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  1. Titans' defense still sucks. I'll take the Chiefs and Browns, maybe even the Ravens, over them easily.
  2. Only conclusion I can come to is that the mental makeup of a QB is grossly undervalued. The distinction between Rosen's feeling of entitlement and Allen's desire to work for everything he has is such a stark difference. This was what made Brady great, too. Even now at his age, during the SB for whatever reason, Tyrann Mathieu did something to annoy Brady and he responded by telling him he's going to throw in his direction before proceeding to do it several times. It's pretty funny that he still has the chip on his shoulder after all this time.
  3. Seems a bit ironic for a team QB'd by a poor man's Cam Newton.
  4. What's different about Tebow? Star college QB -> poor NFL starter who had a magical run -> left football to try to make it in baseball and started at the very bottom. Advanced to AA? Ultimately didn't make it. -> tries to return to the NFL as Taysom Hill on the wrong side of 30. Please tell me where you've seen this before, because I haven't.
  5. The Falcons missed a game tying FG at the end of the game, too, where Koo is almost automatic.
  6. Bottom line, he worked his ass off. I think it's a lesson we can all take something from.
  7. Awwwww damn. I was hoping he'd make it. As annoying as he can be, I admire his dedication and drive. Kind of inspirational tbh.
  8. Wild speculation being dead wrong? Imagine my shock.
  9. I almost wonder if it's on purpose so that Ravens fans can complain about Lamar's lack of weapons in perpetuity. That way, they can always say "Josh Allen blah blah Diggs, blah blah imagine if Lamar had Diggs." I actually have imagined that. It involves a miserable Stefon Diggs getting like 600 yards per season.
  10. Ehhh I dunno. That would likely lead to KC getting the #1 seed and home field. They weren't complacent last time so I don't see them changing that.
  11. Imo Poyer, Beasley, White, Diggs and Allen belong. Poyer is one of the most underrated players in the entire league.
  12. I loved BioWare games. Then EA acquired them. Now all of the people who made that company left. Same thing with Maxis. EA doesn't care about making good games, they care about capturing exclusivity deals for good IPs (like Star Wars, for example) and then making minimum (and below minimum, as seen above) effort games just to milk the market of people who are fans of that franchise. They are a cancer on the gaming industry. Then the first really good Star Wars game published by EA came in the wake of them losing their exclusivity to the Star Wars license.
  13. Just a 13-3 team with 4 guys in the top 100, none of them top 10. That makes sense.
  14. Wouldn't you be? Push out some not even half assed product every year, almost entirely based on when you released the previous year, and then rake in millions from sales and MTs. People keep buying it, so why would they change? Kinda reminds me of the CPU market where Intel was king for so long that they got complacent and just released a bunch of rehashed stuff under different names until Ryzen came around. Competition brings out the best in everyone. Exclusivity deals suck.
  15. I feel like the people who are downplaying Buffalo's defense are in for a bit of a surprise. I've seen a lot of people put it in the average to mediocre pile.
  16. Lol is this guy for real? Did you miss the part where you were the one that wrote the opening line to this dedication?
  17. Asking people to stay on topic isn't crying about anything. What are you talking about? I considered reporting but I'd rather not waste the mods' time when people can self correct.
  18. I was, but I'm re-thinking it now that I'll never be able to write a wittier line than this one.
  19. What do any of these posts have to do with the Bills? Not really the place to be role playing as a vaccine salesperson.
  20. There's a reason most players end up being terrible GMs.
  21. I'd trust a pylon to be better in pass pro than Bobby Hart and I am not sure if I'm joking. I don't see the point of him remaining on this team. He's terrible. He's a liability. Most importantly, I don't really want Webb or Trubisky getting injured because Bobby Turnstile just let an edge blow by him with no resistance.
  22. Apparently JK Dobbins is also going vegan. I'm more bitter about this than I should be because it derailed Josh Donaldson's career as a Blue Jay. He had constant calf injuries and could never fully recover, all after he started dating a militant vegan. There was a Joe Rogan podcast about it and they couldn't come up with a single top tier vegan athlete.
  23. You sure mined a lot out of a small quote. I'm pretty sure Dion has his spot secured. I'm also pretty sure that even vaccinated people can have bad bouts of Covid, so leaping to that is divisive and unhelpful. It would be better if people said "I don't know what the deal is" because they don't.
  24. Wasn't way, way too early for people to whine about the pick as soon as it happened.
  25. Just can't get over how weird it is that of all the things to eat on a leg, he goes for the kneecap.
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