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Marquez Stevenson will be out “weeks” with foot injury per McDermott


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I never want to see a guy get injured, but Stevenson had a long injury history in college prior to him being drafted.  This has continued into his NFL career.  Some guys are just injury prone and he is one of them.  I think he was a long shot to make the team anyway and even if he did, it would likely be the Practice Squad.  The IR gives the Bills more time to hang onto him and assess his future value to the team, but I don't think he'll ultimately be a roster player for the Bills.  They took a late-round flyer on a guy with a lot of speed and some athleticism, but a long injury history.  Sometimes things work out with these late-round flyers, but more often than not, they don't, and this looks like one that won't work out.

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1 hour ago, FilthyBeast said:

This team has had some serious bad luck with late round receivers the last few years. Both Hodgins and Stevensons careers in Buffalo are probably going to be very short lived as a result.

Isn't that the case with most late round picks? After the 5th or so round you're basically taking flyers on guys. 

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Yeah he was already on the bubble.  He’s screwed.  Quietly, Tavon, Kumerow, and especially Crowder are doing a big whew.  One less competitor.  

You guys know Shakir, Isaiah, Diggs, and Davis are set.  That leave most likely 2, maybe 3.  It depends on if they want more D Linemen, based on talent, secondary, etc. as they are only keeping 53.  O Linemen and D Linemen get hurt. Our secondary problems are temporary. Kumerow provides value on ST and depth on the outside.


Shakir is getting retained.  Tavon and Crowder are fuming it out.  We’ll see who ends up as the best returner.


Farewell and Adieu to youre fair Spanish ladies Marquez.

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