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  1. Can’t wait to see the impact you have on Ed Oliver’s game.
  2. It quite clearly had less heat on it than a pass from Josh Allen.
  3. $2.5m is an amazing deal. Kind of surprised he didn’t sign somewhere else with more of a chance of starting if he was prepared to sign for that little.
  4. That would be great. All I can think about though is Case Keenum being paid $6m a year by the Browns...
  5. Whether I like this or not depends on how much we are paying.
  6. Correct. But only as there are 15 in rugby rather than 11. A significant part of the game is kicking the ball downfield and chasing, not too dissimilar to a punt in NFL, and attempting to nail the receiving player 0.0000001 seconds after they catch the ball - no fair catch rule unless you’re in your own 22 (roughly the same as the “red zone”) but you can’t hit the player whilst they are in the air if they jump to execute the catch. That’s not the only situation in which you can get tackled by another player coming at you at full speed but it is the most likely. At professional
  7. it wasn’t that lucky given it wasn’t a helmet to helmet hit.
  8. Obvs we must score a TD here but we also cannot give it back to Mahomes with enough time for him to score again. So basically we need to use up the full 2 mins.
  9. The strategy is to let them keep scoring until they also miss an extra point, I think.
  10. This is looking like a blow out if the offence can’t calm down.
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