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  1. I think it could be entertaining, so long as there were some controls, such as: 1.) Each team must still spend to at least 90% of the salary cap (or even increase it to 95%); and 2.) Teams cannot trade cap space in consecutive years. This would ensure that the cheapasses like Brown cannot use it to consistently to pocket money, and it lets short-sighted teams shoot themselves in the foot by selling off draft picks to fund bloated contracts, in order to 'win now' (which almost never works.)
  2. Maybe she needs to make another absurd video to show us that she's just a normal person who awkwardly sips a beer. Perhaps while walking the dog they got to make her more relatable.
  3. Well, on the bright side, it's not like the impeachment farce has anything to do with democracy. He won't be missing anything (you know, other than the continued dismantling of their bullcrap.)
  4. She's such a hero, she deleted her twitter account. That will show that bigot baker guy and his evil cake empire!
  5. Nah, they're actual literal super-mecha Nazis on alternate days, when it suits the liberal agenda to be anti-military. They don't deserve houses, except on the days they do, then the bad orange man is keeping them down.
  6. Justice Roberts has only a minimal role in this farce; he has no real power. The Senate makes the rules and can vote to override any sustained (or even overruled) objections. Constitutionally, he just has to preside over the matter. The Senate doesn't have to give him any actual power to rule on evidentiary issues, objections, etc.
  7. Trying to get Goldman Sachs to do a IPO for him?
  8. At the end of the day, they know Trump is never going to be removed from office. This is simply a prolonged political smear. There's a reason the "managers" and media are framing a quick dismissal as a 'cover up', while completely ignoring the fact that the House halfassed the "investigation". Al Green told the truth when he said something to the effect of 'if we don't impeach, he will win re-election'. You are correct in the Democrats attempting to create sound bites instead of presenting proof. Their audience isn't the US Senate, it's the low-information voters that the media is going to repeatedly blast these clips of Democrat smears and lies to, in order to try to influence the 2020 elections. The GOP/Trump campaign will simply "pounce", "without evidence" in reply.
  9. Eh, so one white male member of the board just has to self-identify as a gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary black woman of Indian (both India Indian and American Indian) descent.
  10. Huh, who would have guessed that an obviously-bullcrap impeachment trial would get noticed by independents and backfire on the dipschiff Democrats?
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