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  1. I agree on giving the player more time. Beane said Buffalo doesn’t use RAS. His missed tackle % in college was 15%. They won’t admit it of course, but I believe this was a McD pick through and through, because he liked what he heard from his buddy the Baylor coach. The priority since JA day 1 should have been to protect Josh, like KC has made it for PM.
  2. Marino also has pointed out that the missed tackle % was much better earlier in the season. Now its back to an unacceptable level.
  3. Marino did not say he couldn’t name specific plays. For sake of time he summarized. If he has time to (he’s a full-time college scout at the Draft Network as well of course), and he thinks its important enough to do a play by play breakdown of Bernard, then likely he would. I’m more interested in why he got the start over Dodson. Does anyone know if the coaching staff explained that decision?
  4. At the 18min18sec mark Joe Marino, who scouted Bernard at Baylor, discusses him… “the other guy (he had been discussing Jaquan Johnson) that struggled mightily was Terrell Bernard and I would love to watch the tape before I really go in on him, but man did he look like he was lost out there and you could just tell by alignment every play was like he was talking to Tremaine trying to figure out where to line up he was out of position multiple times he was slow to process he couldn't get through traffic, his impact was was very poor in this ball game you could tell Matt Milano wasn't out there and this is the guy you drafted in the third round for these types of moments right, to be able to mitigate the loss to an extent with Matt Milano and I know it's his first start and the book's not written on Terrell Bernard, but he looked a lot like the player I didn't love at Baylor I'm not gonna lie. Bernard's best moments have always been when he's a gap shooter and when you got to get him thinking and processing it ain't always there, and I felt that way watching him in preseason and I surely felt that way watching this game against the Jets and I hate that I'm sitting here reflecting on this loss and going in on a couple of backups, but they struggled…they struggled…it cost the team.”
  5. I think it was after this years draft that BBB said Buffalo doesn’t use RAS. He didn’t elaborate.
  6. Thank’s for posting this…”you can’t beat Baldy…you can only hope to contain him!’
  7. The setting here is from The Draft Network’s 3 day draft coverage, where Marino is a full time scout. In addition to breaking down Luke Tenuta, it came out that in the vid Coach Kromer demonstrated his bruising O-Line techniques on Joe in a recent meeting (maybe at the combine). He also said Kromer is very particular in who he wants to work with, so he must have seen something in Tenuta/he’s wired the right way etc., prompting the pick.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted already… Here’s the vid Joe Marino did on this topic last week…
  9. Jon Ledyard @LedyardNFLDraft who covers the Bucs was just on WGR at 8:37am and gave a scouting report on Howard. He said he has not come back from the achilles yet.
  10. FWIW Pat MacAfee asked Rodgers about the ‘report’ via text. Rodgers categorically denied it.
  11. Last week the topic of why Flores still didn’t have a HC position came up with Peter King and Mike Florio. Around the 5min10 mark it starts. ‘’ For King the major sticking point was ‘the personality stuff’ such as 4 OC’s, 4 QB coaches and 4 OL coaches in 3 years. I think it was Doug Gottlieb who said “If you can’t get along with Chris Grier, you can’t get along with anybody.”
  12. Former teammate James Jones relaying some of Rodgers thoughts today on The Herd… He said the GM is not the issue.
  13. From Joe Marino’s mock a few days ago on The Draft Network... Bills Kwity Paye EDGE, Michigan Bills Acquire: Colts 2021 1st (No. 21) Colts Acquire: Bills 2021 1st (No. 30) and 3rd (No. 93) General manager Brandon Beane has been aggressive on the trade front since coming to Buffalo in 2017, and with a loaded roster returning 21 of 22 starters from last year’s 13-3 squad that reached the AFC Championship Game, he just might be inclined to again go get his guy. Buffalo needs to get younger and more dynamic at defensive end and Paye is a fit. Paye has elite physical gifts that provide Buffalo with a chance to land a pass rusher that can be a difference-maker. If Buffalo is going to dethrone Kansas City in the AFC, they have to do a better job pressuring Patrick Mahomes than they did in either of the two matchups from 2020.
  14. Joe Marino of the Locked On Bills podcasts did a deep dive into the DL a couple weeks ago.
  15. Colin Cowherd just now...”...and Josh Allen doesn’t have a ceiling.” 👏🏻
  16. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/30/brandon-beane-resisted-all-urges-to-trade-back-into-round-one/
  17. You’re welcome.?? FWIW I was curious about Marino’s scouting report on Motor. So I went back and listened to the ep on 05/01/19, dedicated to breaking down the Singletary pick. Coincidentally Marino had him ranked #74 on his board, right where Buffalo picked him of course. I believe Marino said Devin was his toughest evaluation of the whole draft class.
  18. A mock draft show today on Joe Marino’s Locked on Bills podcast. He invited users of The Draft Network’s mock draft machine to take a screenshot of their picks, tweet it to him and he would evaluate the picks. Plan is to repeat it every Monday up until the draft.
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