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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/study-on-cannabis-chemical-as-a-treatment-for-pancreatic-cancer-may-have-major-impact-harvard-researcher-says-165116708.html
  2. I'm sorry, but the correct input code is:
  3. Because his father hired him 40 years ago for a teaching position... Yeah, you go with that. Remember what I said about dying on a less re.tarded hill? You might want to consider it.
  4. I wonder what the probability is that Iraq signed off on the Israeli airstrike...
  5. Eh, I suppose not. Though I like Gator enough to want him to die on a less re.tarded hill.
  6. Isn't that how Kamala Harris got her start in politics?
  7. Interesting. As of September 18th, NXT now be two hours, live, and directly competing with AEW on Wednesdays come October.
  8. That's kind of a rough neighborhood for a Trump Tower, full of jackwagon Mooninites:
  9. You know, I was just going to comment about how amazed I was that Newt is now a 3-star Air Force General, as well as a publicist.
  10. When did Acosta work for Florida again? I can't seem to remember when he was a prosecutor for the State of Florida. Surely you can give me the dates he worked for the State of Florida at the time that the State of Florida gave Epstein that plea offer. Again, this is seriously the hill you want to die on?
  11. Do you have anything actually serious, or you still just going to die on that hill? (Yes, it's a rhetorical question, of course the dumbass is going to die on that hill.)
  12. I'm sure he finds that child sex-trafficking is almost - but not quite - as hilarious as Americans being murdered in Libya.
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