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NFL owners approve game in Brazil for 2024 (5 total: 3 London/1 Germany/1 Brazil)


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Some thoughts from Peter King's new FMIA column:



"1. I think a few points should be made about the NFL’s decision to play a 2024 regular-season game in Sao Paolo, Brazil:


The NFL is considering playing the Sao Paolo game in week one. Kickoff weekend is early this year—Sept. 5-9—because Labor Day is Sept. 2. Because the restrictions on interfering with Friday-night high-school games and Saturday college-football games don’t take effect until the second full weekend of September, the NFL could schedule a game on Friday night, Sept. 6, or Saturday the 7th. So it won’t be a surprise if the Sao Paolo game becomes part of a Thursday doubleheader, or a Thursday, Friday or Saturday standalone game—with the Super Bowl champ opening the season at home on Sunday night. It’s happened before.


It’s a hike to get to Sao Paolo. The game is likely to feature an NFC home team, because NFC teams have nine home games in 2024. Say the home team is Dallas. It’s a 10-hour, 10-minute flight from Dallas to Sao Paolo, which means a team likely would want to spend either a week there or most of a week before playing a game.


Miami is the only team that currently has made Brazil an international home marketing area, part of the NFL programs to increase individual teams’ profiles in foreign countries. So it would be logical to think the Dolphins would be one of the teams in Sao Paolo—except that the team flew nine hours to Frankfurt to play Kansas City this year. The league may want to showcase other teams in Brazil, and it’s likely that Miami would have to volunteer to go given it just went to Germany. If Miami is one of the teams, the Dolphins have three road games against NFC teams in 2024: Rams, Seahawks, and the parallel finisher in the NFC North. So maybe that team is Detroit.


Why Sao Paolo instead of other places? It’s the biggest city in South America (not just Brazil), with a metro-area population of 21.7 million. (New York City has 18.8 million people.) The stadium, Arena Corinthians, hosted the opener of 2014 World Cup and is nine years old. It has 89 suites and natural ryegrass. The city’s not a natural beauty, but NFL metrics pointed to a huge Brazilian fan base as a big reason why it was chosen for a 2024 game over Spain. That plus there was more enthusiasm inside the league to go somewhere new and intensely interested rather than choosing another site in western Europe. This broadens the league’s international footprint.


One last point about logistics: Say the game is played on Thursday of week one. The two teams would likely land back in their home cities sometime around mid-day on Friday. Players theoretically would have Friday night, Saturday, Sunday (and maybe Monday) to fix body clocks before beginning prep work for week two. It’s not too onerous.


2. I think my gut feeling is the NFL would be happy with Dolphins-Lions sometime on kickoff weekend in Brazil."


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I think the international stuff is pretty cool.


don’t get me wrong, I hate it when the bills get hosed and lose a home game off of it.


their long term goals are probably something we won’t get to see in our lifetimes, but it would be rad to see nfl leagues all over the world and then there be a World Cup Super Bowl like thing. Maybe that’s the first championship the bills will win haha 

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On 12/12/2023 at 5:19 PM, chongli said:

Brail is two hours earlier than Eastern Time. They do not observe Daylight Saving Time, so early in the season they are only one hour ahead of Eastern Time. Perfect for a late DH game here in the US.


Game might involve the Dolphins as Muami has a huge ex-pat population from Brazil.


Miami plays Jacksonville next year, as do we. But all AFC teams only have eight home games next year, so it would have to be Miami at an NFC team probably.


This^^^, no big time change.  Bills leave Buffalo at 3AM, land, go to the stadium, kick some ass, fly home.  Day trip.

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2 minutes ago, Freddie's Dead said:


This^^^, no big time change.  Bills leave Buffalo at 3AM, land, go to the stadium, kick some ass, fly home.  Day trip.

Pack extra peanuts for the plane trip.  They usually charter on Delta; Delta always trying to curry favour with extra bribes of peanuts. 🤨

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On 12/12/2023 at 4:15 PM, Nextmanup said:



The day will come when there is NFL on every day/night of the week...and the players' health will be the least of the league's concerns.


And they will make it an international sport, if they can.




True & who are the only fans that will suffer by losing home games and the revenue from those games  ? American fans and their venues . 


The only game i washed this year that wasn't on American soil was the Bills game in London & i wish i wouldn't have ! 


They can keep their soccer games in all those other countries but leave my NFL football right here at home !! Which seeing as money is the driving factor it is bound to change just like you have said and become a international sport .

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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