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  1. R I P Great football player and a very good man.
  2. This is why I am leery of this game. What do they have to lose, but some fines by the league
  3. This picture is now on a fleece throw. My great granddaughter in her gear. Born 11/21/20
  4. I am not now and never will/have been for Trump. It's the other RochesterRob on this board
  5. The hot takes in 2d half thread are amazing. Team owns first half come out after half and score a td . Get a screw call against and go into a shell and still win the game. And people want to quit and go home because we suck. Well we suck 3 and 0 so hang in there.
  6. This is the second time I have been flagged for contributing to this thread and I have to say it ain't me. There are two rochester robs on the board I don't use caps in my name and he uses no space between roch and rob. I appriciate the notes but agin it isn't me. He joined way later but is much more of a poster.
  7. Many can talk but the one who needs to listen is missing every time.
  8. I don't know who called the first series of the game. It went against everything we have been all year and it worked. After that we turtle back to play tight and conservative. Let the D hold the fort. Well when you play soft and not to lose you give the other team the edge. Nice year?
  9. Let Josh start one series and toss up three long balls with a little air under them. No harm and you never know what he might get out of it.
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