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  1. Everytime I hear Man In The Box I picture Tommy Dreamer cracking his knuckles on the way to the ring.
  2. I run through lines like Bo Jackson in Techmo Bowl, ya dig?
  3. Playing down the block from me?
  4. Kane is still mad about Biz passing him the ball, ya dig? RIP clown prince...
  5. I'll hit up Terry and get it squashed, ya dig?
  6. I'll be there as well. Catch me in the parking lot for 40s and pslams, ya dig?
  7. No Holds Barred. Hogan did all his stunts, ya dig?
  8. When people pronounce Mario as "Mary-O"
  9. If ya liked it you shoulda put on a ring on it... Or however that horrible song goes.
  10. The Red/Meth Verzuz special is going hard right now, ya dig?
  11. Never got into Van Halen but I dig that I'll Wait song.
  12. RIP Big dawg. The music will live on. I'm gonna blast that Uh-Hugn all day. One of the hardest tracks ever, ya dig?
  13. I wanna ride bikes with him, ya dig?
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