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  1. There is a thought going around that the NFL is going to schedule a large number of former Super Bowl matchups in primetime as part of the 100 anniversary celebration. The Bills obviously play all of their former opponents this year so if it happens, I wouldn't be surprised to see us play a TNF game against the Skins, Giants or Cowboys.
  2. I've always wanted the Bills or Sabres to incorporate the city flag somewhere into their schemes - but not like this.
  3. I think it actually includes two preseason games since they'll be "hosting" the Bears in a UK game.
  4. Right? It's like they don't realize the games are televised and we can see the "crowd" and all their "fans."
  5. Thread title is great. Also a fun fact - my main fantasy football league's championship trophy is called the Golden Taint. Makes for some hilarious trash talk.
  6. Not surprising that he looked good throwing with no defense. He always could sling it - just had trouble reading defenses and reacting to pressure. I was always a JP fan though and really wanted to see him do well. Seems like he has quite the opportunity at Clemson to start a career in the coaching ranks.
  7. Rookie contracts cannot be extended until after their third year. So White and Milano can't even begin negotiations until next off-season.
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