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  1. I didn't know overdramatic diva millionaires were so central to small town USA.
  2. They will always blame Greg Roman until someone takes his place. Then they will blame that guy. Then they'll blame the receivers. Lamar will never experience any blame at all. I actually listened to the Allen defense in this video and it honestly barely sounded like one. They SF fan did a terrible job making his case. Why would they get a Niners fan to make it, anyway? Shoulda brought on our boys Erik Turner or Greg Tompsett.
  3. So who is starting the next Ertz thread?
  4. In terms of touchy fanbases, I'd go: 1. Chieves 2. Bills 3. Ravens The first two at least make sense. The Bills and Chieves have been crap for decades, mostly. They now have experienced wild success and want to squash any questions of legitimacy. The Ravens have been a very good team for as long as I can remember. Oh, and on that topic, go watch Nick Wright's response to Jesse Palmer declaring JA to be the most physically gifted QB of all time. The answer: obviously Patrick Mahomes. Does he even know what is being argued? Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two all time greats, but no one is going to say either is a top tier physical specimen. It's not a requirement for a QB if you can make up for it in other ways. Right now, Mahomes is better (though I honestly think Josh will surpass him this year) but that doesn't mean that he's as physically gifted as Allen.
  5. Say that Arrowhead isn't the loudest stadium that has ever existed on the internet and report back with your findings.
  6. The Orioles' existence already gives me reason to dislike Baltimore, and the Diggs excuse is so lame and lazy. Are we pretending that Mark Andrews and Hollywood Brown are absolute bottom of the league target options? Or is it, maybe, that Diggs would be completely wasted on the Ravens because Lamar can't throw for sh*t? Allen is the far better quarterback. The only people arguing this point are Raven fans and people who still haven't filled out their Josh Allen apology form.
  7. Is a wrap a sandwich? I'm unclear on the rules when it comes to flatbreads. We get into dicey territory when burritos and gyros can be classified as sandwiches.
  8. Unless you're constantly miserable. "Gruntled" is unpleasant to say, so we generally use "pleased" or "satisfied" instead.
  9. Afaik there are no papers to file. The CBA doesn't cover "retirement". You just stop playing.
  10. It's kind of like Bernie Madoff chastising someone for skimming money. I didn't need OJ to tell me that Cole is doing himself and his team a disservice by not just shutting up. What really bothers me is when Beasley airs stuff that could and should be private conversations, but weirdly makes them public for some reason. If he wants to talk, then talk I guess, but bringing teammates into the public conversation is not a wise move. The world just sucks right now.
  11. There is a large push at this very moment to mandate vaccines. It's always been creeping towards that end, so I'm definitely not gonna rule it out.
  12. Yeah, definitely a taco if you define a taco as any type of bread surrounding any type of meat.
  13. Oh yes, you know you've goofed when a murdering criminal opens his mouth. Definitely someone you should take seriously when it comes to ethical and moral conduct.
  14. I don't know how anyone can watch last season and say with a straight face that we'll be just fine without Beasley. We are a significantly worse offense without him. I like Davis as much as the next guy, but a big part of how he got open was because the other team had to worry about Diggs and Beasley, and broken coverage. Beasley was to third downs what Davante Adams was to goal line offense, automatic. He gets insane separation in 2-3 seconds and catches everything thrown his way. I understand people don't like...stuff...about him, but separate that from his football ability.
  15. A large part of this thread should be a cautionary tale to NEVER attach yourself to any college prospect. If the paid pundits hardly ever get it right, why do fans go apepoop whenever the guy they want is passed on? I've experienced it on two boards in two completely different sports and I'll never really understand it. Even something like the Leatherwood pick, the worst you could say is that the Raiders should have traded down, but you can never know for sure. If a guy is your guy, you take him when the chance is there. Fan insight into the players is extremely limited. This wasn't off. You said he was a lottery ticket that was most likely to lose. This is correct, as it is with all raw prospects. Just happens that we hit the jackpot, a possibility you allowed in your assessment.
  16. Labrador retriever. Possibly a mix.
  17. Persecution simply means being ill treated or abused for political or religious beliefs, which is what's happening. Not everyone is doing it, but that's just what the word means. FTR I wish he would just shut up because it's getting him nowhere.
  18. Fair enough, sorry for the assumption.
  19. In my first point, I was not talking about the league. Obviously they are not saying "all you unvaccinated people can do what you want, except Cole Beasley". He is being persecuted by a portion of the public and blue check marks on twitter, who enjoy scoring free dopamine hits by dunking on Beasley with their witty one liners. Like I said, you probably agree that he deserves to be facing this treatment. I merely asserted that it exists. For the second point, I dunno what to tell you. Two people can read the same thing and come away with different conclusions that they find to be obvious. I'm just going to assume the guy who's been playing with lots of black guys his entire career, who has a black wife probably isn't comparing his situation with the historical injustices black people faced.
  20. 1. He is being persecuted, whether you agree that he should be or not. 2. He was obviously not making a point about historical oppression. 3. Some epidemiologist who is advising my provincial government is going on TV and promoting the idea that vaccinated people need to "stop sharing air" with the unvaccinated. Let's not act like this isn't an opinion that is out there. Probably not a good way to frame your point given the state of the world, but racist? We've used this word so much that it has basically lost meaning.
  21. Ah, just what we needed. A Beasley poop flinging thread. These are always a boon to the board. Many people end up with changed minds, new perspectives and new friendships. Since this is now going in the direction it was obviously destined to go in the first place, I wonder how long it will rumble on.
  22. Regardless of whether anyone thinks it's racist or not, try looking up some history before declaring anything on effing Twitter is "as racist as it gets"
  23. Twitter is probably the single most destructive technology ever unleashed on the world. I keep hoping their servers explode but no dice so far.
  24. Bun Meat Bun Obviously a sandwich. Anyone who says otherwise is spreading misinformation AND disinformation
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