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Marquez Stevenson will be out “weeks” with foot injury per McDermott


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3 hours ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

This is actually a good development. It was looking like Stevenson was a possible cut. This will allow the Bills to stash him on IR. I think that last WR spot will be between Austin and Hodgins now. If Khalil can handle kicks, then maybe Austin goes to PS?


Can he, sounded like the other day he was rather shaky in practice doing this.


2 hours ago, Don Otreply said:

Coincidentally, I broke my 5th metatarsal bone in my left foot a couple days ago, (spiral fracture) I will be out for weeks as welll… 


It made a distinct “POP”  noise, I will say it really sucks when you can barely stand up…,  oh well, I will bath it internally with Scotch whisky, that shouldn’t help…😜


Admins: Can we stash Otreply on IR?  What are rules, no posting a minimum of 6 weeks, then three weeks to decide what to do with him??  Can we keep his salary?

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1 hour ago, Bruffalo said:

Isn't that the case with most late round picks? After the 5th or so round you're basically taking flyers on guys. 


True but these guys can't even stay on the field and don't believe injuries was a concern with either of them coming out of college and/or why they were drafted so late.

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