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  1. Precious...I'll be looking for those Carucci updates on ESPNnews How many times can you be wrong?! Looking forward to your vacation.
  2. I thought you guaranteed he'd be signing here on Tuesday? As if your credibility wan't already shot. Go enjoy some more crow.
  3. Nice sig. Pretty much tells us all we need to know.
  4. Woulda liked to hear what Glazer had to say. Once he reports something, it's a lead pipe lock.
  5. Well Carucci is already wrong on at least one account. They guy has no cred.
  6. Why not? Nothing could go wrong with that approach. Worked out OK for GW, Mularkey, and Jauron.
  7. Just like a Bills loss, every week you can count on monkey brains winning friends and influencing people on the GDT.
  8. There may be new posters who have not been subjected to your drivel.
  9. What, a good coach whose head is in the game?! Burning that TO will really come back to haunt him
  10. Well, we know McKelvin won't be suiting up, so we got that going for us.
  11. Give it time. The sacks I saw from Orakpo today came from the DE position. And he starts and Maybin plays sparingly for a reason.
  12. BTW, Orakpo just notched his 4th sack today. And the Redskins are up 31-13.
  13. To the contrary, unlike Maybin, Orakpo is doing his part. It's the other 21 starters that need to chip in, too.
  14. I enjoyed the game. Went down to the last play, got the run game going for once, 4 interceptions, pulled out a win on the road in a tough venue. Especially enjoyed seeing Cassel fall on his face repeatedly with 4 picks, despite the expert prognostications to the contrary by some of the personnel experts around here who apparently were quite "impressed" by his clutch performances under pressure all season, as evidenced by his 3-10 record.
  15. 3 for the day, 10 for the year. Meanwhile, Maybin gets his usual 1 tackle and 1 assist.
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