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  1. The concept is cool and creative. The design is a little busy. It's hard to see the chefs image.
  2. He makes good Gatorade, that's why the Bills brought him back.
  3. A-, Great first year to end the drought. Last year did suck but we had a lack of talent and this year, so far so good.
  4. Can we really say that it was a dropped pass? Cause looking at the video, the defender did a great job of knocking out the ball.
  5. He was a good receiver for a solid amount of years. He would of been great paired up with Josh Allen.
  6. Her arm is bigger than Mitch Morse's thigh.
  7. Have you ever been fired from a job before and if so, how come? As for me, I have never been fired before so far.
  8. I have a family of 4. I understand that the cost is not worth it.
  9. Mine is I use all paper products. Paper plates, paper bowls, paper cups, plastic silverware. It's easier and don't have to wash dishes as much.
  10. The Bills are in a good spot right now. Winning this week is very important. Heading to the bye week 4-1, get healthy and then 3 games at home starting with Miami is a great situation to be in. But they got to win the games that they should win.
  11. So what are you trying to say? We should have kept McCoy?
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