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  1. Worst career decison, but he can suck it up for 12 more games. Then he can run for the hills and get away from this abortion of a franchise. We're not so fortunate.
  2. We are a laughing stock now, so can't really get mad.
  3. I wouldn't put my money on the Bills against any of those teams.
  4. That was sure some offseason plan for reshaping the OLine. Not only was it boneheaded to think they could flip Walker, but then they cut him when it doesn't work out. There is no excuse for not keeping him, other than money, even with Butler slated to start. You can't know what injuries will occur, but keeping him as backup to Butler made sense then, and it makes sense now. And someone the other day was questioning the notion that whoever was responsible for the offseason OL plan should be fired?
  5. We are the new Detroit Lions/Arizona Cardinals of the league. In other words, laughing stocks.
  6. He's on a Jerry Crafts level. Seriously, a CFL guy is eating him alive today.
  7. Wow, Chambers is bad. Hope Ralph is enjoying the money he pocketed by dumping Walker.
  8. Don't expect any throws more than 5 yards down the field now.
  9. So because he said Buffalo wouldn't score on them, some other team will beat their ass for it and make him pay for those comments. He will be haunted by ever having uttered those words because other teams will never let him forget. Makes perfect sense. Does Karma play LT? Cuz we could use some help there this week.
  10. Given your stance on this and the inability to provide any logical semblance of an explanation to back up your own words, this is not surprising.
  11. And drink plenty before the game....they're $8 at the stadium.
  12. Maybe if they were in our division and we played them twice a year, that might provide some bulletin board material. But we won't see the Saints again for years, so still not seeing how they will come back to "haunt" him. Maybe if we say nice things about Miami Karma can help us pull that one out.
  13. Ah, the sarcasm defense for stupid comments. Still waiting to hear how his comment that we wouldn't score if we had another 4 quarters is going to come back to "haunt" him. Because it won't.
  14. How exactly do you envision that comment coming back to haunt him?
  15. WOW - where is all that money going?! Maybe we could use some of that money to bring a real personnel man in here who believes in building a football team from the trenches out.
  16. First of all, you're good to go on the H20. Congrats! The other part is hard to diagnose over a message board. I don't understand how you can hit 712 but it takes you to 712-1. You can't view HD on 712 - it must be on 712-1. My first guess was gonna either be a favorites list issue or possibly an option you selected in the menu to hide either SD or HD channels. If you select All Channels as your favorites list, then it should show both 712 and 712-1 in your guide. If not, then I'm stumped and Fez needs to step in
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