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  1. Never saw that one before Sounds like someone here at TSW wrote that one!
  2. I'd be even less enthused if they were playing in LA or any other town. Like, no enthusiasm, at all.
  3. Probably more like worked for the guy who worked for the guy who worked for the guy who worked for Jacobs. Because you don't like the guy we're supposed to prefer the Bills leave town? Oh, I forgot, there are so many other successful DICKS out there who can step in to help save the team.
  4. If the Bills are looking to bring one guy in to assume control over and run the football ops, plus coach the team, how many other potential suitors are out there? Cleveland? Washington? Dallas? Oakland? Jax? Tennessee? I only see 2 or 3 real possibilities out of those, and with the likes of Shanahan, Cowher, and Holmgren out there, we should be able to get one of the "name" guys if that's what Ralph/Russ want. With their "head start" they should go after who they want, and if that guy balks then move on to the next guy. Because if any of these name guys really wants to get back in and do more than just be the head coach, they really have limited options it would seem. Therefore, assuming that's the direction we want to take, I feel fairly optimistic we'll get one of them.
  5. Plus if an offer is made, and Shanny waffles, they will pull it and move on. You either want the position or not. None of this waiting to see if there's something better out there.
  6. Good lord, did you read some of the names in there?! Gilbride, Trestman?
  7. And on ESPNNews Steve Young essentially laughed off the notion that Shanahan would go to Buffalo, of all places. FU Steve!
  8. He's a terrible defensive coordinator. The next great joy will be seeing that defensive system ushered out of Buffalo once and for all!
  9. Well Schlereth said this would be a very attractive job for one of the "name" coaches, so depending on what you want to hear you choose who you want to listen to.
  10. I'm not sure how qualified Gruden is on personnel matters, but based on his QB carousel I'd say probably not very. And the Bills not only need a new head coach, but they also need to hand over full control of personnel. I'd say Cowher and Shanahan and even Holmgren are more viable candidates for that. Anything less than those three and it'll likely just be more of the same.
  11. Sounds about right. This goes back to Ralph going into his protective shell after Donohoe. Marv clearly was not the right choice. There's a lot of work to do. Does getting Cowher or Shanahan and giving them full control give us hope?
  12. I like it. There's something oddly satisfying seeing him left to twist in the wind.
  13. Looks like Buffalo is getting Greetings from Asbury Park as their album. BUFFALO SHOW TO FEATURE GREETINGS FROM ASBURY PARK, N.J. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform the album Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. during their concert in Buffalo, NY, on November 22, the final date of their 2009 'Working on a Dream' tour. Released in January, 1973, 'Greetings' marked Springsteen's debut as a recording artist; it is the first time this album will be performed in its entirety. Bruce and the band have performed the albums 'The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle', 'Born to Run', 'Darkness on the Edge of Town', 'The River' and 'Born in the USA' during their fall tour.
  14. She's absent more often than not, but my guess is that she'll be there for Buffalo.
  15. Nope, Kansas City is not gonna happen. Sucks for them, but Buffalo is absolutely the last show of the tour. 11 days 'til Bruce rocks Buffalo! Here's the setlist from Cleveland last night: Setlist: Wrecking Ball (with Curt Ramm) Prove It All Night Hungry Heart Working on a Dream Thunder Road Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (with Curt Ramm) Night Backstreets Born to Run She's the One Meeting Across the River (with Curt Ramm) Jungleland Waitin' on a Sunny Day Raise Your Hand Red Headed Woman Pink Cadillac Back in Your Arms Radio Nowhere Lonesome Day The Rising Badlands Encore: No Surrender Bobby Jean American Land (with Curt Ramm) Dancing in the Dark Can't Help Falling in Love Higher and Higher (with Curt Ramm) Rosalita (with Curt Ramm)
  16. Saving the best for last? This is the final show of the tour, and is shaping up to be a special evening. Sort of has an "anything goes" vibe to it. It's Little Steven's birthday. Speculation is running rampant this is the last show for the East Street Band. No album has been announced for Buffalo, and we may not get one. Just a 3 hour plus set of his greatest material. Is there a head count from TSW going?
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