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  1. Never developed into the IOL we thought he would when we gave him that 2 years extension on to the next
  2. Duke Williams is a top player on my list for wanting to see in this year's training camp
  3. Offensive Depth QB- Barkley, Anderson RB- Ivory, Gore, Murphy, Ford FB- DiMarco WR- Beasley, Brown, Jones, D.Williams, McKensize, McCloud TE- Croom T- McDermott, Nyske G- sirles, ducasse C Bodine, long
  4. Couldn't agree more he going to be good the last couple decades of training camps And home and road games every player that gets drafted her I tell myself not to like them at first and teller raised my eye brow last August I was at a practice watching and Kyle Williams came off a twist with Eddie yarbourgh and teller followed Kyle around the tackle and straight up hammered him. Kyle got off his left knee tapped him on the ass and they both stood there talking going over what teller just did on that play and right there I had vision for him hopefully he works hard and pans out cause he has my vote! He has the motor and drive. Competition and playing will only make him better
  5. Wyatt teller is a good prospect. I seen two things great things in his game this year, in pre-season I saw a young brusier, straight pancake potential, strong and drives through his blocks in the run game sometimes to aggressive! Nothing is bad about his flaws as a pro at his age right now. I see mental drop off in pass protection, gets confused in zone coming off of double teams leaves holes open by being to aggressive. Hopefully our new Oline coach works his kinks out because he has the S*** to grit needs a lot of work and veteran competition is only gonna motivate a player like him great kid full of life and a solid gaurd
  6. Agreed I'm all in on saffold. Good gaurd play is the Achilles heal of the offensive line.
  7. I like the depth signing with ty! But I'm sorry I need two more big boys up front at this point stock this roster going into the draft!
  8. I understand as much as all of you do our WR Corp has been mediocre at best even in it's bright moments. We have one player I'm personally excited in Robert Foster. But this free agent class does not impress me what so ever nor does the trade market. I will stand by the draft on this matter, I'm not into signing a 3rd WR from another squad 7-12 million a year it does not make sense draft draft draft!!!! IDC if you draft three as long as there is more effort to improve the WR room the smart way. Go Bills
  9. Can't wait to pick 9th again next year!
  10. I think they are flat out releasing him.
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