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  1. 15 pages of it will be the NY Times proclaiming that Mueller's report backs up their stellar reporting (while ignoring the collusion conclusions they spewed for 2+ years).
  2. This video just proves that anything set to the Benny Hill theme will make me laugh.
  3. Koko78

    Trump's leadership team

  4. He should, like, you know, like, be totally, like impeached because, like, he eats steak and stuff. Steak comes from stores, like, powered from, you know, cow farts and stuff, and, like, totally ruins the environment! He also, like, puts ketchup on his steaks, like, which is totally, like, you know, gross!
  5. Yes. Trump activated the Federal Reserve to surround the Electoral College to ensure that they voted "correctly".
  6. At least some liberal outlets are ignoring this. A quick check of the Yahoo homepage, you'd never know anything was happening. No breaking news, no stories of Barr's press conference, no stories about the report being released in under 2 hours. Nothing. Doesn't even show up in the trending searches box. Hilarious.
  7. Wow, the usual paid trolls quite literally have nothing to come back with in reply to Trump's tweet. This is a good day.
  8. Koko78

    The Trump Economy

    Not that I'm disputing what you're saying, but do you have any links to back up that this was predicted a decade ago?
  9. I think that's why Barr announced his press conference, and that it would precede the release of the report. Give the idiot Democrats one last opportunity to cobble together their narrative, before it's thoroughly (and hilariously) destroyed. The Democrats have been trying to imply that the report would be significantly redacted, thus proving a coverup, collusion, and obstruction. It seems that they're pissing in their pants that it might turn out to be minimal redactions.
  10. 1.) Why would you assume that's the "only evidence"? Because someone didn't put more in an article? Good God man, do you seriously think that the State's Attorney's Office has actually played their entire hand in the press? 2.) If you can't understand basic legal concepts such as "standing" (which I have explained what, twice now?), then I can't help you. You're a trip and a half. 🤣
  11. Interesting that you're spending so much time crying and complaining about a general overview of 4th Amendment law. It's rather funny, actually. Do you actually pay attention to anything that doesn't fit your obviously-preconceived conclusion?
  12. Oh, so not only do you know what the DA is thinking, but you've also read all of the submissions to the Court?
  13. Too bad for them that walls have suddenly become immoral.
  14. Koko78


    Not just sympathy and condolences. He also offered assistance. He's beyond being a monster; so far beyond that 'monster' would be a compliment. He's some sort of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted, TWO scoop eating, wall building, actual literal super mecha-Hitler.