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  1. RIP Heaven just got one of the biggest fans in bills history and the bills have an angel rooting them on.
  2. On the program outside the lines today they did a segment on this. All the clips shown looked like private lots. None from the bus lot or county lots.
  3. Taken at 20 by the eagles Eagles pick was #18 not 20 still took Williams
  4. My cave got spread since a downsize to smaller apartment. With a small attachment limit photos would take three or four posts. Mostly plaques with signed photos or cards. A few signed footballs and mini helmets. A folding rocking chair for tailgates, AFC champ mugs etc. sample sample
  5. Superbowl is not a guarantee. A storm in the last five/ten years forced a game to be played in Detroit because the stadium could not be reached. Roads in downtown are middling to horrible so access is already going to be a problem . Even if you have a dome if it can't be reached because roads are clogged with snow or very bad traffic the NFL won't award a Superbowl. Bad for the reputation of the league /game.
  6. This plus almost all have Hock in the top nine but nobody wants us to take him at nine.
  7. With all the crap that has been about /around the Pittsburgh team .You have to give a thumbs up for them carrying Shazier on the roster for the season even though he will never see the field. It allows him to continue with medical coverage and use of the team facility. Class act by that organization.
  8. Not a gumbo mention in the thread. Make mine with chicken,sausage and shrimp.
  9. Regardless of the immense talent. I don't want a player that said he would quit before going anywhere that wouldn't play by his rules. It's still a team sport.
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