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2024 New York Yankees...........start season with 4 game sweep of Houston


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Nice 5-2 win to give Yanks a 3 game sweep of a decent Tigers team.   Seems like Judge may be warming up finally.


Despite not having Gerrit Cole in the rotation the Yanks lead MLB with 23 games pitched where they've held opponents to 3 runs or less.


Yankees are also second in MLB in games of scoring 5 runs or more despite very disappointing starts for most of the hitters in lineup.    And being shut out a shocking 5 times already.   And being on pace for an MLB record amount of hit into double plays and being just woeful on the bases so far.


In general,  I've found the quality of offense in MLB to continue to be very disappointing this season.   The league seems to be being dominated by a bunch of no-name relievers and I don't see how that's a good thing.    It's past time to get an automated strike zone.   We've seen that the automated zone has forced pitchers to throw strikes when used in MiLB and significantly raised ERA's.   



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Ok @BADOLBILZ it’s credit where it’s due time.  IMO the biggest difference between the 23 and 24 Yanks is obviously Soto whose presence has vastly improved their lineup…..semi-predicatable for anyone.  But…..where you were right was pitching development.  I didn’t buy it last year but Schmidt and especially Gil ‘s results can’t be denied.

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On 5/24/2024 at 1:43 PM, \GoBillsInDallas/ said:

NJ High School Playoff Game: Kid his three-run homer with two out in the final inning to tie the game, but first runner misses home plate and gets called out:



Why is it controversial? He never scored.

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