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  1. 13 hours ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

    Is it terrible that all I can think of when I read the name “Tyquan Thorton,” is the main character “Guybrush Threepwood” from “Escape from Monkey Island” video game fame? 🥴 @dollars 2 donuts, tell me I’m not the only one here who’s ever played that??

    In Tim Schafer we trust.  Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle say hi, too, let alone everything at his company Double Fine.


    What a time, my friend.  What a golden age. 

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  2. I was there in ‘93, Chandler, for the first championship on home field (‘92 championship at Philly was unreal).  I wish I had been there last night, but watched it on ESPN+.


    So happy for the team, the fans and the city.  I have a church commitment today, will someone please go to the celebration at the plaza today at noon and have a beer for me?


    Thank you.


    Congrats on #6 in I believe 13 Finals, Banditland!



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  3. On 5/17/2024 at 4:17 PM, HOUSE said:

    4 year /34 mil


    Yeah, I’m one of those in the minority that think he is a good Qb.  Maybe not great, maybe he will never be, but good. His numbers more than indicate as much and after 2 1/2 years that saw increasing improvement I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t like the fifth year option.


    I hate this idea that any starter of reasonable worth has to become the highest paid qb or nothing.  He is simply not that.  I believe he is in that 30+ million range, and maybe short term, as House has it above.



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  4. On 4/13/2024 at 3:17 PM, dollars 2 donuts said:


    I won’t say much, because people in glass houses should not throw stones.


    Due to the fact that I honestly believed for the last two years HUDS has been slowly poisoning me in my Swanson Hungry Man Lasagnas.


    Why didn’t I stop if I thought this was the case?


    They are just so yummy and I realize I have a problem. 

    Go Bills.







    After a month I just realized (after someone reacted to this accusation which is worthy on its merits) I had a typo in the third last line.  


    I wrote "was case" instead of "was the case."


    ...I gotta tell you NOW I feel like a complete idiot.


    Correction made.  Thank you, Board, for not letting it go viral before I had the chance to fix it...you guys are the best.







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  5. 13 hours ago, Aussie Joe said:

    i think a major advantage the Chiefs took into their Playoff game against the Bills was that they were able to rest players in the meaningless season finale and then had a much easier wildcard game against the Dolphins … whilst the Bills had been in must win games for over a month …and had to slug it out against the physical Steelers …


    I actually like things a bit more low key to end the regular season…rather than must win games against the big boys … Im not going to take those Jets for granted either .. they always save their best for the Bills …on the D anyway ..,


    I am just amazed, though, that after last year’s finish and last year’s entire run, Miami at Buffalo wouldn’t be at least in the last two weeks of the season.



  6. 1 hour ago, Don Otreply said:

    For next season you have to add on the annual increase the league doles out, or is that included in these numbers? 

    GO BILLS!!!


    That is true, however, that is true for every team.


    The true joy in all this, Don, is that the dolphins are about to hit the cap wall in 2025.





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  7. 1 hour ago, BarleyNY said:

    No problem. Yes. Fifth year option salaries are fully guaranteed so Rousseau will be on the books next season for $13.4. Some other things impact future cap space. For example, if less than a full roster was under contract for the future year then space will decrease as it fills up. Another thing that happens is that roster moves - like post June 1st cuts - that impact future years shake out. The Bills won’t have much space going into next offseason, but they will be able to create some. How much will depend in large part on how much cash the Bills are willing to spend. 




    I know there are some anomalies above, but Barley to cut to the chase of it just frustrating to be cash strapped the last couple of years and not progressing any further as team, most of the while teams that are nipping at our heals or in some instances better than us are quite comfortable, cap wise, and some of those have their QB signed.


    Forgive me for committing sacrilege, but Cincy has their QB and top receiver under contractor, missed the playoffs because said QB was injured, we have yet to beat them as situated and they are very comfortably under the cap.


    Detroit...are you kidding me? 4th in cap space and knocking on the door.


    The same goes for the two time defending SC Champions with having more cap space than us and a QB under contract.


    I guess if we were right at the cap and played in the Super Bowl, won it, or even made the AFC Championship I might feel differently.  However, none of that happened. 


    Tangentially, as well,  I was never a fan of the Von Miller signing, but accepted it when it happened.  I wasn't worried so much about drop off.  I was worried about his age and the chance for injury given the physical toll on getting to the QB.  Crazy for me to think that way, right?


    Barley, I am happy with where this team is at and I was fine with the blood letting that took place in March.  It had to be done and it was time.  


    I guess the "win" in all this for me is if this new look Bills team not only makes it to the playoffs (which I have said they will), but wins the division and has some success.  


    Combine an 11-6 or 12-5 division champion that makes it to the AFC CG with the bonus of 2025 cap space and I'm likely a happy camper.


    Go Bills!




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  8. 25 minutes ago, BarleyNY said:


    The difference is that the Bills picked up Rousseau’s 5th year option. 



    Thank you, Barley.  Honestly I didn't know that an it makes a difference.


    Again, I would rather be in this cap position than on the opposite end, but I saw initial reports...even from Spotrac that had us in a much better situation.  


    ...and then it just sort of changed.


  9. About a month ago I thought it would be much higher. I thought we were in the 40+ million dollar range. We’re at 31 million or so with moves, but start with $14 million. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to be out of cap jail. However, I just thought after all this… After all the slash and burn this Spring we would have more money.



    Go Bills!



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  10. 15 hours ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

    It’s really sad. The Bills were Kim’s dream. She was going to be a powerful force in the league.



    Thank you Terry and your business acumen.  However, to be very clear, the Bills are still in Buffalo because of Kim.  She was the driving force.  She was also the new face of NFL ownership that the League gladly and rightfully fully embraced.


    Take your pick of options on how terrible this is.



    More specifically spouse...check

    business leader...check

    Bills fan and the reason why they are still here...check.


    ...most importantly her life and the inability to enjoy it as she deserves.  I can't even sit and think about it for too long.


    God bless you Kim.



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  11. 43 minutes ago, Meatloaf63 said:

    It’s not about unseating McGovern if he is better somewhere else on the line. It’s not McGovern going to the bench, it’s about putting the 5 best lineman on the field. This very well be Mcgovern at center but it may not.


    Truly this.


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  12. On 4/29/2024 at 6:24 AM, Billzgobowlin said:

    Any thoughts on why this guy lasted till the 5th?  Strong Center with 2 national championships.  Let's face it Georgia really doesn't have many players fly under the radar.


    He suffers from narcolepsy.*





    (* it could be true, you don’t know)


  13. 10 hours ago, Roundybout said:

    Yaaaay the big guy who runs one route and can’t separate against college defensive backs wooooo



    This fits our draft philosophy to a T though, it’s just like Edmunds 


    10 hours ago, FireChans said:







    10 hours ago, sven233 said:

    Ugh......  He's slow and doesn't separate. Two traits you just love to see in a WR.  But hey, welcome to Buffalo.


    10 hours ago, Beck Water said:


    Respectfully to those that are happy about this pick I just don’t understand how you don’t see, or don’t want to see the comparison to somebody like Benjamin.


    That’s not a player you want to be compared to and he compares to him, unfortunately, rather well. 

    His highlights (if you watched and I watched him even before the draft) are as much about bad defensive back play as they are about him.

    Superlatives: he makes one handed grabs, sometimes, and he can jump for the ball given his size.

    Do those one handed grabs look like Josh throws?


    So…our first pick is a jumper.  Sorry, but I wanted more.


    Go Bills.

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  14. I’ll say what I said a few times earlier.  They don’t need two receivers.  They need two good receivers. He better get them from somewhere.  

    …otherwise, Haseked. 

    Additionally, if the plan is to trade for an established receiver foregoing cost efficiency WR picks to trade away assets AND pay a fortune in cap space for a WR was not high on my dance card this year.




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    I just checked my watch again and it is literally 5 years until Thursday night.  


    As is my usual request, someone please, PLEASE come to home, my office or even my place of worship and knock me the hell out with a ball peen hammer to my head and don't wake me up until two plus hours after the first pick of the night.  


    I don't need to perseverate over the guys we aren't going to get until 28 (believing we won't trade up).


    Go Bills!


    Go 64 ounce Big Gulp of Nyquil!



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  16. On 4/15/2024 at 3:20 PM, Allen2D̶i̶g̶g̶s̶TBD said:

    I don't think it makes any sense to trade for a star receiver considering we can't pay them without getting into cap hell. 


    I'd rather use the draft picks we have to take a chance on a top wr in the 1st and have them under contract for up to 5 years for a low cap hit.



    I want 2.


    One is not going to cut it.  Absolutely on board as long as they get two.


    And when I say "two" I don't mean round 1 and then round 7.


    Get two, meaty good ones that are reasonably not speculative by comparison...both third round or sooner.  


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  17. On 4/4/2024 at 10:15 AM, DapperCam said:

    I really like Aiyuk. I would do a deal that doesn’t include this year’s first rounder. Then I would structure an extension that gives him a low cap hit this year.


    On 4/4/2024 at 10:15 AM, Royale with Cheese said:


    I would rather draft one too but I think Aiyuk could be a good #1 as well.  He got 105 targets last year and I think if you give him 30 more with the Bills...I think we could see a Diggs from MN to Buffalo type of increase in production.


    From what I know about Aiyuk is he's a yac guy and we need more of that.


    On 4/4/2024 at 10:32 AM, nedboy7 said:

    Yes I’d love Aiyuk. He’d fit perfectly in this offense.  


    On 4/4/2024 at 10:38 AM, Warriorspikes51 said:

    If we can keep pick 28, I'm listening



    On 4/4/2024 at 10:44 AM, Mat68 said:

    2 twos? 60 and the the Vikings 2nd.  Ayuik last year had more yards and Tds than diggs on over 50 less targets.  I would be all in on Ayuik.  Instantly, steps in as a number one.  Opens the first rd back up.  I think if he is in play Beane will wait and see until draft night.  


    Next year’s second and maybe something more to do this deal and I do it in a second.


    Hopefully we can work something out with him that money will come later or in June when more is freed up (I know, I know, but please just let may have this for the sake of the argument)


    I honestly believe he can be a “quiet” 2024 #1.  What I mean by quiet is 80 plus grabs, in the style of offense it seems like we are going to have.  Plus, let’s not discount the fact he is a veteran.  My goodness, a 1st round WR (Legette, Ladd, Thomas Jr.?), Aiyuk, Samuel, Shakir, and a spritz of Shorter, along with Kincaid (maybe the true #1), Knox and Cook…How would anyone not love that offense?!


    Additionally, the true number 1s, or league top 3s, likely are going to be commanding 30-35 million per.  I think, as others have speculated, that Aiyuk may be more in line with Diggs average dollars.


    I would be pretty OK with this move.


    Go Bills!



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  18. On 4/11/2024 at 10:24 PM, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

    While Josh enjoys a round of golf ️ now and then to the chagrin of many here instead of posting his workout sessions…

    If I were a Jests fan, I’d start being very afraid that my supposed all-in QB fresh off of his Achilles is going to let me down this year too…just a hunch! 🤷🏼‍♂️




    Some gems 💎 from this guy’s latest pod…


    Due to Kennedy’s views, as well as his family history, Rodgers believes the independent candidate is ‘in danger.’

    ‘They killed his uncle, killed his dad,’ Rodgers said. ‘We know the CIA was involved. I mean, they can’t declassify it because it’s so damning. We know the FBI was involved…”


    Bobby’s in danger. He’s putting himself on the line. Why? Because he f***ing believes in this country.

    That is, like I said earlier, the archetype of everything we love about Luke Skywalker and Han Solo,’ Rodgers continued, ‘everything we love about Frodo and Sam and Eragon, and Gandolf, and Merry and Pip. Everything that we love about Gamora and Groot and Rocket and Drax… These people believe in something.’ “

    Is it just me or is this guy sounding a little too checked out even by off-season standards? 


    I won’t say much, because people in glass houses should not throw stones.


    Due to the fact that I honestly believed for the last two years HUDS has been slowly poisoning me in my Swanson Hungry Man Lasagnas.


    Why didn’t I stop if I thought this was the case?


    They are just so yummy and I realize I have a problem. 

    Go Bills.




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