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  1. Here's a thought. How is it that no one on the Bills staff had any inkling Vontae Davis was considering quitting. Was there no red flag before the start of the season, when Davis suddenly revealed he was still trying to overcome an injury. Was there no red flag during two preseason performance in which Davis couldn't tackle or cover. Was there no red flag from last year in how Davis got into a major dispute with Chuck Pagano which led to the Colts cutting him. Hey, I know there's some kind of nutty narrative in which the national media is questioning the Bills for making some odd decisions. But heck, what do i know. jw
  2. it was a dysfunctional marriage from the beginning with Whaley, in my opinion, deserving 50 percent of the blame. Whaley failed to get entirely on board with the Ryan hiring, because the Pegulas essentially took the decision out of his hands, and there being no clear definition of power between Rex and Whaley. both spent the next two years trying to assert their power over the other. Rex was the one who proposed having Tom Coughlin be hired to take over as football czar, so he could have someone have his back. he's the one who introduced Coughlin to the Pegulas. Whaley and Brandon were against the move for obvious reasons, and eventually, Coughlin backed out. Whaley and members of his staff then spent much of the 2016 season bad-mouthing Rex in the Pegulas' presence, leaked things to select members of the media who were indebted to him, avoided other members of the media, and eventually boasted to friends that he had the authority to fire Rex, and was going to do it. Unfortunately, the Pegulas over-ruled Whaley initially. Ryan was attempting to avoid the same scenario that took place with the Jets, and wound up suffering the same outcome. Whaley won the power struggle but eventually couldn't save himself from the problems he himself created by claiming he wasn't privy to anything going on. Thankfully, the Pegulas saw through the whole thing and made what was ultimately the right decision. jw