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  1. I would have rather signed Lamar Miller.
  2. This is what im talking about. If your worried about pass coverage, with a 7 year age difference with capable pass rushing abilities, and a above average run defender which is everything zo was when stacking the box. If he is a process guy a 2yr 10 million contract would definitely add a productive SLB to fill a void which i wouldnt be opposed to that happening. You will get the same pass coverage abilities with him if not more than Zo and for a position that only gets 57% of defensive snaps not something to worry about to much
  3. If he miraculously slid to 14, 15 i would maybe pick the phone up
  4. Getting paid more to work less that seems to be everyone's attitude now a days smh
  5. Nothing can happen till March 18th at 4:00 pm. This isnt the first time Diggs deleted Vikings content of his IG account. Stay the course men dont loose sleep over itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Great Career. Great ball player.
  7. Whats the difference in trading two picks to move up in the draft to get zay jones in 17 dawkins in 17 ford in 19. We have given up 6 picks for 3 players one of them is not even on the team. DJ Moore is a need and a diffrence maker. The QB situation compared to his personal statistics can only improve with a stable QB situation. Im pulling the trigger if the opportunity presented itself. He is the same age as a senior coming out of collage and has 2 years in a pro system have the first rd pick! because that players value for a pick at 22 is great value. And is definitely not a bandage on a glaring hole on your squad
  8. He dosent score many Tds because of the presence of McCaffrey and we need a yac guy with size.
  9. I would consider him a fringe elite player given that C-Mac hogs those tds. His stats are there and at 23 yrs old he would have 2 yrs + a fifth yr option left on his contract because he was a 1st rounder.
  10. Brandon Beane is not afraid to trade as we all know. Moving up in drafts acquiring picks through non fitted players ect. Last season after the attempted Antonio Brown trade, i wouldnt put it past him to take advantage of teams with a less fortunate situations then what our Bills have this upcoming season. The aquistion of a prime young talented #1 reciever in D.J Moore may be worth the price of admission for this offense and Josh. Sending this years 1st and a mid rd pick to a team in a full on rebuild may be intriguing to think about.
  11. They have 3 1st rd picks on that line. Bosa, Buckner, Thomas. I agree after the kaepernick era ended the team... People retiring out of no where. They stayed course drafted up front that D-Line is paying dividends.
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