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  1. Fair projection. I'll take over 7 and please tackle the ball carrier on your way to the QB. We have had way to many guys run right by in the past. Lets get this season started.
  2. Some of us rochesterians use to drive to Fredonia to watch the bills train. Back then the two a days made it worth a day trip. Point is considering we followed before SJF I doubt wholesale ditching will occur.
  3. RIP Sue. She could certainly liven up a disagreement. Great love for her bills.
  4. RIP Heaven just got one of the biggest fans in bills history and the bills have an angel rooting them on.
  5. On the program outside the lines today they did a segment on this. All the clips shown looked like private lots. None from the bus lot or county lots.
  6. Taken at 20 by the eagles Eagles pick was #18 not 20 still took Williams
  7. My cave got spread since a downsize to smaller apartment. With a small attachment limit photos would take three or four posts. Mostly plaques with signed photos or cards. A few signed footballs and mini helmets. A folding rocking chair for tailgates, AFC champ mugs etc. sample sample
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