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  1. And then you watch the post game coverage on espn the replay of that highlight said 02 when he watson snapped it. Im like no the live TV showed 00. #rigged hate to play that card but facts are facts
  2. Thank you, somebody that is really on to something!
  3. Those two just mesh very well playing together. I feel shaq and JPhils feed off each others energy those are players i want in that lockeroom. Give them extensions
  4. If the Brownies dont bring back LB Joe Schobert, which reports are indicating no mutal interest, that would be a good pickup to round out our LB Corp regardless if Zo dont retire.
  5. That would be a steal at the 32nd overall pick.
  6. I can only hope for a shake up at wgr soon....... I wanna listen to sports radio. As in content that dosent involve a half hour conversation about were you park your car in the harbor center ramp.. Schoop and Bulldog are disrepectful to Buffalo Fans that take time out of there day to listen and then have enough intrest to call a converse with them. And people get their heads ripped off because the 5ft tough guy that sits in a booth dosent agree and your wrong! I never understood how us fans waste are time.
  7. Jets receive a 3rd and conditional 5th rd pick in this years draft.
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