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  1. 1 hour ago, Process said:




    I don't want to bring him in, but just for perspective even though he is a slot receiver in the 2020s he has 57 more receptions than Gabe Davis in 4 less games.


    More TDs and higher YPR by Gabe, though.



  2. 14 hours ago, JMM said:

    Yikes, looking at the replies on Twitter the Philly fans are literally laughing at this signing. All I know is that the LB and secondary were trash for them last year 


    Bills: “Our highly paid quarterback doesn’t suck.”   *mic drop*



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  3. 4 minutes ago, JohnBonhamRocks said:

    Maybe the benchmark is 801? 🤷‍♂️



    Here or on X someone said he may have had 847.


    Isn't it the the height of ridiculousness that we even have to sit here and pontificate on why this happened as we get a measly 4th for an All-Pro LB who left for more than $70 million?!


    This is crazy, brother.



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  4. Just now, JohnBonhamRocks said:

    Anyone know what the playing time benchmarks are for comp picks?


    What I keep reading is Edmunds missing time due to injury may have been why we got a 4th not 3rd.



    I see that too, John, but jeepers it is my understanding that he still was in on more than 800 plays for the season.



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    I honestly don't know about the rest of you, and frankly I don't even care, but I am just about ready to get naked and start the revolution because after the Edmunds 4th round comp pick debacle I believe its high time to go Gary Oldman in "The Professional" demon-level-pay back on this overwhelmingly high level of horse **** we are seeing right now.



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  6. 3 hours ago, 947 said:

    Well Cincy isn't trading him to Buffalo. This just means the Bengals take another WR we covet off the board before we pick.


    You can’t imagine how long I’ve been thinking about this and how much it pisses me off.


    Watch them grab someone like Thomas just before us would make me want to fight somebody.



  7. 48 minutes ago, Logic said:

    Imagine working you way up the depth chart, balling out, and signing a big contract to be the TE1 of a top offense for years to come.

    Then the very next offseason your team trades up in the 1st round to select another tight end, and the offseason after that, they're knocking on your day asking you to take a paycut.

    Tough business. 



    Well that deal was at the start of 2022, before Kincaid, which put him in the top 10 of TE salaries.  He finished 17th among TEs that year.


    I love Knox and even before reworking I want him here because He and Dalton are different players.  That said, it was smart for him to take that.  I am not sure anyone is offering him more than what we are working on with him in total.  BTW, he was originally guaranteed $31.2 million and received a $7 million bonus, just FYI.






    If I were lord and ruler over all I survey, whether it be in this realm or in unity with all other dimensional realms of time and space in existence, everywhere (and seriously I am working on a couple of things that makes this seem not so far fetched, more later) I would make the Bills exempt from any cap consequences for all time.


    ...Oh you're all gonna love hailing me as your galactic Caesar.  Honestly, some good times are coming.


    Go Bills



  9. I was so thrilled with this news.


    Previously it was my understanding that we were 42 million over the cap for next year, and that as of today there was extra money associated with the cap.


    Crazy, stupid me thought we went from being 42 million over to 29 million.


    Then low and behold everywhere I check says, with the above "extra" cap space, we are now...slightly under 42 million over?!!!!


    Yes, it is better we have it than not have it, but what the holy hell?!


    So this organization, in earnest plain description, this non-Super Bowl appearing team, non-championship game appearing team was due to be $55 million over the cap headed in to next year?!


    ...and this is just honkey-dorey and jiggle here, jiggle jiggle there, everywhere and we should be cool-cool-cool for 2024?


    Somebody please tell me, because I honestly don't know, the last NFL team that was due to be $40 million over the cap, got under, and then proceeded to be one of the best teams in the League?


    ...OK...5 question marks might be a limit, right*



    (* "?"...dang it!)







  10. 29 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

    This is massive news. The salary cap is $13 million higher than anticipated. This changes everything about our free agency possibilities.



    Exactly Hap.


    Possibly let's us keep 1 or maybe 2 guys already signed that we just plain don't want to get rid of due to the cap.





  11. On 2/19/2024 at 3:44 PM, Einstein said:

    He was a great person and was active in the school that my family is in. One of his children is good friends with one of mine. Young man with 4 young children and a wife. I can’t imagine what they’re going through right now.


    If you feel like blessing a young family that really needs it right now, I will include the link below. These are good people and I assure you every dollar would help.






    On 2/19/2024 at 3:52 PM, machine gun kelly said:

    Einstein, I threw in $50.  Im

    so sorry for the wife and kids.  It’s for us to be sad about him as he’s in heaven, but for those who grieve over him.


    Thanks for sharing bud.



    Donated for selfish reasons.


    ...because it made me feel better after such very sad news.


    God bless to all of them and may whatever faith you believe, James, be with you in your heart wherever you are, as is the love of your family, and may you be at peace.





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  12. On 2/12/2024 at 10:53 PM, transplantbillsfan said:

    The more I read about this "anchoring" technique to heal a torn achilles... no.


    Tre might actually be participating fully in the minicamp in a couple months.


    I think we restructure his deal, which would be smart, but if we get a fully healthy Tre White by minicamp, maybe McDermott and Babbich can transition Benford or Douglas to Safety. 



    Thanks, transplant.


    They may move on from here and the back to back injury sucks, but honestly, I have always thought that even though he was lost for the season this injury just wasn't that bad and that he likely won't even miss camp.


    Tre of old and right off the bat?  Probably not, but I just know he'll be back, sooner rather than later, and that this was not career ending.



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  13. 22 minutes ago, WhitewalkerInPhilly said:

    If you want to ask the question "Is Diggs play equal relative to his play when compared to other WRs?" I'd have to say at the moment, no (at this moment 6th among WRs) so I get the frustration. However, over the next year or two the WR market is going to explode. This offseason has Mike Evans, OBJ, Boyd and Tee Higgins hitting the market. Ja'Marr Chase, Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper next year. These guys are going to get paid, and they are going to get paid shattering amounts of money.


    I very much like a receiving corps of Diggs, a high pick rookie, Shakir, Kincaid with Cook out of the backfield. 



    Holy mackerel, I forgot Shakir!


    One more guy in the draft could put us honestly in quite the sweet spot.


    ...as long as our offensive game plan allows for it.





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  14. 12 minutes ago, Beck Water said:


    You are not mistaken.  People have all sorts of notions like "trade him after June 1", ignoring the fact that Diggs $18.5M salary guarantees early in March so the Bills would have to 1) have the cap space to carry Diggs $27.35 cap hit until after June 1 2) find a trade partner who still has $18.5M cap space available after June 1 3) what would they receive in trade?  Can't be a 2024 draft pick, June 1 is after the draft


    9 minutes ago, WhitewalkerInPhilly said:

    I pretty much agree with you. These trade proposals are so outlandish that I really can't believe there is any real chance of coming to pass. I mean, a player for player trade not only means that the Bills take a major bath on cap space they don't have, then they have to pay the other guy.


    I mean, I can see that it's possible that Beane is looking down the road and sees stuff that we don't, and that in 2025 the team gets what they can for him. But Diggs is entering year three of a six year contact. Even his worst year as a Bill he was still 13th in the league in receiving yards. 


    With the cap situation as it is, I find it far and away more likely that Beane restructures the contract and starts grooming a successor with a plan to move Diggs inside like the Cardinals did with Fitzgerald. Diggs' skillset has never been elite speed or size, it's that he has above average and is a great route runner which in my mind would make him dominant if we have someone else to stick on the boundary.



    Thank you, gentlemen.


    BTW, Dub-Dubs (WWIP), I really do think he can still produce at a high level.  


    Is he top 10?  No, I don't think so next year.  


    However, I truly believe 100 pulls next year really can happen (for a 5th straight year), especially with more than yeomen type help on the other side.  At worst, ok, low 90s.  I know DK technically is a TE, but look at how he came on as a rookie after a discover-who-is-and-how-to-use-him-start.


    It is not impossible to expect a rookie 1st round WR to end up with 80 or so grabs, and the first #2 to fetch that mark since Beasely, a possession/slant receiver.


    Heck, would anybody have a big problem with Diggs 90, Rookie WR 80, DK 80, while sprinkling in 40+ 950?) from Cook and 40-50 from Knox*?


    I'll take it.


    Go Bills


    (* without even referencing the slot receiver at this stage)



  15. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/stefon-diggs-16872/


    Just to reiterate for those of you thinking about moving on from him that apparently his cap hit makes it virtually impossible to move on from him for the next two years.


    If I am reading this properly it is a $31 million hit this year and a $22+ million hit next year.


    He's our guy.  He's here.  He isn't going anywhere, even if you and he want to move on.


    If I am mistaken, and I may be, please let me know.


    Go Bills



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  16. 10 minutes ago, DapperCam said:

    If Dak was soft, then Jackson was even softer.


    The Ravens defense was so dominant, all Jackson had to do was play it safe and make sure he didn’t make negative plays. If you watch Lamar Jackson play, you will notice that he only throws to a player if they are already open (usually wide open). That is part of why his attempts are so low. It also reduces interceptions a lot.


    Could you imagine if Allen only threw to a player if they were already open? He would never throw the ball.



    I agree, but I do get why Jackson got it.  Heck, it was just plain the best player on the best team and I can live with that.  Honestly, too, this was a year where all these guys, these top 5-6 all contributed something and there could be an argument for each of them.


    ...and it does sort of make this so weird, because I am not arguing about who won it, but over why so many picked a particular guy for number 2.


    The Cowboys with Dak, albeit talented and interesting, were exactly who ALL OF US thought they were.  Additionally, I know or believe that the voting does take place before the playoffs, but that said was ANYBODY surprised at the Packers embarrassing them even at home?


    Also I am not mad about Allen not getting it...but given this guy's generational talent can we please get him all the tools he deserves, even if it is just for one season. 


    Can we not do to this guy what the Sabres shamefully did to a historic talent like Hasek...waste him and then wonder what could have been?






  17. 18 minutes ago, DapperCam said:

    Dak had more passing TDs than Lamar had total TDs, more passing yards than Lamar had total yards, less turnovers, a better completion percentage, a higher passer rating, and a lower sack %.

    Basically in every measurable way Dak was better than Lamar this season, except his team had 1 more loss.


    17 minutes ago, DCOrange said:

    He had a very good season despite no longer having the run game to carry the offense. I don’t think anyone believes he’s a top 5 QB in general but he’s probably in the back end of the top 10 and a lot of QBs had down years while he had maybe his best season to date. 

    I think if you’re limiting yourself to just QBs, he was a top 3 MVP candidate at worst.


    Having said that, I’m with Gunner here; I probably would have gone for Tyreek or CMC this season. 



    Wonderful. Her probably sends his mom flowers on Mother's Day.  He's a good guy who had a good season and again I don't dislike him.


    After this good season by this good guy, though, if I am starting an open draft I dare any of you on this Board with the second pick overall to take him.  


    And I don't like basing the MVP upon "after Jackson's stats this guy is next."  Anyone can go right ahead and forget about Allen and go to McCaffery or Purdy...and honestly when I have written about this elsewhere I too had Hill above him.  Holy mackerel did that Miami team depend upon him, but also was a star who shined throughout the League for most of the season.  The Cowboys were a good home team, but were as soft as any of their iterations that they have put on the field for the last decade...and Dak was a healthy representation and vanguard for that smooshmellowness.


    In short and very respectfully, I disagree with him being...the second Most Valuable Player in this League...by 17 people. 





  18. 17 people.


    17 people said after Jackson the second most important player in this League was not Allen...not McCaffery...not Purdy...


    ...but Dak.


    ...17 people.


    I don't hate Dak, and I actually think people are too hard on him at times, but what I believe to be real, breathing, living people who walk upright on this earth came to this conclusion.


    and for the benefit of the doubt I don't have one shred of proof that any of them are named "Helen Keller."*



    (* Too soon?)






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