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  1. Well, that's about the most idiotic comparison I've ever seen. Please reconcile your rather stupid argument that providing foreign aid - to which Ukraine has no actual entitlement - to benefits that worker in your idiotic scenario qualifies for and is entitled to as a matter of law. That's without even getting into how stupid and disingenuous the whole 'quid pro quo' narrative is. That's why she courts the Willie Brown's little Mayor Willie's of the world to get ahead.
  2. What I find fascinating about this is that her previous bullschiff smears (Obama not born in US; Trump/Russia; etc.) were usually quietly started by her surrogates. The fact that she's having to do the palpably false smearing herself this time says a lot about how far she's fallen since 2016.
  3. Well, when you want to ***** with people's livelihoods, expect to get your ass kicked.
  4. Yeah, racking up them profits by charging cost. That's a brilliant argument.
  5. At cost? AT COST?!? COST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/1/1/1/1/1/?!? THE MAN IS A FASCIST COMMUNIST CAPITALIST WHO IS ACTUALLY LITERALLY SUPER MECHA-HITLER AND NEEDS TO BE #IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY!!11111oneoneoneeleventyoneone!!!11 The need to impeach this unqualified communist fascist capitalist pig dog is so great, I'm using pound signs HASHTAGS!!! I feel the need to scream helplessly at the sky, then tweet unoriginal virus videos from my safe space. Anyone have soy milk for my lukewarm chocolate?
  6. You know the stock answer would be to claim that Obamacare was ruined and destroyed when Trump and the evil mecha-Nazi GOPs removed the penalty and ended the subsidies when they unjustly enriched 90% of US taxpayers in their tax cut bill.
  7. Should anyone be surprised that AOC is backing Bernie? She's a freakin' Bernie Bro who volunteered on his 2016 campaign. Of course she is going to back the commie bastard.
  8. Wait, his resort's profits are down 70%?!? That's unpossible! All I hear is about how Trump is making billions off the presidency from the emolument experts on the left!
  9. You know, except for all the stuff the rumormonger was 100% wrong about.
  10. Hey now, don't forget that Romney gave some chick cancer, and that he owns a horse!
  11. Worst. Warmonger. Ever. Was that Kurdish "military" helping us defeat ISIS out of the kindness of their hearts, or because ISIS was trying to conquer/kill their people? You know, there is a bit of a difference.
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