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  1. The Dem's idea of making the country better does not resonate well with most Republicans. Amnesty for illegals, less secure borders, decreased military spending, excessive globalism, defunding police, draconian Covid lockdowns, packing SCOTUS, universal health care, eliminating student debt, making DC and possibly PR states. Dems want control and power. What do you think would make this country better ? I'm all for racial justice but what else do you want besides no Trump.
  2. Yep the last month has been rough on the GOP - but what goes around, comes around.
  3. I wouldn't bet on that but congrats to all of you x/c for wackystripedhorse regardless of the results. Can't wait for Manchin to flip to Republican and ruin your party.
  4. Game on Saturday is life-changing - this election ... not so much.
  5. Shocking if true - GA has changed big time demographically since I moved here.
  6. Strange year - never say never. Same for the other contested states.
  7. What's the score if PA reverses and goes to Trump ?
  8. Signature count was up to over 28K and now it's at ~25,900 - amazing what you can do with technology. Like losing followers on Twitter.
  9. Sure thing ... buddy. Just call them as I hear them like your side.
  10. Fulton County just blocked credentialed Republican monitors from overseeing absentee ballots and verifying signatures. Sounds fair to me !
  11. Don't even talk to me about shady with what the Dems and the MSM have done to Trump and family the last 4 years and anyone associated with Trump. What they manufactured on Kavanaugh was unthinkable ... 75 million voted for Trump - some of us like American pride and patriotism and not excessive globalism. We don't likeillegal immigration when millions stand in line for years and follow the process. We like a leader that attempts to bring jobs back here instead of farming them out overseas. We like folks that are not politically correct and require use of proper pronouns whenever in
  12. Yet if the left was the side claiming voter fraud and conspiracy like they did with Russian collusion, all your false narratives would be true. Looks like your type - she is the governor of Georgia you know.
  13. Court rooms are also corrupt and lawyers distort facts and get away with it all the time. Judges always lean one way or the other politically. Buy her some Krispy Kremes - maybe you can date her. If he succeeds so be it ... if the shoe was on the opposite foot, y'all would be screaming as well.
  14. Thanks for your opinion. No I hate radicals who want to destroy this country on both sides.
  15. Look who's tweeting - the one who married her brother.
  16. I guess they like wife-beaters like Warnoff and soy boys like Ossoff who's in with China.
  17. Not a registered Republican but nice try - so why did you lose in 2016 ? Were you too arrogant ?
  18. Could be - anyone that voted for a radical like Warnock who praised Fidel Castro is obviously not right upstairs. Of course those same idiots voted for a man with dementia.
  19. Especially when you have Democrats or RINOs running the contested states and liberal judges making decisions. Have the dead Democrats been counted yet ? Or have they gotten into Stacey Abram's car to get the mail-in ballots ?
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