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  1. The Jerk

    Do kids play outside where you live?

    There's a backroad that leads to my apartment. Kids play on it in front of their houses but that's it. There's a park a block up that's infested with hookers and such.
  2. I predict a tough season 2 for Lamar...
  3. The calm before the storm, ya dig?
  4. The Jerk

    LeSean McCoy

    Let's keep him. I like his little dance.
  5. The Jerk

    Did you watch Nick at Nite(90's era)?

    I'm debating one starting one just for Ren and Stimpy.
  6. The Jerk

    Magic mushrooms

    I remember my friend in Germany brought a bunch back to our base from Amsterdam and woooooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. The Jerk

    Tom Brady's Wicked Accent

    I'm not hating on it just because its Brady. I may not like him but I can't say he's not been a great quarterback throughout his career because truthfully, he has. But I can honestly say this was not funny, not even a little bit, because it wasn't.
  8. The Jerk

    Sports radio - national and local

    1280am here. During the day they have Clay Travis, Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and local guy Carl Faulk. Jim Rome was always my favorite but they don't carry him anymore
  9. The Jerk

    Tom Brady's Wicked Accent

    Not funny at all. Die.
  10. The Jerk

    Anyone get one of these “racist” sweaters ?

    I wonder if Gucci Mane owns one.