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  1. Seabreeze or Darien Lake, or maybe a Casino? Batavia Downs is near Leroy.
  2. Actually he was 4'11' and weighted 87 Ibs. He had a 1 inch third leg if you know what I mean.
  3. I'm 25, so i'm a millennial. But not all are bad.
  4. Everybody enjoys different things. I love food! I love buffets.
  5. Got to get those nasty wet or dry boogers out.
  6. I probably eat at 4-5 a year. My metabolism is amazing but one day it will catch up to me.
  7. Who doesn't love buffets? Here are my rankings for the best casino buffets in the Upstate/Western New York area: 1. Seneca Niagara Casino (Niagara Falls, NY) Prices: $15 for breakfast, $17 for lunch, $19 for dinner (*$2 off with players card) With your player's card on hand, this is pretty good price. Also all new members that sign up at any of the Seneca casinos can get a free buffet. They have a wonderful selection of foods, including chicken wings, burgers and many different pizzas. Their desert bar is the best one that I have been to. Everything tastes great! Making this buffet number one on my list. Overall Grade: A+ 2. Seneca Allegany Casino (Salamanca, NY) Prices: $15 for lunch, $19 for dinner, $21 for weekends (*$2 off with players card) They offer the same promotion as above since it's also a Seneca casino. A pretty decent price, a little more pricey on the weekends. A wonderful section of foods with great taste. A great variety of shrimp for all you shrimp lovers. They also have wings and ribs which is cool. Their desert bar is pretty solid, although there could be more of a selection. Overall Grade: A 3. Turning Stone Resort (Verona, NY) Prices: Ranges from $15 to $26 (*$2 off with players card) Turning Stone has a fancy atmosphere. This buffet might be the most expensive. A good selection of food and a huge selection of desert. Their desert bar is the biggest of all the casinos on my list. You name it, they got it. They offer custom requests sometimes like burgers and fries. Overall Grade: A- 4. Del Lago Casino (Waterloo, NY) Prices: $14 for breakfast, $18 for lunch, $24 for dinner (*$2 off with players card) Del Lago has a great selection of foods and deserts. Their pizza has the best tasting pizza. They have giant size meatballs that taste great! They have a great selection of cakes and cupcakes along with an ice cream bar. They even have gelato. It's best to go at lunch time for a solid price. Overall Grade: B+ 5. Batavia Downs Gaming & Race Track (Batavia, NY) Prices: $13 on Wednesday's, $19 on Friday's, $22 on Saturday's (Buffet served only on race nights) Batavia Downs has the smallest selection of foods and deserts out of all these casinos listed. Now that doesn't mean that it's a bad buffet. All the food taste great! Depending on the night you go, there is a different theme of food. Wednesday's are italian nights, Fridays are seafood nights, and Saturday's are prime rib and crab leg nights. The atmosphere is great cause you can eat and watch horse races at the same time. The prices are a little high for the lack of foods but you do get freeplay money with each buffet. Overall Grade: B- 6. Finger Lakes Gaming & Race Track (Farmington, NY) Prices: $15 for lunch, $19 for dinner This buffet has a good variety of foods and deserts. It serves the usual buffet food. The problem with this buffet is the taste.. Not horrible tasting but just not great. Average taste and the desert bar wasn't good besides the ice cream. That's why this buffet is low on my list. Overall Grade: C 7. Saratoga Casino (Saratoga Springs, NY) Prices: $14 for lunch, $16 for dinner Ranking dead last on my list, the taste of the food is poor. The selection of food is also poor. A weak desert bar and the price ain't worth it. Overall Grade: D
  8. Josh Allen will fart multiple times during the season opener.
  9. What are you even trying to say? Did you have a seizure?
  10. Certain parts i'm sure are but the Sylvan area is a nice beach!
  11. Sylvan Beach, NY is a great beach! Also Million Dollar Beach in Lake George, NY is great as well!
  12. If you had to pick between being a famous actor/actress, a famous musician or a famous athlete what would you choose? I am leaning towards a famous musician because music fans are the best, although I would choose a famous golfer as my second choice.
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