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  1. When dust settles of first 4 yes but not before. See who remains and make a move.
  2. Please! I'm fine with AJ starting this year and grooming Jackson and stacking the rest of the lineup with cheap young talent. Sign me up.
  3. This. That was crazy. I think it was after mcgee took a kick back for a TD...ive never heard it louder.
  4. Btw franchise means long term starter with multiple pro bowls for the same of this poll. I say 2...And that's it. I from the big 4 or 5 depending who you ask and one from later in draft like lauretta or Rudolph. Just because there are a lot of quarterbacks doesn't mean they are franchise.
  5. If there is a market for him. Yes gone. Beane is already on the horn shopping this bozo.
  6. Ya. He was cranky and bills called his bluff by adding him to the retired list.
  7. Personally if he stays retired or tries to get us to release him it says a lot of him. Maybe all the bad is a depiction of his true character. Who knows how bad his health is but I'm guessing this is a hissy fit more than anything.
  8. Anyone not named darnold is not worth the trade up. Simple math. Been saying if we can't get our pick then stay put.
  9. Assuming one of these guys is elite I agree. I don't see it.
  10. He is. But just not last year. His first couple years he was a beast.
  11. Based on last year's performance we did. But if he plays the way he did early in McDermott defense then I'd say about right.
  12. Was his plan to just keep overpaying free agents until we couldn't field a 53 man roster due to cap issues because if it was he was well on his way. His plan sucked. Is that better? We had no depth. No qb. No cap room. Mo coach. No playoffs. But we had an overpriced DT, an overpriced TE and a WR who we bet the farm on that was 4th best (maybe worse) from his class. So if that's a plan sure...of course he had a plan. I'm which case he was terrible at execution.
  13. I was never confident Whaley had a plan. He was selling tickets.
  14. Of course not...did I say that? Merely saying it is refreshing. As many have stated so did Whaley...but then he would get sucked into the next shiny toy on free agent market and deviate. These guys are not sitting there saying we are going to trade up no matter what but also developing contingency plans. That was not evident by just trading sammy...unless you were a mind reader. I'm sure he did...but it wasn't to build a winner from ground up otherwise we wouldn't have always chased the shiny object. So ya. His plan was not well thought out.
  15. After a few years of Whaley...i gotta admit it finally feels like we have a plan. The maneuvering of the salary cap and dead cap. The accumulation of draft picks and now even the pre draft visits seem structured. We have a plan (likely to trade up) but if that doesn't work we have the back up plan (roquan Smith, Rudolph, first round WRs etc)...if we don't find a partner for trade up or price is too high we flip the switch and go a different direction. So refreshing.
  16. Only workouts that should be needed are: 1. You had a terrible combine and want to show better. 2. You are coming off injury and need to prove you are healthy before the draft. Rest are useless and should be declined.
  17. As stated above this is just the correct due diligence. You can't be surprised on draft day...if stuff doesn't go as planned you need to know what's next. If no trade is available then Smith will fall because it means all the QBS are going early...and his value at 12 is great. Trust the process.
  18. Interesting list. For what we want given current coordinator and head coach this list is close. I'd move lauletta to 4. Accuracy and willingness to throw a receiver open (as given our current squad they won't be open
  19. Plus 9 dudes with 19 or more touchdowns. Also crazy.
  20. Irrelevant how many teams. These numbers are insane and thata with injuries to sammy Benjamin and others for extended time.
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