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  1. Buffalo Bills: Season 2019 - The Rise of Allen
  2. Sounds about right. Neal is going to need a hell of a training camp.
  3. Can I just applaud you for your use of Kramer gifs?
  4. Even if you don't value Gore from the locker room perspective he has still been able to produce on the field in recent seasons.
  5. Ivory is likely cut. And I never said rookies can't do well without mentors, but a future HOF'er in their ear in the locker room would surely help...wouldn't you agree?
  6. I am of the belief that they plan on drafting a RB somewhere in rounds 3-5 and then figured who better to mentor a young guy for a year? Not to mention Gore would probably be a great mentor for Josh as well. At least I would consider mentoring the primary reason, because it looks like he can still contribute on the field.
  7. I agree. Ray Ray and McKenzie are as good as gone now IMO. Duke gets the last spot unless they draft another big body WR, but it is likely not a priority at this point.
  8. I enjoy your posts I don't wish this on the Browns at all, but I could see it happening.
  9. Completely agree. They really should look to bring in a rookie to start grooming for the future. It's a fantastic situation for said rookie.
  10. Can I yell into the night sky "Beane is a witch!"?
  11. Damn, heโ€™s good. I graduated from there and only knew the 3rd string kicker ๐Ÿ˜œ
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