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  1. I don't even notice those. All medication commercials look the same to me. Which does bring up the question, how will they go about this? It's a valid concern. When I was younger sexuality was taboo to show on TV before 8 at night. Now, I can't even trust commercials. I'm sure a lot of people dont care what's on TV, but if you have young kids and your not paying attention, it will raise them with its values. Not yours. An organization that focuses and spends time with children's groups should not be in a position to be preaching at our kids about sexuality. When sports is filled with social messaging, its preaching at us. Not entertaining us. The World has Loved openly gay Stars many times over..... let parents parent their children. I'm tired of this social justice crap being directly focused at a child demographic.
  2. Now my kids can't watch football. They began the Year by attempting till me and my kids what we can't think. Now, they're focusing on a topic that is purely sexual before my kids have gotten through thinking boys have cooties. They are pushing us to explain sex to our kids that used to come in time.
  3. Our quarterback is leading the league in passing yards, tied for second passing touchdowns and 3rd QB rating. It would be nice to have our defense back on track and healthy and not have to score 30-plus points.
  4. I wouldn't expect him to have ANY other opinion. The fact is, its debatable.
  5. I didn't realize you meant at any time. I thought we were talking in the context of his being a Bill and coming in hurt, and missing time. My bad.
  6. I think you missed the point. Unless you're just reminding us of the injury history that we had been talking about the entire time. But he's just now getting to playing 7 straight games.
  7. I just moved to Tampa.... and as a 35 year Bills fan, I was soooooo happy to see Brady look the same as Winston.
  8. Nah, people dont even notice. I'm a Floridian. Folks dont even think about the Bills or their fans. Really. Just Wings. I love the table smashing. Nice dig at the end. Way to wrap up a feel good story.
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