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  1. Kahlil Mack gets ran by too its the NFL. Production per rep
  2. I tell yuh one thing Lorenzo Alexander aint to far off that guy plays the whole front seven his effect on defense on only 35% the snaps. The sacks, the qb pressures, pass defence open field tackles. Being the sole real captain that took kyles shoes in the lockeroom. Oh and i forgot 75% special teams snaps so far this year. He is the true heart beat to this defense. And if that dosent make you a ALL-PRO idk what does.
  3. With the trade deadline approaching, and our bills siting a top the AFC wild card race at 4-1 and a very favorable schedule ahead. Is it the time to take a chance...... We sit with here with a compfortable amount of draft assets and the 4th most cap space heading into the 2020 off-season 89 million to be exact. When looking at this team our offense will be the Achilles heal to us making a deep playoff push. With a offense that has quality nfl role players on the outside and in the backfield and gunslinging QB that is not mistake free just yet. It may be time to risk assets for a player that would be a game changer! Getting a playmaker at RB or WR is what we need to have sustainable success on offense to beat our division foe. Melvin Gordon and A.J Green come to mind. This team needs a game changer on offense someone for allen to count on in those big game situations to limit his mistakes. The current players and coaching staff may believe that this is the team that can get over the hump and win a playoff game. I believe this team needs to prioritize on making a move to get that game changer to help expedite the offense and get this season into full gear and keep up with NFL offenses. Hoping for big news this week to get a game changer and having that happen during a bye week is even better. Because it gives a little extra time to get that player accumulated to our playbook so he can be ready against miami! Even if it is a rental player you will get a comp pick worse comes to worse! Beane pull the trigger lets get this offense rolling.
  4. Dosent matter he is expendable...........
  5. If he plays at this level all year i can see McBeane giving him a 4yr 40million extension.
  6. Im pulling for him! If he wants a extension and play for our bills hard every week and be a good teammate im all for him. He has impressed me the last 18 months.
  7. Its actually reliving to recognize our main weakness is a fricken punter! Woo
  8. Boom baby!! This defense is glorious!!!!
  9. I just think its funny he just gets reinstated when the pats have 6 injured WR's. HUH!?
  10. When you begin to put the pads on and hiting your gonna get bumped up. Normal to get headaches as well wouldn't be to worried. The bills traning staff over the last three years has been great with resting players, and keeping them healthy
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