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Patty is not happy... Boo Hoo!

Huh? What?

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25 minutes ago, 2003Contenders said:

4. Furthermore, this was not the last play of the game/drive. The Chiefs still had 3 more plays to try to at least get a first down.


This is the most compelling one to me ! It actually looks like Mahones losing his cool undermined how they operated with those remaining downs. 


I can understand KC being upset, if this had happened to the Bills I'm sure I would have been upset but... for a seasoned vet to not compose himself and deal with his feelings internally is surprising. It tells me he hasn't had to deal with a lot of adversity in a public setting to develop this skill. 


Andy and Pat wouldn't last long with Buffalo's luck with calls/fate.

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19 hours ago, FilthyBeast said:

I've pondered this Mahomes situation for a while now and quite frankly it reads as pure entitlement and almost adds fuel to the conspiracy theories in that his very public outburst was like 'That wasn't the script and we were supposed to win' type of deal towards the NFL and referees.


Either way this team better hope they don't see the Chiefs again in the playoffs if they get there or I fear it will be a repeat of 2020/2021.


I disagree I hope we knock out KC in the AFCCG to face the Eagles in the Super Bowl where they humiliate the eagles in a big blowout win.

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This may have been upthread here and my search missed it.


Pretty thorough and nuanced look at the Patty Melt


Eisen is a bit of an apologist for Mahomes but ties in a bunch of things - like the Bradberry "holding" penalty in the Superbowl with 1:54 left on 3 and 8, that helped the Chiefs defeat the Eagles by giving them a new set of downs to run out the clock before kicking the winning FG.  Eisen points out the ref could have let that holding call go, as other holding calls are let go at different points in that game and others.


He also touches on the general fan (and probably coach and player) frustration with officiating: both the Bradberry and the Toney penalty were correct calls by rule, but what about all the times a call is made incorrectly?



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16 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:


Rodgers take on the call


Wow, that really pisses me off.  McAfee going on as though that wouda been a "walk off touchdown" instead of leaving like 1:15 or whatever it was on the clock and 3 time outs for the Bills and Josh Allen to work with.


I hope Allen and the Bills offense are taking receipts because that just seems like total disrespect, as though Allen has never led a go-ahead TD scoring drive with a minute on the clock in Arrowhead against the Chiefs.

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I guess other players may have noticed. 


At first I thought it was some great hypocrisy seeing all the Chiefs fans suddenly call someone else whiners because they don't like the calls.


Then I realized in those replies are Chiefs fans and Patriots fans both complaining about the refs....what twilight zone bull#### is this?


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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