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  1. He needs to do better in his screen game schematics. Maybe watch some of Chan Gaily games. Devin Singletary could really be used wisely in a screen game.
  2. It would be nice to have Jordan Phillips back. He had a great season in a contract year, but it will be also risky to give him too much money since he has never started more than 11 games in a season during his 5 year career. Other teams will know this too. It will be interesting to see how much he will get and how well he will to perform after he gets a new deal.
  3. It was a bad call. He should not have been penalized and he should not have been fined.
  4. Teams throughout the league get double digit pass breakups from their safeties. The Bills Safties were near the bottom of the league in pass breakups. That should be notable.
  5. looking up a handful AFC teams at random as a reference Baltimore’s Safety tandem (Clark and Thomas) had 13 pass breakups and 3 ints Jets Safety tandem (Adams and Maye) had 14 pass breakups and 2 ints KC safety tandem (Mathieu and Thornhill) had 17 pass breakups and 7 ints Denver safety tandem (Simmons and Parks ) had 17 pass breakups and 5 ints Raiders safety tandem ( Harris and Joyner ) had 11 pass breakups and 3 ints
  6. I remember Donte Witner getting only 2 pass breakups in multiple seasons. He was always late to the play which always frustrated me. A good starting safety should have more pass breakups than that. Poyer had 3, Hyde had 2 pass break ups.perhaps it was a down year, but I expect better than that from what some consider the best safety tandem in the league.
  7. They only combined for 5 pass breakups and 3 ints. Those are pretty disappointing numbers this season. The only team that had as few of pass breakups from their safeties in the AFC as The Bills was The Colts. Did not look up the NFC
  8. I didn’t like to see Teerlink go. He was a good coach., but this is a very good hire as a replacement.
  9. Thank you Lorenzo for being a quality person and player. We hope you will stay in the WNY area.
  10. Is he eligible for the draft in 2020? I wonder what round he will be projected to go?
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