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  1. Well, uniform ballots controlled by Democrats can't possibly be a bad thing...
  2. Pence is a good enough soldier to claim that he wants to retire to spend more time with family or some nonsense, if it were the plan to dump him.
  3. I rather like WWE's new format to avoid commercial breaks in the middle of matches, though they had to be a little inventive in "restarting" matches (after the break) to skirt the rule tonight. I hope they keep it up, but I don't think it will last more than a few weeks before McMahon forgets about it.
  4. So we go from "I'm Too Sexy [for my shirt]" in 1991 to this in 2019? Where's the ***** apocalypse when you need it?
  5. Tomorrow? I don't think the Democrat strategery conference call is until Wednesday. Then we'll know what the proper talking points to support impeachment are.
  6. Not only racist, but insensitive to those with gluten intolerance.
  7. And before Kirk sexually assaulted the poor innocent alien woman!
  8. If true, apparently this guy doesn't like having a job.
  9. They are really stretching these pop culture references to the breaking point. Next we'll be seeing: Biden is like Captain Kirk on Episode 4 of season 2 of the original Star Trek series, where he saved the galaxy from the evil Trump Empire!
  10. Amhara is a region. They killed the equivalent of the state governor. Guarded by "top men".
  11. It's only June of 2019. Give them time; they've got almost a year and a half to get there.
  12. Interesting. Is Nasty Nancy going to offer more than a dollar this time?
  13. The real shame is that glory-seeking asswipes like this broad - and Dr. Ford - and Avenatti - detract from women who are actually victims. These sick people make a mockery of a horrible thing that actually happens to others.
  14. What the ***** is he even talking about with his idiotic metaphor?
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