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Good Athletic piece (paywall, I know) on the S2 cognition test

dave mcbride

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4 minutes ago, Doc said:

Yup.  I mentioned in another thread that Stroud bombed on it and thus he'll likely be a bust.

@GunnerBill wrote the following about Stroud in his QB e v a l post, and it seems to match up with a poor S2 result:


”- Not sure how well he diagnoses pressure. Georgia messed with his head some in the CFB semi final with lots of simulated blitzes early and then actual blitzes late in the game and he struggled to identify which was which.

- Can all get a bit messy when he has to play off script. He noticeably struggles once you ask him to play outside the structure of the offense including a tendency to roll towards pressure and away from the designed routes in the play concept.”

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20 minutes ago, Fleezoid said:

I imagine drinking a quart of Gin before the test might hurt your score a bit.  


Unless of course your Johnny Fever.....



Best show ever 😂

To bad they can't put it out now streaming or dvd

Record companies want their money for all the great music that they played

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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