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    You know I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that the Bills have played at Arrowhead (or whatever it is now), one of the hardest places to play in this League 4 straight times and 4 straight times our QB has left the field winning the last time he saw the field.


    Honestly, just think about that…4 straight…4 straight.


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  2. On 12/9/2023 at 6:49 PM, DapperCam said:

    I understand the sentiment, but I think PIT and CLE are cooked. They will probably both lose to Cincy. Even if they do win that game, they won’t get the additional 2 wins required to get to 10-7.


    So then the question is can Cincy go 2-1 their remaining games vs Colts, Vikings and Chiefs. I really doubt it personally.


    I’m thinking wild cards will be:


    1. HOU/JAX 11-6 or 10-7

    2. IND 10-7

    3. BUF 10-7 or DEN/CIN/CLE 9-8


    I, too, was counting Cleveland out of few weeks and it is just not happening.  They should roll into their finale against Bengals 10-6 (Browns, Texans, Jets), and depending upon Bengals QB situation they very well could run the table and end up 11-6.


    I don’t seeing them giving up the 5 spot.




  3. 44 minutes ago, ChrisWatson#21 said:

    Umm nooo... most of social media is calling him a crybaby over this.  It's not like he doesn't have his share of haters *cough Brady fans* cough* and it doesn't help him that the flag was thrown early in the play not like they decided afterwards to throw it.   


    18 minutes ago, Sestak4ever said:

    So far the talking heads I've seen discussing the issue are pretty much in agreement that it was a very obvious penalty and both Mahomes and Reid are coming out like sore losers. I would not be surprised that the league issues fines for their post game comments. 


    Good.  Bad calls are bad calls…it just wasn’t a bad call and it is surprising since the lengths two long time professionals, a qb and a coach, champions nonetheless, are going to on something unreasonable is a bad look.



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  4. 10 hours ago, dollars 2 donuts said:

    We know it.  We may not admit it, but we know.


    Running the table gets you in almost certainly.  Winning everything else gets you the trophy.


    There is no one in this League the Bills can’t beat, unfortunately they can’t beat anybody lately, if that makes sense.


    It ends today.


    This isn’t a game day thread.  It’s not a KC thread. It’s an every game thread.


    Shorsey, tell it like it is (I know, I know from those of you like me who have watched, but you also know THE ending.)




  5. 18 minutes ago, Buffalo716 said:

    Dollars , you ready?! Good, cus you're going!


    NSFW, repeat NSFW



    Hitchcock: “Let’em know you’re out there, boys, yaaa gotta let’em know!”


    716, yeah so when they win today I might just show up at Prior Aviation with sticks for the whole team.  MVP/Player of the Game gets his first, though.



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  6. 4 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

    Are you making a prediction or trying to pump us up?


    PS:  We aren't on the team and have no power to run the table.




    Both, and your P.S. should make it all easy for you not to worry about it. 



  7. 4 hours ago, stevewin said:




    btw, NSFW/NSFH maybe NSFTSW (language), Shorsey on losing…



    Mods, if it violates policy, please remove.










  8. We know it.  We may not admit it, but we know.


    Running the table gets you in almost certainly.  Winning everything else gets you the trophy.


    There is no one in this League the Bills can’t beat, unfortunately they can’t beat anybody lately, if that makes sense.


    It ends today.


    This isn’t a game day thread.  It’s not a KC thread. It’s an every game thread.


    Shorsey, tell it like it is (I know, I know from those of you like me who have watched, but you also know THE ending.)



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  9. I want to be very, very clear on this and I have stated this here before.


    A couple of years back a buddy of mine who lived in New England was listening to a local sports show and the topic of discussion was about when Mac Jones will make the Hall of Fame.








    not if




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  10. 2 minutes ago, Sundo91 said:

    If the Bills ever win a Super Bowl, there is no possible way it will come easy or when it's expected. Maybe, they win the SB in a year where they hit rock bottom both on and off the field. Go on an unprecedented and unexpected run. Taking the absolute hardest route to the SB would be the most "Billsy" way to end the season.



    I loved the Giants beating the Pats in the SB, twice, and I like Eli, too.


    However, yeah...generally "OK-to-good" teams in '07 and '11, but with some great plays and great luck are you kidding me...they hoist 2 trophies above their heads in 4 years?!



  11. On 11/29/2023 at 9:31 AM, BuffaloBillyG said:

    Put me down for:


    We beat KC something like 31-20. Beat Dallas 27-17. Head to LA and lay a COMPLETE flop against the team with the worst HC we will face the rest of the year. Chargers 37- Bills-20. Then rip the Patriots 30-3. However it costs us several key starters and we drop the game in Miami. 



    Why in the world would you leave out the fact that the Bills are up 10-0 in the 2nd quarter when Herbert goes out for the rest of the game with a concussion and Stick leads the Chargers to 37 straight points until we get 10 garbage points in the last 5 minutes?


    ...and yes...we did kick a field goal down 37-17 with 4 seconds left on the clock.


    a 40 yarder, 4th and 3.







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  12. I left this place for only 2 hours.




    What's next, Gabe Davis is diagnosed with Route Dyslexia and Diggs announces his new gender identification is "non-football"?*





    (*  Which it is 2023 and I am fully supportive of those things that would make individuals feel comfortable and welcome in society...but I wouldn't be happy about this one.)



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  13. Yes, he has reached his ceiling, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be even better, if that makes any sense to you.


    if the surroundings around him are better, he will be even better.  Those surroundings include coach and coordinating.


    BTW, the “ceiling” right now is leading the entire NFL in passing touchdowns.


    FYI, Josh Allen is only the 3rd QB in Bills history to be leading the nfl in passing touchdowns (we all know he also leads in all touchdowns). The two previous times our signal callers finished at #1:


    Kelly in ‘91 (31)

    Fergy in ‘75 (25)


    I like this ceiling.


    Go Bills!



  14. 1 hour ago, damj said:

    Information is still coming in, it may have been a medical emergency.  I know the name, but won't say it of respect for the family. They were headed to Toronto for the Kiss concert, which ironically was canceled because Paul Stanley had the flu. 


    What a shame.


    I know, too, from inside sources in my home town.  

    Shocking and sad, and yes, that they were headed to the Kiss concert.

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    Look, I am not saying I am Sean McDermott and I am not saying I'm not, but I will say you have my attention...and I am willing to listen.


    Don't go drawing attention to this, but if you were to...let's say show up at Bon-Bons on Hertel Avenue at around 8 pm tonight, and head towards the back table by the window (ask Suzy, she knows the one) and if you went ahead and and got a triple order of chicken wings, bourbon BBQ hot, with two tall Yuenglings and a couple of freshly cut Don Diego cigars...well, you're gonna be surprised who shows up.




    No one.



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  16. 1 hour ago, NewEra said:

    I’m not implying that at all.  

    Regarding the following paragraph ….. what they have been doing so far hasn’t been working.  You’re correct.  Then you go on to imply that they won’t figure it out because they haven’t yet.  That very well may be the case.  It may not.   We don’t know what it’s going to take to get this right….but I’m confidant that they will give it their best try.  That’s all we have right now.  


    👍 N.E.!


    Best way to see is tonight.


    Go Bills!



  17. 2 hours ago, NewEra said:

    Ok, so the difference is “knowing”.  Imo, in most cases when teams are trying to fight the funk, they don’t know exactly how to fix it.  They work at it.  We obviously don’t “know” yet, so the only thing we can do is work hard and try and figure it out.  Put the work in in the film room and practice field- develop ideas and out them into action.  Throw them against the wall

    and see if it sticks. I don’t consider that a loser mentality.


    It sounds very similar to what your suggesting. In your eyes, 


    Regarding the bolded, they should try what?  What they did on the first drive vs Cinci?  Pass every play?  

    I bet that they’ll be trying stuff they think will work.  Problem is, they just don’t “know” yet.  All they can do is work hard and hope they figure it out.  “Loser mentality” 


    “The only thing on my mind is getting that incentive”. 

    I love Ed.  Huge supporter.  I didn’t like that answer either.  The only thing on his mind is reaching his incentive.  Poor choice of words imo



    Their thinking and their work have been wrong and nobody here, not me and not you, even needs to go though the litany of "what" and "why" because we actually see it lately week in and week out.  We comment about it, repeatedly here.  We see it in the plays and see it in the Oline. 


    We are pushing against the same rock but for some reason you want to keep implying that I am stating don't do work and don't study, which I am not.


    What they are working on, what they are studying, what they are implementing isn't working...so really the answer is do more of that, exactly that, just harder and more focused and it will work?! 


    Does anyone here...do you think that albeit briefly and against suspect teams the Raiders...the mostly s****y Raiders, decided for the last two weeks to doing exactly what McDaniel wanted them to do, but they are just working and studying harder?


    One of the firm commitments, though,  I will make is that sometimes when going over the film we'll say, "oh man, what was Josh thinking, he had a guy right there," isn't really even Josh as much as it is what do you have Josh thinking about and going through before he gets to that point?


    If we are going to ask the question of, "what's wrong with Josh?" in some of these scenarios maybe we should first ask, "what have we changed for Josh or what are we doing differently with him?" and not run to the eternal well spring of  "Gosh, they've figured Allen out.", because that is just an excuse to accept the imposition of the other team's will on the Bills.


    ...or maybe he just needs to either switch back to the old girlfriend or get over her.


    Go Bills!














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