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  1. The Red/Meth Verzuz special is going hard right now, ya dig?
  2. Never got into Van Halen but I dig that I'll Wait song.
  3. RIP Big dawg. The music will live on. I'm gonna blast that Uh-Hugn all day. One of the hardest tracks ever, ya dig?
  4. I wanna ride bikes with him, ya dig?
  5. Can't wait for them to do a show on OE 40s and Philly's, ya dig?
  6. You gotta check them s**** daily, mayne.
  7. If any of you say A Star Is Born I'll be waiting outside when it's dark and Hell is hot, ya dig?
  8. Pozz reps vs actual post count. Check mine, ya dig?
  9. I got my shovel cause I dig.
  10. And just think of how preemo that quality was, str8 fiya that hadn't been stomped once, ya dig?
  11. He earned a great spot on Belichick's headgear.
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