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  1. don't know who he/she is, but there was a lot of foolishness in his/her posts. jw
  2. Let's straighten out some comments made about me in the since closed Clowney thread. Badobilz erroneously posted that I had "claimed there was nothing to the AB rumors (when there clearly was) ..." Well, that's just plain wrong. In fact, I refuted rapppapapaports report as being totally wrong and that the Bills were not closing in on acquiring AB. I noted that there had been some discussion between the Bills and Steelers about a trade, but it never got very far, and by the time rrappppappapaort reported the trade was apparently near done, he couldn't have been further from the truth. The trade had in fact fallen apart days earlier. Of course, there is this narrative here that the locals never get anything like that. Well, that's baloney, too. More often than not, the locals are refuting much of the speculation that's out there, such as this Clowney to Buffalo baloney. let's move on to 3dening suggesting that citing someone in the organization as shaking their head on the Clowney trade is some way of me not "being tied down." that's baloney, too. i've consistently reported that there is nothing to this clowney to buffalo talk. in fact, the first time i tweeted about it, the response I got was "LOL" from someone familiar with the situation. accuracy certainly isn't a big thing regarding some on this board. similar to the wannabes trying to sell you something they don't know about clowney and the bills. pfffft. jw
  3. I only post citing people whom I trust and are in a position to know. One more thing: If Brandon Beane was so busy involved in all these trade talks, why did he spent a good half hour doing one on one interviews with a whole host of reporters following practice today? jw
  4. Spoke to someone earlier today about Bills/Clowney, person shook head no. jw
  5. Wait, Dave, I missed this a while back and just catching up. I've re-read the piece and florio is once again beating a dead horse of a drum, by making sure to spur unsubstantiated fear in Buffalo, because much like cowherd, he gets his kicks out of doing it. It's a simple and lazy trope. Find the smallest market team that was supposed to be moving after Ralph Wilson died, realize you were wrong in predicting they would move, and carry the narrative forward by finding yet another reason to punt the ball forward. Let me get this straight, florio is actually suggesting that should the Players Association have a say in where teams should be located by having the right to fund new stadium construction, then the Bills future in western New York is in jeopardy. I'm not sure I know of any business model in which a union can dictate these terms. Heck, I'll fund building an AP bureau in Fiji just so I can work there. What florio conveniently continues to ignore and overlook are numerous things: The Pegulas aren't going to move the team. Lease agreement non-relocation clauses. They can't be rendered moot simply because players prefer playing in Hawaii. Relocation is also a matter for the NFL's board of governors. I don't see this conservative group of business people suddenly carving out room at the table in providing players a voice on where they should play. Amusing as it would be, I don't foresee Antonio Brown using an air balloon to arrive at the next owner's meeting, proposing the Raiders avoid moving to Vegas and instead relocate to oh, I don't know, Paris. That Buffalo was used as the example moving forward is florio's MO, in which he conveniently overlooks the case that the Jacksonville Jaguars are considered to be a larger favorite to move than the Bills ever are. And yet, to bring up the Jaguars, it would ruin his point, because the players like Florida. jw
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