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  1. I have watched the video a dozen times now, and I think I agree with this post. At worst it seems to be a tie. That said, the primary mistake was made by the crew on the field. Once they made the incorrect call, the video reviewers needed sufficient video evidence that Kroft maintained possession all the way to the ground, and I am not sure we can see that from the video. It doesn't really matter, since the Bills won (thankfully), but it does go to show you don't want to leave things in the hands of the referees. They are doing their best, but they make mistakes.
  2. I thought it was an egregious call as well. Then I asked myself: what is the alternative? Remember that the Rams player had possession of the ball on the ground. So we have three options, maybe 4: (1) Incomplete pass. Impossible. The ball never hit the ground. (2) Kroft catch. Impossible. He didn't have possession at the end of the play. (3) Catch and fumble? Impossible. Kroft didn't have possession long enough, and didn't make a "football move," whatever that is. (4) Interception. As absurd as it is (since the Rams player didn't catch the darn ball), it seems more reasonable than the alternatives! Am I mistaken here? I do prefer to blast the refs, but in this case they may not have had another call they could have made.
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