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  1. i've been reluctant to like all of these posts until i finally summoned up the courage to look up "raconteur." and now that i have, i'm still not sure whether to trust your judgement of character. 🙃 jw
  2. even when i attempt to avoid promo, i am unable to. here i was, off the board for nearly a week. second thread i open, and this sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb of bald audacity. No, he didn't. and as a service to all, let me actually provide you to an actual link of what Twitter considers to be private. https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/personal-information but, of course, people here could have looked that up on their own before firing off a post that has no basis in fact. and you wanna be a Bills reporter. smh jw
  3. john wawrow

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    this is good. and true jw
  4. john wawrow

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    you’re real good at putting down people who aren’t members of this board with your real swell criticisms. when confronted on them, you’re M.O. is to wilt. i’d say i was disappointed in this response, but that would suggest i was expecting something of substance. jw
  5. john wawrow

    There will be a lot of crow handed out to media...

    Hah. Nope, it's the closest to home and a nice easy 3-hour walk, especially when you get there first thing in the morning. i've gotten to know the guys who tee off first thing, and it's become both a weekly social and workout thing for me. jw
  6. john wawrow

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    if you're so good at it, why don't you give it a shot. you spend a lot of time on this board complaining about how biased and one-sided the reporting is at The Buffalo News, that all they put out are negative stories. well, look in the mirror promo, you are the hypocrite doing exactly the same, but with far less nuance or skill. it's only predictable that you landed on the first page of this thread. i can only imagine how you must have scrambled to open up your computer and pen some real witty retort to pile on and make your voice heard. and all we got was this dud of a response. par for the course. yup, you know sh#t all right. jw
  7. john wawrow

    There will be a lot of crow handed out to media...

    one of my Grover Cleveland golf buddies asked me if I had a prediction yet of the Bills season. "no," i responded. "way too early." flame away, though. jw
  8. john wawrow

    Something brewing with the Patriots?

    What, the ... ? Patriots?
  9. john wawrow

    Incognito ok at home, thanks Buffalo

    For what it's worth, I believe, and it seems quite evident, Richie wrote that note to The AP on the fly. There was nothing really planned about it. It came as a bit of a surprise after we had exchanged a few texts, including concerns Eric Wood had raised to me. It appears that is what prompted Richie's comments regarding Eric. jw
  10. john wawrow

    All NFL Contracts Should Be Performance Based ...

    There are incentive clauses worked into contracts that go beyond base salary. You seem to be against the players making what they're valued on in what is relatively a free market. Owners are making money. Fans are still attending and, most importantly, watching. And the networks can't seem to pay enough for the broadcast rights. So of course, you want the actual performer to be the one who gets the short end of the stick. (Excuse me, are you on the NCAA executive committee by chance?) Here's a better question, perhaps. Why are NFL contracts the only ones in pro sports that aren't entirely guaranteed? Is that fair? A case can be made one way or the other. But of course, you decide to go after the players on this one, asking them to risk everything with no certain guarantees. You seem to think many of these athletes have had it easy to get to where they are to make a living. They haven't. What is it, 90 percent of football players never make it out of college (I could be wrong on my numbers, so pardon me), and very few of them actually make it past their third season. But you're absolutely right, why should they be making all this money. They should be working for peanuts. Or, better still, making $25,000 a season like Gordie Howe did during much of the prime of his career. That's right, $25,000, while playing for an owner who at one point controlled two of the NHL six franchises. Was that fair, I dare to ask. Terrible, take. shrug. jw
  11. yeah, there's this one poster, who started a thread about the media vs. Josh Allen, and he really went over the deep end. he even went on and acknowledged he was reacting like "some of the other posters on here that have no life." then, he went on and on and on about "too many hostile people who don't have a life," or something to that effect. man, that guy was really something. please, please, don't be that guy. jw
  12. some people like snark. some don't. i'll mark you down as "a don't." jw
  13. i've been snarky since i joined this board many moons ago. i am snarky to those whom i have little time for, given the things they've posted. i've engaged plenty with people in "actual dialog." in fact, i'm doing so now. which is it? i don't think you're giving a "shout out to sports writer." also never said i was all that important. in fact, i've often noted the opposite, given that my wife is a teacher. and yet, you're the one that keeps mentioning me and my colleagues. actually, it's credibility. we get readers because we have established that one thing in our career. otherwise, i don't give two craps whether you like me. jw
  14. what in god's name are you blabbering on about. you refer to one outlet and then accuse all media of some conspiracy. who's repeating what? i've referred to Allen's practices in two of my stories. and they were in the middle of the stories, not on top. i reported what i saw. i'm not even sure why i'm responding to this in the first place. sorry about the long post. jw waitasecond, you're actually asking us to read the article in question, which the original poster failed to link. c'mon. doing means people have to make up their own minds in regards to the OP's take, rather than taking the OP as being perfectly accurate in his misguided rant. spoilsport. jw and this is my true complaint about how the some of the time "the media" gets a bad name. someone goes off with his own agenda by accusing the media of having an agenda. and rather than people making up their own mind, they simply believe what they heard/saw/read last. be better, folks.