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  1. Anyone who watched that game knew he was the best player on the field.
  2. The Bills barely had the ball so they kind of had this false sense of "we gotta make something happen". I mean Thurman was the MVP in that game...the only reason he didn't get it is because the writers legit didn't know you could vote for a losing player.
  3. Load the box and double the RBs on passing downs. Let the secondary play man to man...who are you afraid of? Patriots should look inept on offense based on talent.
  4. Their season is already over. That is a bad football team devoid of talent.
  5. I don't see why they would ask him to take a pay cut. He is still a good player. They could add some years and do some finagling. Next year might be tough depending on the cap number tho...
  6. Bills should go heavy and run Zack Moss right at him repeatedly to force Gilly to make a business decision...
  7. Hahaha, it's hard because every other word has to to bleeped out!!! Main point is Allen needs to start fast(0 to 100 real quick), be confident in his game and make the Pats be like "Damn...who are these guys?? They aren't the same old Bills!"
  8. Hyde and Poyer are huge pieces to being able to disguise coverages...he is very important and there is no reason to cut him when they could easily restructure or make other moves. You greatly underestimate his importance on this team.
  9. Except we can stop the run when we focus on it. Look at the Raiders and Titans games. Both backs averaged near 3 YPC. If the Bills load up to stop the run they will probably be able to do it pretty well.
  10. Apparently the same thing is going on there this year.
  11. **** all that chill ****. Allen needs to go 0 to 100 real quick... Real *****n' quick. Pats coming to our turf and leavin' with a win? We ain't feelin' it...not even a little bit... Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth *****, Allen's actions be louder than his words, *****... This Pats game a MF'in lay up I been Steph Curry with the shot Been cookin' with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy 360 with the wrist, boy Make the Pats say "Who the F them ****** is, boy?" The Bills, man we really with the ***** boy...
  12. NE had no issues beating us where that was the case here...
  13. In this case it would be a guy who isn't wanting to be there apparently. Belichick is not the easiest person to be coached by even when you are winning SB's. A lot of players are probably even more bristly when they are losing.
  14. There are rumblings coming out of New England that Gilmore is doing he same thing there he was doing here...ie, trying to protect himself from injury and not really playing as hard as he could or putting himself in some compromising positions on tackles. Teddy Brushci brought this up, apparently he still is on radio there and has connections with people on the team and he said this is a real concern and that he noticed it on tape even before they brought it up in conversations... Pats have been trying to trade him multiple times in the offseason but didn't get compensation they deemed worthy. Gilmore is a mercenary...he isn't a player you can rely on to be part of the team concept for more than a few years.
  15. I mean it kind of just goes by how the game is played. RBs used to be vital to teams because they focused on running the ball more than passing. Not the case anymore and you could almost argue that an RB's greatest ability is blitz pickup and pass receiving ability more than running ability now. Unless you have a truly top end back, most are relatively interchangeable in regards to running the ball. But I mean where does having the best RB get you? How many SB's do Elliott, Barkley and Henry have combined? None. WRs and QBs are hugely important because they determine how much success you will have in the passing game....same with LT as he protects the QB. On defense, the players who defend the pass are most valuable...edge rushers and CBs. Used to be run defenders and middle linebackers. The game changes and when it changes positions become more or less important and that dictates their earning potential.
  16. I think what it shows is a couple of things. Offenses are making transitions much easier from college to pro for most QB's coming in, and scouts have a severe lack of ability to project how college QBs will turn out in the NFL these days, maybe now more than ever. Burrow was very hard to know what to make out of...he obliterated the SEC last year but was just OK the year before. So some weren't sure if the player they saw last year was the player they were going to get in the NFL. I think he has answered that question pretty emphatically already. Herbert was touted as the #1 pick in some circles before Burrow's phenomenal season wrestled that away from him, but he had a great season last year as well with 32 TDs and 6 INTs following a very good junior year of 29 TDs and 8 INTs. He also completed almost 67% of his passes. I just think scouts are still trying to adjust to how college QBs fit the new NFL, and to be honest most scouts were not very good with QB's before this in the old NFL. I mean how the hell does Tom Brady get picked in the 6th round otherwise? The difference now between all these QBs that put up stats is how they do when the game is on the line and how their play translates into wins. Players like Prescott have stats all day but it has never translated into wins really. Same for Cousins for most of his career. The key is going to be able to figure out what players are going to win you games and not just put up stats now because it looks like every QB will be able to do that. For my money there are few QBs I would rather have right now than Allen...the dude is a baller and he makes things happen. Maybe Wilson and Mahomes...Rodgers and Roethlesberger are too old for this conversation.
  17. It is odd...the only thing I can think of is the QBs are getting rid of the ball quickly before the player can get there...this would statistically make sense since the Bills average depth of target against them is 2nd lowest in the NFL at 6.8 yards...so the average pass travels under 7 yards in the air to the receiver...doesn't take a lot of time to hit a player that close to the LOS...
  18. And misdirection....it has killed us...players running wide open in ways that don't make no sense.
  19. Yeah that is true but those guys are all old...they should be able to retire now
  20. He was held out of practice Wednesday, and on WGR yesterday they were saying he is unlikely to play.. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/10/28/21538967/nkeal-harry-injury-week-8-patriots-vs-bills-julian-edelman-damiere-byrd
  21. Yeah...don't you know that any QB that even shows marginal success as a starter will have as long a career as they want as a backup? I mean look at Chase Daniel...the man has made almost $38 million to throw an average of about 20 passes a year over his 9 year career... Glennon has made almost $27 million in his 6 years in the league...backup QB is the easiest position to make a ton of money and have a long career to literally never play. In fact, it might be the only position in the NFL that you may get paid MORE based on potential than on actual ability...IE, you might get a bigger contract when teams THINK you are going to be able to come into a game and play well as a backup versus actually getting in a game as a backup and possibly not living up to their expectations. Being an unknown quantity as a backup QB can actually work in your favor as long as teams THINK you can play without having any proof one way or the other.
  22. Harry is likely to be out as well this week...or at least severely limited.
  23. It looks like teams are trying to get the ball out quickly against us by throwing it short(hence the very low depth of target average) which nullifies our pass rush. I am surprised to see the Bills are actually one of the more blitzing teams in the league, but I have a hunch the numbers might be inflated because there were times they seemed to be blitzing almost every play against the Jets and Raiders whereas they didn't seem to be bringing any pressure against the Chiefs or Titans.
  24. Looking at Team Advanced Defense on Pro Football Reference and the Bills have some interesting and some surprising numbers: The Bills D faces the 2nd shortest average passes in the NFL with an average Depth of Target of only 6.8 yards. Only the Panthers 6.7 yards is lower. It appears teams are focusing on a lot of shorter passes against us. Surprisingly the Bills are 7th in the NFL at blitz percentage at 35.3%. The only teams higher are Pittsburgh(46.1), Baltimore(44.3), TB(42.5), Arizona(38.6), Miami(38.4) and KC(37.5). In comparison the Colts and Chargers blitz the least at only 13.8%. However, the Bills don't seem to be very effective at it, since we are dead last in hurry percentage at 5.9%. In comparison Pittsburgh is best at 16.0% and then New England at 14.5%. Bills do knock the QB down pretty frequently tho, which makes me wonder how they are so low in hurry percentage. Their 9.4% ties them for 9th best in the NFL. Again, Pittsburgh leads in this category at 12.4%. Not surprisingly, the Bills play relatively low amounts of press coverage at only 20.4%, which ranks them 21st in the NFL. Pittsburgh by far is tops at 37.6% followed by the Ravens at 29.2% and then KC at 28.4%. Bills are middle of the road in missed tackles in the NFL, ranking tied for 15th with 48. Jets lead by a wide margin with 76 missed tackles. In comparison to last year, the numbers are actually a little bit surprising in some areas. Average depth of target last year was 7.1, which ranked the Bills 3rd lowest in the NFL. Bills gave up the 5th least Yards after the Catch last year but are middle of the pack this year at 16th...although the differences in average are negligible. Last year the average was 4.46 YAC/Rec and this year is 4.62 YAC/Rec. Bills blitzed 31.1% of plays last year which was 12th in the league(surprisingly LESS than they are this year), had a hurry percentage of 9.4% which was 14th in the league and hit the QB on 7.4% of dropbacks, which was 18th in the league. They also played press coverage slightly more last year at 23.3% which was 17th in the NFL. Most surprising is the Bills had the 3rd most missed tackles of any team in the NFL last year with 132. Only Arizona(135) and Cleveland(140) had more. Good to see they are much improved in that compared to the rest of the league at least. Fewest last year were the Patriots with only 66, and they are 2nd best this year with only 25. Only the Colts with 24 are better. Strange to see how they have a higher percentage of QB knockdowns this year but far less hurries as a percentage. I am assuming this means they arrive a step too late and get a hit but the QB delivers the ball cleanly before they can get make him deliver it sooner than he wants?
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