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  1. 6 hours ago, DJB said:

    We have too many needs to double dip early. I do think we are taking one in the first two rounds and possibly late but I don’t expect two to be drafted in the first thee rounds



    2 hours ago, RyanC883 said:

    I'd trade up for Thomas, but the suggested trade seems too much.  Perhaps omit the 2025 or 2024 pick.  I'd also take another WR at 60.  


    I hear you, DJB, but I don’t just need bodies at wideout, I need good bodies and if the next best player available at 60 (barring a trade down) is another WR there that they covet I am in.



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  2. On 4/6/2024 at 7:15 AM, Dibs said:

          Here I stand, watching the Chiefs celebrate, alone on the field. My teammates have all gone. Not that they don't have drive and passion, or feel the sting of loss. They do, but not like me. I feel the sting like no other. That is why my teammates, my friends, my Brothers have gone inside, and I stand here, alone on the field.


          I am going to the hospital to see my fallen comrade and Brother in arms who defied death on the field today. I go as is required by what is true and right, for there is no greater bond than that of Brothers under fire. I do not think less of my teammates or coaches for all going back to Buffalo. There are not many who are burdened like I am. My heart and determination drive me onward. Though you be in a coma Dalmar, fear not, for I am coming.


          I do not know for how much longer I can hold this team at this level. I tell them they need to do the things that I do to sustain greatness, but they do not listen. They do not understand for they are just Josh, or Sean, or Tre, or Von, and I am Him. I am Him upon whom my Brothers can rely. I am Him who will work, and toil, and bear the load for all. I am Him who will always stay loyal to those I love. I am Him, but they will not listen, and I fear that they will not be helped.



    These thoughts were those solely of Dibs' imaginings and should in no way be taken or inferred as to be factually from Diggs' head.

    Diggs perspective in short…


    Here I sit

    broken hearted

    I came to ****

    but I only farted


    On your way out still just remember to flush the air biscuit, as a courtesy. 

    Go Bills.



  3. IF, and it is a big if right now, the Bills win the division in 2024 they will have won the division title five straight seasons which has never been done before in franchise history and the team will have made the playoffs for 7 out of eight seasons which has never been accomplished by one singular Bills GM (noting he didn’t do the 17 draft, but he was the gm for the season and subsequent draft moves).


    Edit: also tying a team record of six straight playoff appearances.



  4. 30 minutes ago, Mr. WEO said:


    no chance.  he may not be worth even that after his one season in Houston.


    Even if he some how manages to go 80+, for more than 1,000 yards and even 10 TDs (given the compliment of talent there, that would be a stretch) the most someone will offer him (MOST) is 15 million per, especially and primarily heading in to a 32 year old season and maybe just for 1 year.

    However, he could choose to go to Dallas, the Rams or KC, where he likely wants to be…and most certainly not at the money I mentioned above.  In those instances shrink that to 6-8 million.



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  5. 2 minutes ago, Goin Breakdown said:

    To me it's not all about "why the Texans" as it is why don't we value WRs like other teams do?  Texans have 2 great WRs and go out and get a third for example. Buffalo need a good WR 1 or 2 (depending how you felt about Diggs) and they trade him. Then there's losing Gabe Davis (again, how do you feel about him?) but it all comes down to Buffalo ever only having 1 true guy defenses had to worry about in Diggs. At this moment we have none. Ok, sorry we have Curtis Samuel. 



    I am not going to poo-poo you at all, GB.  I badly wanted at least one season of a 1(A) and 1(B).


    Right now we are: 1(HOPEFULLY in the draft), 2(somebody?), a solid and productive TE, and a 3 (whichever of Samuel or Shakir isn't possibly the 2).


    It is OK, though, the Sabres didn't value offense when Hasek was here.  They didn't get him any help and it didn't really hurt them.



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  6. I wanted just once in Josh's career for him to have a 1(A) and a 1(B) and see what happens if even for a single year.


    There is no indication we will  ever see that before he leaves his prime.


    That is is likely my one and only issue with the trade.


    Please save your charts and quotes and potential this and potential that.


    I wrote what I wrote and you're not going to change my mind. 


    I always remain positive with Beane, but I am always weary of the chance, as I have stated before, that we may "Hasek" Josh Allen's career.


    I would draft at least 1 WR in the first 3 rounds every remaining year of Josh's tenure here.  The same way people used to perceive drafting QBs when you don't have one.


    We have one of the best QBs in the league, which should always be followed by, "and you can never have enough good WRs."


    Go Bills.


  7. 19 minutes ago, CaliBills said:

    Weirdly, I think Josh has a better year than the last 2 years with Diggs and Davis gone.


    Sometimes we think the current situation is better than the future (look at him and his ex-gf where it definitely impacted him mentally during the season they ended things to now dating Hailee Steinfield and seemly super happy). 


    Granted the unknown is scary but it is also exciting because it allows for a different opportunity to thrive.


    Now we at least know we will see something different on the field with out our EX WR1 and WR2.  






    If this is the case, and Hailey helped Josh to be happy and take things to the next level, then we (and mostly Josh) might as well go big or go home...





    Git'er done, Beane.  Make Josh super happy and get this Town its first Super Bowl.





    (* It doesn't necessarily have to fit)


    Go Bills





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  8. 11 hours ago, Andy1 said:

    I think Diggs probably has wanted out since last year and Bills knew he wasn’t going to play nice with a new alpha receiver the Bills plan on drafting. That would only make the diva drama worse so it was time to cut the cord now for team chemistry. Diggs is on the downside of his career trajectory. Some alphas can’t live with another alpha. He probably wanted no part of teaching his replacement. That’s just the way uber competitive guys are sometimes. 


    This is a great and accurate take.



    13 hours ago, MarkyMannn said:

    Could this be a TBD record for how quick a thread hit 100 pages? 8 hours!


    Damn proud of it as a Board member, too.




    11 hours ago, Andy1 said:
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  9. 27 minutes ago, appoo said:


    Beane said they weren't done. This is not what the Bills will look like in Sept


    17 minutes ago, dollars 2 donuts said:


    That’s not what your mom is going to look like in Sept.*



    (* I apologize, appo.  That was completely uncalled for, out of line and I am just excited by the events of the day.  Plus my mom passed away more than 20 years ago so I both project and get envious.)


    plus I do the mom joke way too much.


    …not saying I’ll stop, but that I do it too much.





  10. 7 minutes ago, appoo said:


    Beane said they weren't done. This is not what the Bills will look like in Sept


    That’s not what your mom is going to look like in Sept.*



    (* I apologize, appo.  That was completely uncalled for, out of line and I am just excited by the events of the day.  Plus my mom passed away more than 20 years ago so I both project and get envious.)

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  11. 18 minutes ago, Bruffalo said:

    Starship Troopers Parody GIF




     This is truly the correct answer.


    Man…we are looking at a possible 105 million dollar cap swing from early March 2024 to 25.


    Beane is working some witch craft.  Eye of newt and wolfsbane are getting tossed around like tic tacs at One Bills Drive.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Low Positive said:

    This thread has everything

    • "I Told you so" posters
    • The homer police
    • Irrational doom and gloomers
    • Irrationaly positive posters
    • People still hoping to be proven right on their 2018 draft-night hot takes



    You left me out...


    • The only guy asking about our 2025 cap



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  13. 2 hours ago, Gambit said:


    He was iced the first time but made the 64yd kick back to back, with room to spare. Impressive that he hasnt kicked since HS apparently. Would love if we were one of the teams interested. Give Bass some competition seeing as he struggled badly last year.


    That is truly impressive.  To comeback to the skill and be a Master at it is something. 

    You can honestly refer to him as, oh I don’t know.




    Master Jake*





    (* get lost pervs 😁)





  14. 22 hours ago, NI Bills Fan said:

    I agree to an extent and like the positivity, but find it hard to agree on the D Line and safety positions, we need a pass rush threat at DE (to replace Floyd) and a bit more at safety before I could say we've actually improved there.



    We do.  His name is Von Miller.



    😆  Nah, I'm just kidding, brother. I just thought you'd like that on a Monday morning.



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  15. On 3/22/2024 at 8:16 PM, machine gun kelly said:

    Id like to say we had a quiet, but needed FA.  We have 11 draft pics so we’ll be able to fortify and if Beane want to even trade up a little.

    Agreed, Guns. I will say this, a few weeks ago we were 52 million over the cap and we had some guys…guys that we love, but guys that were pricey and let’s say it, getting old.


    Now we are under, signing some pieces, albeit not stellar, that shore us up, and we still have a fantastic core on both sides of the ball.


    Will we win the division? I hope so.  However, will we be in the the playoffs? Yes.


    I will roll with this team and I am looking forward to the future, optimistic for 24, fired up for 25.


    Go Bills!




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  16. There’s a legitimate argument to be made that Allen may be half through the meaty part of his career.


    We don’t need a good receiver.  We don’t need a pretty good receiver.  We need Diggs’ replacement (at some point). We need a WR who is one of the guys that is going to set the market 5 years from now. We need a receiver that can wear the big boy pants. We need a legitimate top 10 WR because we have a legitimate top 3 (not saying he is third) QB in the sunshine of his career and it would be criminal after everything is said and done (and likely the last great Bills QB of my life) to say 8 sinful words: “If only they had gotten him more help.”


    I’m wrong? Talk to Hasek.



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