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2017 manning passing academy

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I remember when this happened and this really put Josh on the radar 


All the regional scouts in the west were getting BLOWN UP regarding this small town kid slinging the rock in a downpour


I had a friend there that day who said Josh would be the #1 pick and a superstar... That he's never seen the ball come off somebody hand that way 


And when I saw Josh live... After being around the game my whole life in every facet, I agree...


There was something different about the way the ball came out of josh's hand... And 3 years later I guess the regional scouts out west knew something was up 


Because Josh IS DIFFERENT.. and I'm so glad he's a bill




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That’s a nice article I read on the main board.  High praise from Archie.  I don’t know why, but in reading it, I was finding myself rooting for Darnold in a new city.  I already knew Allen had raw talent, but nice to see the progress he made in four years.


I really hope Darnold can do the same.  He has a good head coach who knows how develop college QB’s.  I know this article was about Allen, but just kept thinking how a young QB’s future is so tied to his team that drafts him.  It also speaks to what a great organization we have in Buffalo, and the way McD brought him along being patient and building a team around him.

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13 hours ago, whatdrought said:

Watching the ball zip out of Josh’s hand regularly always leaves me shocked when I watch other QB’s throw and it’s like the ball is casually strolling down the field. 

Watching the Emanuel Sanders highlights with Brees throwing to him, really drove home just how much “arm talent “ Josh possesses. It’s like you said, it’s like the ball is taking a leisurely stroll by comparison. 

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On 4/17/2021 at 8:01 AM, BuffaloBill said:

What may be incredible is the guy has the talent to get even better. 


Yes, indeed.  AND the work ethic/drive.

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