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  1. I hope they are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Oh wait, what's that, like a $50 fine?
  2. You can eat your wings and blue cheese in Buffalo or East Aurora, you're still gonna be fat. Same difference.
  3. Same difference. Wonder why they're not called the OP Bills?
  4. Uh, yes it is. Everyone else can be the judge of that.
  5. Do I really need to go through the effort of going back and quoting you on how the vicious spray painters of lawns need to be jailed?! I know in your bubble that sounds like a wonderful idea, but in the real world there are implications to implementting your policy, so yes you were advocating that.
  6. Guess you haven't heard there's an overcrowding problem in prison. Nonetheless, jail every lawn spray painter out there and let the rapists, etc. out to make room. Numbnuts
  7. Mularkey was a quitter. He was just looking for an excuse.
  8. Exiled you are trying to reason with folks from the insane asylum. This board has become pathetic and this thread is a great example.
  9. Yep, these folks on their moral high horses are unbelievable, over spray paint on grass. Some are talking about shooting 'em dead. Perspective, folks. Reminds me of those ultra conservative politician's preaching family values, all the while boning their mistresses or hooking up for some casual airport bathroom sex. Methinks you doth protest too much.
  10. So that which you condemn him for can be done to him?
  11. Times have changed. What was the name of that Bills field goal kicker in the 60's who got the crap beat out of him while walking down the steet after missing one to lose the game?
  12. You are in need of a legal education. People who happen to step on your property aren't fair game for target practice.
  13. Yeah, somehow I doubt he'd do it too. Gotta love those getting up on their moral high horse.
  14. Bizarre dude. I hope he's really drunk - nothing else explains his asinine behavior. Hopefully he'll get back on the wagon and we won't hear from him for another 9 months.
  15. See below. Sad, but true. I was looking for any encouraging signs, and this was one, until I saw we were one of 4 teams interested, with Philly being his top choice. BTW, does this org have any clue what they're doing? Their offseason plan was to trade Peters, move LW over to LT where everyone knew he was ill suited to play, move our starting RG out to tackle, and draft two interior guys, even though we already had Butler starting there. Then we cut LW, now we're looking for Butler's replacement?
  16. Didn't Moulds just recently punch some random dude in the face downtown?
  17. Yes. Glad you segregated this important topic and created it's own thread for it.
  18. Cool. The most important part of that equation.
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