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  1. I disagree. I think the whole reason they are having Bates work exclusively at C is to avoid that exact situation. Instead of shuffling everyone around mid game, they just slip Bates in. Good way to keep Morse fresh if they are playing in the 4th with a big lead, too.
  2. They are having Bates focus on being the backup C anyway, given Morse's injury history. No more Swiss Army knife. Also, I feel alone here but I really don't want them to cut Nick McCloud yet. Would like to see him in another game because his coverage looked pretty good and his PI was BS.
  3. There's always a chance for a trade. I honestly don't mind Addison much but I hate that they made it harder to cut Butler. We have literally zero need for him.
  4. I'm confused as to why Bobby Hart is even playing football. Calling him a turnstile is unfair to turnstiles. - Cody Ford looked pretty good - Stevenson looks very intriguing as a deep threat/return guy and I'd probably keep him over Kumerow or Hodgins. He and McKenzie have very similar skillsets, though, so I dunno. - Giles-Harris and Andre Smith both looked good as LB depth and it's a shame we can't roll with them instead of AJ Klein. - McCloud looked way better than Wildgoose. - Jake Fromm shouldn't take a roster spot - Epenesa is going to be a problem for opposing offenses this year. -Hamlin looked pretty decent outside that one bad missed tackle.
  5. Is it not important to give Stevenson a chance to return kicks any chance he gets? Is saving 5 seconds in a meaningless game really more important than that?
  6. Jake Fromm did not do a good job. What game is Tasker watching?
  7. Stevenson could be a real interesting deep threat
  8. Levi played pretty well today. He's a lot better than people give him credit for.
  9. I don't like it either but I like it more than Brown.
  10. It's actually impressive how bad Fromm is. I don't remember the times the offense was on the field this quarter.
  11. I don't think Brown will play this year. Ford can play in a pinch, so can Bates. If they need a guy for an extended period, they'll grab someone else. I have high hopes for Brown but he clearly needs a LOT of seasoning.
  12. I believe that Ryan Bates is first option to backup tackle.
  13. Isn't the penalty for lowering your helmet to intentionally initiate contact? The helmet contact looked completely incidental. I understand why the penalty is necessary but damn, there are going to be so many flags flying this year.
  14. Lowering your head doesn't mean using it to initiate contact. He initiated contact with his arms.
  15. Lowering the helmet to initiate contact. I can only assume this was referring to the Lions player who hit his own guy and Griffin somehow made him do it.
  16. Yeah the problem is that the bad ones don't get cut
  17. He's not going to be on this team by week 1. Rather see them give Mitch a chance to throw.
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