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  1. rochester rob

    Who's your top 9? (QBs excluded)

    This plus almost all have Hock in the top nine but nobody wants us to take him at nine.
  2. rochester rob

    Ryan Shazier

    With all the crap that has been about /around the Pittsburgh team .You have to give a thumbs up for them carrying Shazier on the roster for the season even though he will never see the field. It allows him to continue with medical coverage and use of the team facility. Class act by that organization.
  3. rochester rob

    What is your favorite soup 🍜

    Not a gumbo mention in the thread. Make mine with chicken,sausage and shrimp.
  4. Regardless of the immense talent. I don't want a player that said he would quit before going anywhere that wouldn't play by his rules. It's still a team sport.
  5. rochester rob

    Lorenzo is back

    Smart move, maybe this team is headed in the right direction as far as decisions are concerned.
  6. rochester rob

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    Gruden is really going to run that team into the ground.
  7. rochester rob

    First half: Wk 14 Jets at Bills, 1 pm on CBS

    Going to mute the volume. Archuleta should just pull on a jest jersey.