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  1. Why doesn't the NFL just adopt the rules of flag football? That would solve everything. Then no more hurty boo boos for any QBs.
  2. Well if we thought RTP was BS last year, looks like it's going to be worse this year. Why not just give QBs a flag?
  3. And he was cheaper. Punter is an interesting position. Haack would be a pretty bad punter on like...the Jets, because he can't boom it like Bojo can but so many times Bojo's power worked against us.
  4. Guy's played 2 seasons as an OT ever, didn't play last year and never played against good competition. It would be a surprise if he wasn't awful.
  5. Supporting the theory that WNYers are closet Canadians. I can't go 5 minutes without seeing a Tim Hortons, what about their non-doughnut doughnuts, canned soup, boring sandwiches or mediocre coffee is appealing to New Yorkers? At least in Canada it's a cultural thing.
  6. Fields went vegan, so automatic bust. He's going to be constantly injured and ineffective.
  7. Cowherd definitely sucks. He's a reactionary who blows with the prevailing winds, and does flip flop constantly with very little in the way of original content. Often, I feel like he does things just to stir up controversy, which might be why he gets on so well with Nick Wrong. That being said, this little monologue was actually quite on point and something I hadn't really considered. Sometimes, even awful pundits have solid takes. Like Chris Broussard just had one on the Josh/Lamar/Baker debate.
  8. You also have to take into account the average career length in both sports, where it isn't close.
  9. Damn, they pay that much? Legitimately surprising. CFL is so weird, the bigger the city, the less they generally care about it. The Argos bleed money.
  10. She's still on the Lamar is better train.
  11. Which is embarrassing because he's well known for being a massive idiot. When he's the smartest guy in the room, that's not a good sign.
  12. Apparently everything. Skip to 2:30 to hear utter stupidity. I don't care if people think Lamar will be better. They're wrong, but it's their opinion. Justifying it by saying "durr he win MVP once!" is sooooo dumb
  13. For his agent, yes. I would expect him to use it. However, for a pundit to say you expect Lamar Jackson to be a better QB going forward because he previously won an MVP makes absolutely no sense.
  14. Is it just me or is it surprising that the WFT is that high up?
  15. I dunno if this is relevant, but something that bothers me is that no one really seems to take Josh's mental makeup into account. I'm not going to say he faced Brady level adversity in his early career, but he has that same mentality that made Brady the QB he is and still going at 44. Josh's competitive drive is possibly unmatched in the NFL. He's intelligent. He's coachable. He is one of the most physically gifted QBs of all time. Tons of players break under the pressure and scrutiny Josh has had to endure, and he's simply thrived under it. Combine everything and I honestly think at the end of this season, we'll be asking whether Josh has surpassed Mahomes. Might be a homer take, though. He'll never be satisfied being second best at anything.
  16. While I want Jackson and Mayfield to sign for as much as Josh or more, I am so tired of hearing the argument that Lamar Jackson should get more bcuz MVP. That is their only go to. Never mind that Allen's 2020 was better than Lamar's 2019, nevermind that the Ravens finished behind the Jets in passing yards. No, and I am not mischaracterizing or exaggerating, real people who get paid to talk about football actually argue that Lamar will have a better career because he won an MVP. Where can I apply? I know probably less than most casual fans but pretty sure I could still run circles around these dummies.
  17. From what I read, he was absolute crap when it came to defending against the run. But, seeing how he took up football so late, seems like something someone with his skillset could learn.
  18. Her predictions aren't her predictions. She constructs a model where you can input numerous data points including weather, opposition, projected playing time, etc. Then that model gives a number. She constructs the basis for giving that number, but not the number itself. And is rounding really that hard?
  19. She didn't say trade AFAIK, she could have been alluding to this? 😐
  20. Didnt Jameis Winston score a zero because he thought he didn't need to know anything since he was going to be an NFL QB? Or was that someone else?
  21. Was it uninformed when at the same time tons of people in the media were saying as bad or worse? It's all there, documented. Anyway, yeah, bad thing to say but I'm not going to get butthurt and say that I'd refuse the best CB in the NFL for vet minimum because he was mean to Josh.
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