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  1. Offense: Daryl Williams (RT), Austin Hooper (TE) Defense: Kyle Van Noy (Strong Side OLB), Arik Armstead (DE) Let Spain and Shaq walk. Draft: Lots of WR's and a RB
  2. I expect DE and WR to have the most talent overhaul this offseason. Both will be addressed in FA and draft. Shaq is gone. Why spend $8-$10M on 5 sacks, when you can spend $12-$14M and get 10+ ? Bills can afford the extra 4M a year to get what they need.
  3. BBQ is also great here - highly recommend: 1) The Pit Room (near downtown and not far from stadium). The Brisket tacos are unreal. 2) Pinkerton's - Its in the northeast part of the Heights. Excellent brisket as well. Tex Mex Recommendation: Lupe Tortilla Beef Fajitas Here is also Top 100 List from area Food Critic - easy to sort by type and neighborhood too: https://projects.houstonchronicle.com/top100/#/
  4. One good hit from Poyer and he'll be out. The guy can't stay on the field. Not worried about him. Hope Tre shadows Hopkins all day though.
  5. Agree - I'm a Houstonian as well. Stick w/ Tex Mex, Steaks, and Seafood. Wings is for when you are in Buffalo. When in Rome....
  6. I live in Houston - specifically the Houston Heights, which is an old historic neighborhood just northwest of downtown (5-10 min from downtown). Lots of popular restaurants in and around the neighborhood. For steak - Try B&B Butchers or Ritual. Both are great and you will need a reservation. B&B is a bit higher end.
  7. This board has told me all backups suck, that's why they are backups. Such a Buffalo attitude. Demand better.
  8. Botched play looked like is was the centers fault. Half the line didn't even move. Ike B doesn't even belong on the practice squad. I've been watching him all game. He's really bad. Not sure why they keep him around.
  9. Lee Smith sucks so bad. TE2 is a need in the offseason. Really think we can sign a good one in FA. How about Austin Hooper to match with Knox?
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