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  1. Do we really care about what that Mormon Nazi who owns a horse and gave some chick cancer says?
  2. Biden can't say much, because it was HIS suggestion McConnell followed. They were calling it the 'Biden Rule' in 2016 for a reason - it was his brainchild back when he was the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  3. Because history, to these disingenuous dipshits, only began 4 years ago.
  4. Well, if they're not for whatever the Democrats want at the moment, they "ain't black".
  5. You're right, how DARE they refuse to legislate from the bench based on their feelings! Those evil bastards!
  6. Gee, one would think it would be an easier option for Congress to just write a law that is actually Constitutional...
  7. Well, as to the pedophile thing, DR was continually pointing out that by constantly (and it was near constant) trying to derail and disrupt the discussions about major pedophile arrests/news, @wAcKy ZeBrA was tacitly defending pedophiles/evil. I never once saw him accuse anyone of being a pedophile. There are dozens of examples of him saying that. As for the PM nonsense that @wAcKy ZeBrA dragged you into, obviously I have no idea what was said, but I can say that DR absolutely denies calling him a pedophile there either. And yes, I do have DR's email address, and I did talk to Greg
  8. Well, truth be told, I do try to humor the weak-minded, useless, and stupid.
  9. Oh, will you stop being such a whiny B word for once?
  10. So, in other words, you banned him twice without warning, without explanation, without bothering to find out what the ***** was actually going on, and without having the moderator for PPP that you appointed look into it? Awesome.
  11. A majority of Americans didn't vote for Hillary either.
  12. Gee, if there were only some sort of congress of individuals, selected from the various states, who were empowered to write legislation in accordance with some sort of constitutional grant of powers. Oh well.
  13. Yes, and who the ***** do you think you are, exactly, to come down here, to the PPP community, and demand the standards that have been in place for decades change?
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