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  1. john wawrow

    How Shaq Lawson Bought In and Renewed His Commitment

    strangely enough, i use a tape recorder to record players. i use a phone to call people. call me old-fashioned, i guess. jw
  2. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    Bills were interested in Fitz. He was firm on staying in Tampa jw
  3. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    this is my only time I'll respond to this: Tyrod was not interested in redoing his deal. his entire salary was on the books for this year. it was immovable. they gained a valuable draft pick. and, in the end, exactly how much better of a record would the Bills have with Taylor running this offense? let's be real. they weren't making the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers behind center. jw I'm leaving this discussion, as I've said my piece. jw
  4. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    Tim Murray failed in his rebuild and it cost him. Botterill is making far more headway, and so is Housley, who has gone from being on the hotseat to showing he is capable of learning from last season, and deserving a longer leash. jw
  5. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    keep in mind, the Pegulas have now gone through that with the Sabres, staying the course after watching a team thoroughly under-achieve last year and seeing encouraging returns this year. now, this Bills team this year isn't exactly under-achieving entirely, because this was always going to be a transitional year, and we're seeing the lumps result from it. that said, a case can be made that the offense is not playing up to even modest expectations. this leads to the upcoming offseason and seeing what happens now that the BIlls are fully in a position to start adding talent. can't judge Beane and/or McDermott entirely until that happens. jw
  6. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    me, too, but it appears some were confused by it. perhaps, i should have typed slower. 🤭 jw
  7. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    McDermott's philosophy is CBs, for the most part, are interchangeable. That was proven out last year when two guys, including Gaines, filled in for Darby's loss. There was also a belief, from what I remember, that Darby didn't exactly fit the defense. jw
  8. john wawrow

    John Wawrow on the QB situation

    Late to this party, but let's clear up some things. If several members of the media are going to follow this lazy and tired narrative in accusing the Bills if completely mishandling the QB situation, then perhaps they should at least ask a question or two to at least be fair. There was one asked on Tuesday, which is what sparked my thread. And rather than simply following the tired narrative, someone needs to explain to me how else the quarterback situation needed to be handled. One valid point made through the discussion on Twitter was the Bills needed to bring in another quarterback immediately after trading McCarron. Beane has acknowledged that as being a mistake. Otherwise, I've yet to hear any valid rundown on how the quarterback situation has played out since March. And no, don't respond to me about what about Tyrod? That ship sailed because Tyrod refused to restructure his contract; the Bills would be handcuffed under the cap with it; and they got a valuable draft pick out of it that allowed them more room to trade up on draft day. WEO, of course, is trying too hard to over-think things and reading far too much into this as usual. I'm hardly surprised. jw