been numbed by the Jauron experience.
  3. Damnit! We had a chance to get some pionts before half.
  4. We were worried about passpro, but man, can we get a push?!
  5. So our #11 overall pick is doing absolutely nothing, not an issue. OK.
  6. Josh "hands" Reed. And you wonder why the WR don't have that many catches.
  7. Seems the crowd doesn't like Fox's decision making. And with good reason - wide right!
  8. Don't be fooled - we've seen this act before.
  9. Beast - don't get cute - just get in the end zone.
  10. Good job Fred. Roscoe would've found a way to screw that up.
  11. We need to find a way to keep Wilson on the field!
  12. Not good when the DB's are making all the tackles.
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