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  1. They need him to play but he was clearly concussed so of course that is going to be downplayed. Love to see how this concussion protocol works. They are supposed to have an independent doctor clear him. If they play him and he is still scrambled one good hit and he is back into the Shadow Realm.
  2. I can think of nothing more valuable than a franchise QB, if they did trade him (why they Hell would you do that?) it would be the biggest haul seen in a long time.
  3. I know it is easier to get production at RB but I wish Buffalo had a #1 RB.
  4. I know James Harden just forced his way out of Houston but the labor market in the NBA is very different to the NFL. Watson just signed a fat extension, if I am Houston I don't consider trading a proven franchise QB, at least not yet. I would have him play next season at least.
  5. I won't front, I didn't think the Bills would win this one. That second half lit a fire in me though. Overall I am still a bit worried about the offense but this was the best defensive effort I have seen since last season.
  6. This is true but with how deep the AFC Playoffs are this year anyone can beat Buffalo too. I think the Steelers have the worst chance of it.
  7. I'm a bit disappointed because I don't think the Bills played to their potential. That said they took the best shot a very solid 11-5 squad could dish out and still won. Nothing makes me think the Bills are doomed for the next round, good teams still struggle at times.
  8. Pittsburgh all the way. They have a worse running game than Buffalo. If the Bills running game is like the fries in your happy meal than the Steelers running game is like those super gross and disappointing apple slices in your happy meal your best friend's Mom makes you eat when she takes you all out after Karate class.
  9. I know Seattle struggled but Hell, I am going to give a lot of credit to Goff. I was never very high on him but watching him try to set his own thumb back in the joint and keep playing really impressed me. Then he stepped up big yesterday when he clearly wasn't 100%. I don't think he is elite but he has that heart that is just so important.
  10. Is it too much to hope aliens abduct Jackson and Henry during the game?
  11. I could have a child that could bring about an unending Utopia for humanity. Screw their birth, this moment is better.
  12. It was like the Bills owed the NFL refs union money. The uncalled DOG calls, the uncalled holding, the uncalled fumble recovery. Friggin nuts. Whateves though. Today is for celebrating the W and the rest of the week is for thinking about the Bills matchup for Divisional.
  13. Two things. 1) Never been so drunk early 2) Refs tried to screw the Bills every step
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