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  1. Shakir is the now and the future. Feed the Beast!
  2. Terrel Bernard is the man and I'm happy he plays for the Bills!
  3. Nice to see Shakir getting his touches. He needs to be a bigger part of their game plans.
  4. I think Murray should be the starter and take majority of the touches.
  5. Another good performance from Bernard. 100% loss if Edmunds was still their MLB.
  6. Not every MLB is born equal. Bernard has a nose for the ball while Edmunds just has a big nose.
  7. Bernard autographs will go up in value for sure.
  8. Bernard is playing well considering his lack of experience playing with starters. His play thus far is major improvement over Edmunds and his monster body and athleticism tackling 15+ yds down field by their shoe laces. Bernard actually tries to POP people like Milano.
  9. This was his pre season game. Hopefully with a full game under his belt, he builds on his confidence and keeps improving.
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