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  1. We just need to score tds. If we had there it would probably taken the sails out of their wind
  2. Cooking the turkey on Wed so Thursday is all snacks and then turkey sandwiches. My sons team the Bears play at noon followed by the Bills. Should be a great day all around.
  3. and Brady and the pats are the cash cow of the NFL
  4. Cheap and intentional but offset by Holding? Guess Brady gets the call of holding both ways ie not them but all others
  5. Pats not that good today but our offense was that bad. Kudos to the d for a great game.
  6. It's not what they are doing to us. It's what we are doing to ourselves. Clean up the dumb crap and we would have a chance.
  7. Slow him up at the line then tackle rib area hard every time he touches the ball.
  8. Someone tell Frazier it's legal to hit Edelman at the line ( and a damn good idea )
  9. Yeah defiantly coming out flat from half. Can't continue to lose third quarter and hope for the comeback. A 14 point lead is way to small to sit on. Keep winning,GO BUFFALO
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