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  1. This will probably be LeSean McCoy's last year with the Bills unless he has an incredible season and the Bills decide to resign him. I was excited when the Bills traded for him and overall I think he has been great for us besides last year (Although last year not being his fault entirely). I think he will bounce back this year and have a solid year. I can see a 1,000 yards rushing type of season. Its not very often when the Bills have an NFL star player on their team. I love McCoy and I am going to embrace every moment he has with the Bills this year because it could be his last time in a Bills uniform.
  2. Brian Wilson! I prefer the Beach Boys over the Beatles. The Beach Boys have that wonderful harmony sound.
  3. In asking in regards to everything and all ages. I never been to the Great Escape but from what I have seen from the website, there aren't many roller coasters or fun rides. Darien Lake is definitely better than Great Escape.
  4. What's your favorite amusement parks to go to in New York?
  5. I really enjoy all the different shops they have, a lot of great restaurants, many great mini golf places, two great beaches, especially Million Dollar Beach. Their fireworks are awesome! I would love to live 10 minutes away from the village. The village has a lot to offer, a great tourist area. I'm looking forward to staying at the Holiday Inn Resort there. It looks amazing! Have you been to Lake George before?
  6. What is your favorite summer vacation spot and what summer trip do you have planned this year? Mine is Lake George, NY. It's just a wonderful place to be. Will be going again this June.
  7. Racing fans, what's your predictions for tomorrow's big race? I like Game Winner, Maximum Security and Tacitus.
  8. Yeah a graphic designer that farts and poops like any other person.
  9. Robert Downey Jr buys Paul Rudd and Scarlett Johansson the Buffalo Bills! Go to 13:00 minutes into the video.
  10. Honestly how many of you fart or poop at work?
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