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Jameis Winston being carted off


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2 hours ago, Gene1973 said:

That was the penalty called, but it was not a horse collar. However, it was esentially the type of injury that rule is suppoed to stop... Really tough break.

Exaclty.  They got the spirit of the rule correct, even if I'm not sure they got the call technically correct.  

1 hour ago, YoloinOhio said:

That gesicki pass should have been negated. Illegal hands to the face to Rousseau on the play that knocked off his helmet, not called 

And a subtle push off OPI that created some separation.  They never call it but it was illegal

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17 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

Tua is not a "backup" though he is mercilessly abused at this forum.


The knee is a remarkably bad design, considering "evolution" and all.


Things that poorly designed in nature usually don't last.


The knee was never made for upright walking.




“Evolution” did not factor in very fast and large people looking to tackle you.  Not to mention I don’t think astroturf was considered in genetic modifications. 

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