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  1. People still go to KFC? Gross...
  2. Burger King is for burgers, ya dig?
  3. Brady is on record of saying that he's a product of his environment. So, yes, Belichick.
  4. I'll be there bro. Meat me in the parking lot for scripture and 40's, ya dig?
  5. He shutdown Hopkins and gave Mr. Cool Guy so much of a fit he resorted to one of the biggest cheap shots of the season. Salute a G when you see one.
  6. Or Kanye West. He was obviously kidding around. Josh is clearly a Timberlake kinda guy.
  7. I like him more now that we know Josh bumps the Biebs. Really ups his gangsta status.
  8. It was so corny I chuckled, especially when Tasker turns into Sonic The Hedgehog,
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