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All Roads Lead to the Ukraine

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*Starting a mega-thread for all the Ukrainian related tentacles of this story. Will do a proper OP write up for it, but I'm still putting my arms around the whole story.    Will be adding mo

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Ron Johnson knowingly used Russian propaganda in an effort to influence a US election. He is nothing more than a tool of Putin. 

He should be called on to resign from the Senate, and should face Congressional hearings for his behavior.

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WaPo firefighter puts forth brave but ultimately fruitless attempt to drive a stake through the heart of Hunter Biden report

GOP Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have released their preliminary report on Hunter Biden, and it’s problematic, to say the least.

No, not because of Biden’s super-shady business dealings and compelling evidence of corruption. It’s because of the grammar.


Here, let Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake show you:



Welp, that’s it. The case against Hunter Biden is officially toast.

Grassley and Johnson should just get it over with now and retire in shame.




I smell a Pulitzer.........

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5 hours ago, BillsFanNC said:



In a Biden administration? Probably not.


In a Harris administration? Well, let's just say that Dick's Sporting Goods will soon be out of kneepads.

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In a nutshell - here's the email summary:


"Dear Hunter - Thanks for introducing me to your dad, Joe Biden.  Here's the first monthly salary for $85,000 US dollars, as promised.  Let's grab a coffee later.  - Vadym"


In all fairness, the authenticity of this needs to be investigated.  The idea that Hunter Biden would bring in a laptop to get repaired with all this information on it and just forget about it is a little outrageous, then again he is a crack-addict, so who knows.

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