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  1. Looks like he is a Tyreek Hill 2.0; they have similar Pro Day stats.
  2. Back in the nineties my friend and I were on our way to Holiday Valley for a New Years weekend ski trip. We were coming from Toronto, Canada and we drove right by Rich Stadium (I still call it that). There was a sign saying tickets were on sale for the Sunday playoff game, so we turned around and stood in line to get tickets. Then we continued on to Holiday Valley and returned on Sunday for the playoff game. Yes, the Bills won. I think it was the Miami "Cry Baby Cox" game! Awesome. Then we went back to Holiday Valley after the game to continue our ski trip. Great long weekend!
  3. The defense struggled out of the gate last year because the NFL suspended OTA's on March 16, 2020 and then cancelled all of the preseason games. Milano got hurt early in the season and missed games. Edmunds injured his shoulder early, but played through it. The defense is going to better this year, returning to their 2019 form.
  4. I agree. We don't need him again for round number 2. He's not that good, average at best.
  5. Yeah, this is great news. I like it.
  6. The Patriots aren't done yet. The draft is next month and I see Bill B. moving up in the 1st round to take a QB, so if Cam stumbles again they can switch to a new rookie QB.
  7. Could the Texans void is contract for behavior detrimental to the team?
  8. Yeah, the Patriots. They're picking up everyone. A 2 million tender for a guy you know and who as many NFL starts should be a no brainer. This is one decision I don't agree with McBeane.
  9. Bill B. saw how much trouble Travis Kelce gave the Bills in the playoffs and has decided to get his own Top 3 TE. I think it's pretty smart on Bill. We better find a way to cover good TE's.
  10. I agree with 1 and 2. Beane should keep signing our own free agents. Better the bird in hand, than two in the bush!
  11. Yeah, I don't like RB in the first round. I prefer CB, Edge, RB in that order.
  12. Bills should target Asante Samuel Jr. in 1st round. I'm all about pedigree when drafting. We should have drafted Clay Matthews instead of Aaron Mabin in 2009 (Ouch).
  13. I live in Atlanta and use Google to search for livetv.sx, click on Broadcasts and look for "American Football". I've watched every Bills game for the last two years for free. They also have NFL Redzone. I use this on my phone and laptop. I don't use a TV but I think you could connect your laptop to your TV? These broadcasts come out of Canada or the UK. Note sometimes the broadcast freezes or locks up so you have to refresh the screen/connection. This is a bit annoying but you are getting ALL NFL games for free so.... I bear with it.
  14. The Giants did it with Daniel Jones (Danny Dimes); he's 6'5" - 221 lbs and out of Duke. His current NFL record is 7-17. Is he the long-term answer for the Giants, probably not. The Giants took a swing and missed. Teams will continue to do that. All draft picks are a gamble. Some you hit (Brady), some you don't (Aaron Maybin) ouch that one hurts.
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