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  1. We haven't heard from Adam in awhile. You might want to come up for air and give him a chance to respond.
  2. Nah, pretty obvious to most, except the most discrminating personnel pros.
  3. Cassel blows. But you'd never know that listening to some of the pro personnel evaluators here. Nice call Adam!
  4. Oh, another pick for Cassel. What a year. Great call.
  5. Cassel gets another chance. We should be worried. Someone here has watched him quite a bit this season and is very impressed with how he handles pressure situations - as his record would attest.
  6. Another legendary pro personnel evaluation from our resident expert. Unbelievable.
  7. This Cassel guy continues to impress. Clutch player in pressure situations. I know because I've watched him quite a bit - the longer this game stays close, the more dangerous he becomes.
  8. If you order the whole set do these come with some type of collectors book to hold the medallions? Edit: Google is your friend Per the Buffalo Bills website: "Full sets (all thirteen available coins plus the souvenir collectible medallion album) of the Bills 50th Anniversary Collector’s Medallions will be available for $49.99, plus tax, which includes shipping and handling. Fans may purchase the entire set of the exclusive Bills 50th Anniversary Collector’s Medallions by going online at www.nocoexpress.com. Thanks for the discount tip!
  9. Also, Ralph is not willing to make Shanahan a $10 million man, according to Shefter/Murphy.
  10. We'll see - the smart money says Turner will be the fall guy for this season. This move would be very un-Bears like.
  11. BWAHAHA! I really hope you're not implying Maybin will turn out to be anywhere near MW. More like Erik Flowers. I really cannot recall an NFL player getting as consistently tossed around like a rag doll as Maybin.
  12. Even dumber is sticking your head in the sand. Maybin blows.
  13. He already put on what, 25-30 pounds last offeseason? And he's gonna do it again? I don't think so. He blows, was never worth the #11 overall pick, and will never be a starting DE in the NFL. Period. And all the "too smart for the rest of us" crew will be saying the same thing, only 2 years down the line.
  14. You are correct sir! Good to see some accuracy posted here.
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