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  1. I like how she always manages to slip her CBS News thingy into her pictures.
  2. You're not seeing it because you don't want to see it. The evidence is right under your nose. See, it ALL MAKES SENSE!
  3. Of course they do. Then they can point and scream "SEE WE TOLD YOU HE WAS A FASCIST DICTATOR!!!11eleventyone"
  4. I don't see what the problem is. No one, other than perhaps an unelected EU bureaucrat, is more trustworthy than a UN bureaucrat. They're the most corruption-free entity ever. Just look at the Iraq Oil-For-Food program, the WHO, and the Human Rights Council if you need proof!
  5. I did not see this being posted elsewhere (unless I missed it.) Enjoy.
  6. I love how the lefties, who have been screaming for 3+ years that Trump is a fascist dictator, are now upset that Trump isn't acting like a fascist dictator.
  7. Harsh. Sessions really pissed off Trump.
  8. That's not even close to being true.
  9. Man, I love the delusion in the comments under Brennan's tweet. It's non-stop debunked Democrat talking points smears.
  10. I think it's cute that the White House Correspondent's Association thinks they control the White House briefing room. I think it would be funny if they walked in there tomorrow to find no chairs for the press. Since she doesn't get a seat, no one else does.
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