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  1. He looked bad in preseason and had 2 drops today. 1 of which resulted in a Pick 6. Yes, I'm worried. I don't see it. Maybe there's a reason Dallas let him walk. It's great he can get separation, but HANG ON TO THE MF_ING BALL you little squirt.
  2. L. McCoy 7 CAR, 60 YD S. Watkins 9 REC, 198 YDS, 3 TD
  3. Your avatar needs to be on the helmet of every offensive player.
  4. Allen doesn't look any better than last year - really troublesome
  5. HAHA - This team is pathetic. Jets are making them look dumb. Put in Barkley.
  6. Dawkins screwed up again - that was his guy. ***** - Put Nyske in
  7. Now we know why they cut McCoy. They deleted all the run plays from the playbook
  8. Can we run the F-ing ball please - maybe just a bit
  9. What a dumb thread. Are western NYers that out of touch? BIlls games are SUPER cheap. I got 2 50 yard line seats last year about 20 rows up for the Ten game. Cost me a total of $375. I live in Houston and those tickets here would cost about $1500 for the pair. And people won't switch teams, they'll just watch the games on tv which is what 95% of people do anyways. Geez, we need the games to start so people stop posting stupid s--t.
  10. I suspect you may see Teller start at LG next week. Spain won't play. They should also play Bates at center again. These 2 guys should play the whole game at these positions. These 2 positions worry me more than any where else. 1 more concussion and Mitch is likely done. Feliciano is very average and Bodine will be gone. Lets see how good Bates can be a center. I fear Spain being very marginal in pass protection and could be benched at some point during the year. Teller needs to be ready to step up.
  11. 7 receivers make the team. Williams will make the roster, but another receiver will not be sacrificed to do so (Foster and McKenzie make it too). It will come from another position. Example: I see them only keeping 3 running backs. McCoy, Gore, & Singletary. Wade to PS. All others will be cut. Dimarco is a wild card too and i didn't count him in the RB category.
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