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  1. who told you about the catapult? that was supposed to be a secret.
  2. Broncos will be in their all orange color rush with throwback logo. Not a bad look.
  3. Dawkins - Boettger - Feliciano - Winters - Williams played all 73 offensive snaps yesterday.
  4. What exactly do you think motivates the NFL owners to play the games?
  5. I have long believed that a statue of the standing Buffalo should sit directly on top of the scoreboard. Similar to what Denver does with their horse.
  6. As a diehard Newcastle follower, I hate this analogy. Sunderland is absolute shite. The fact that there is a documentary following their multiple relegations makes for some great viewing, though.
  7. Man. The season just ended and it really stinks that you didn't get to see any games. It was a fun year.
  8. If Seattle wins, one of the games next week is on the west coast and not in New Orleans. I imagine it mostly comes down to time slots - but there could be logistical issues with either city, too.
  9. I'm confused. Week 15 is a fox double header week and NE/KC is next week. I think you have your weeks mixed up.
  10. I like where McDermott is as a coach now - but I will never understand punting in OT against the Colts two years ago. It somehow worked out but that was the ultimate Jauron move.
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