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  1. Yeah was really curious why the Hell they pulled him during that series. I thought he must have been totally gassed but they are desperate right now, LA should be winning this game.
  2. I mean sort of feel this way. Yesterday was a pretty bad loss and my enthusiasm is muted but I'm not throwing in the towel because of that. I'm willing to accept a loss to KC even but I need to see a fairly strong bounce back on all sides of the ball.
  3. OK I can go to bed now and worry myself to sleep about how the Bills lose this game.
  4. I will lose my ***** if this game does not happen. For real. Win, lose or draw the game needs to be played for my sanity.
  5. S-s-surely the fact we haven't heard about the Titans COVID test results from yesterday isn't a bad thing, r-r-right?
  6. It is so hard to say if he plays or not since we've got no idea what is actually going on with him.
  7. They very well could but their effectiveness would very much be in question.
  8. Being able to throw the kitchen sink at Henry is key to this game. We really need White for this but I don't suppose we will know if he is playing for sure for about 9 hours.
  9. How many times has he actually done that though? Has he done it this year even? Bills could lose this game for sure but forecasting a career day for Henry seems odd to me.
  10. I don't know how to feel about this game. Someone tell me what to so with my hands.
  11. It's usually 90 minutes before so about 5:30pm I'd guess.
  12. I hope you are right, in fact if you are I'll wear underwear on my head the rest of the day tomorrow to make up for doubting you
  13. I strongly believe the Titans are going to make this tough and might win this.
  14. Not saying worthless but ask any player and they will tell you there is a huge difference between an official practice/game time than independent work outs. The Bills could still lose this game for sure but just pointing out a fact.
  15. I mean either this is a true 5D chess move or anyone he brings back will be sucking wind very quickly I'd not injured.
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