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  1. Forgive me if this has been covered but ... Allen has stated he's looking at whether to get vaccinated - you have to wonder if Poyer/others plan to. I know many young people on the fence - given the Erie Co Exec position - if Allen, Poyer or any other player doesn't get vaccinated can they enter the stadium ? Wonders what the NFLPA thinks and - if they can - why would there be different rules for people pouncing on each other than the fans (who may also pounce on each other)
  2. I totally agree - watch the tape - he helped especially with Williams even if it were chips. Wonders if he could have helped your man Feliciano who got crushed by the Chiefs inside (just watched the Cover 1 on Josh - yikes Mongo was bad). Plus his TD grabs were top shelf not to mention the open lumbering spree down the sideline out running a nose tackle - 5.4 speed - what's not to like
  3. Well there's an out in Goff's contract after 2022. So 2021 may be the tank year -- dump who doesn't fit for 2023 and accumulate draft capital. Rams are 35Mil over - it'll be interesting to see how teams like that restructure, etc to get there
  4. I watched Edmunds on Cover 1 - he seemed totally confused on several plays and took the filled gap vs the open one - he was much better against the Ravens - not sure why I know alot of people in Bflo love Hughes --- I'm not convinced. Alot of his beating his man is him going up field 3-5 yards past the QB -- he didn't do that against the Ravens- KC ate his lunch on his main move - he left a big gap for Mahomes. Bruce Smith had an underneath move - unless I'm missing something Hughes does not. I think the Bills should have used the same contain scheme with KC as Balt just for differ
  5. I think the Fitz situation is interesting. He's a FA and it certainly looked like he had the rug pulled out from underneath him. Flores said he was a Company guy helping TUA but I would think most wouldn't have been happy getting pulled when you're playing well and get called on to clean up the kids messes later on. I would think he'd still like to be the #1 - would NE or Indy in the AFC be his better fit as a transition guy ? Fitz doesn't really have a track record of staying anywhere. If he leaves does Miami really want to hang everything on TUA ? It would be hard to draft a QB and keep TUA
  6. More importantly Miami may be the team to beat
  7. I think the Bills should really consider sitting a couple of the walking wounded the next 2 weeks plus they get the bye (assuming no COVID disruptions). It won't solve the D-line issue but Milano and Edmunds are key guys as well as Brown. Edmunds gets killed on this board but how does a MLB play without a shoulder ? The next 2 are NFC - no major playoff tiebreak implications and they need at least 3 more wins preferably AFC
  8. You can slam the Hoodie but you don't do what he has without his talent - he may not be the GOAT but he's in the conversation - his team was a mess today but they performed
  9. 9-7 is the best this team will do - old Dline/no stopper upfront; inconsistent offense
  10. I won't pain myself to relook at this to check but there seems to be little creativity in the pass rush - it seemed like it was a straight man against man. With all the holding going on I think that leaves the lineman forced to go wide or inside - Hughes was burned repeatedly going inside. I don't think I saw many stunts, good delays, etc to open lanes up. Even when they show blitz it doesn't seem very complicated to figure it out even for me. Mahomes will eat them alive rolling right unless they come up with a better plan
  11. It would appear from watching the players that they practice little social distancing or other precautions. I get that its not very easy to do so on the field of play but they do little on the sidelines to protect themselves which makes you think practices aren't much different. You'd have to think there's more positives coming ...
  12. I didn't see the game but from the highlights I saw no one he was on ever got close to making a play
  13. I'm not watching a lot of games this year but the stat line didn't look very impressive although that can be deceiving - it just his second game as a fin - was his play that non descript ? I am always curious about these guys these guys in the contract year - what % ever really work out for the money invested ?
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