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  1. anyone who is questioning this signing needs to read this article and watch some of the clips
  2. Not sure if you’re an All 22 film guy or not but if you go back and watch our TEs blocking and then watch Lee Smith blocking it is much different. With how bad our O line was last year we could use all the help we can get
  3. Great move. Anything that improves our run game will get a thumbs up from me
  4. You keep the best players on the roster. Would probably be Kroft Watson Knox and Croom. Croom and Knox are the Flex TEs and Kroft and Watson are your in line TEs. Sweeney to the PS
  5. Ben Allbright posted a screenshot of his tweet yesterday saying that in an ideal world Ed Oliver falls to the Bills and that will be their pick. I responded to his tweet and said “WR today?” And he “liked” my tweet. For a guy as plugged in as he is.... I think we will go WR today
  6. Or they can just let the draft play out and let someone fall to them
  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that I trust this front office and the scouting department enough that I don’t care who they draft. Trust the process
  8. Barkley looked serviceable as a backup last year but Anderson is toast and would be better served in an advising/coaching role for Allen imo. I think taking someone like Tyree Jackson makes sense on day 3.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/22/devin-white-ill-be-looking-for-100-million-in-five-years/amp/ For anyone that wants this guy in the 1st. He’s already looking forward to his second contract. CJ Mosley set the market
  10. I’m a ND fan and got to watch a lot of this kid. Motor runs hot and cold and he seemed to disappear down the stretch but was apparently playing with an injured shoulder. Would be a pretty good fit at the 3 tech. If we signed Quenton Spain I doubt we go with a guard in the draft. Already have 5 on the roster. Need another Tackle
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